Wednesday, December 28, 2011


this what you get when the world has 2 power system operation frequency.. I had all the model been set at 50Hz.. when i suddenly realised that its a 60Hz system.


ah well. tsk tsk tsk...

start again.

why on earth .. i chose to become n engineer.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

eh eh... 2011 tinggal berapa hari lagi?

ok ok... i will write on the good, the bad and the ugly soon... keh keh.. till then.. have a nice week everybody.


Wednesday, December 07, 2011

nak jual tudung tierack!

have to change ownership since i am not allowed to do any other work here..

i just knew about it..

ok.. hidup perlu ikut peraturan and law

ngeh.. but please support my hubs (ahahah) nyer website n bisnes yer!!

thank youssss

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

blog strolling

i am in no mood to go out.. especially with this kind of weather. so here i am.. at my workspace (no more cube! no more smaal office! bohooooo!!) but it's ok. This is my leap to professionalism. Amin.

anyway... blog strolling today is fun! :) i got to read on life stories on people of various background and lifestyle. musing at ladynoe ( - she was having a good time with baby n hubs at cameron highland.. maybe its part of her grand masterplan to get another baby.. hihi.. then of to dayu blog ( aaaa.. she was into DIY these days.. and her girl has grown up beautifully.. i like her blog.. somewhat desperatehousewife-ish.. (hey hey... she's an engineer too) and then off to diahlicious. and then off to theknot ( - first time coming here.. someone from the upper lavish side kot.. hihi.. quite a lovely couple ..

anyway, i love strolling!! enjoying other people life.. and see them evolve.. hiks hiks.. anyway..
i am off. need to start working. :)

p/s: dont go bloghopping with hatred. you'll end up depress.. comparing your life to others.. just enjoy your day and enjoy your life. i always ask myself to do that. its impossible sometimes but doable.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

morning at no.3

it's cold and windy outside..

speaking of hujan batu di negeri sendiri.. well i dont think so..

its been raining hail here.. :)

must be wondering what's the picture is all about.. well i'm baking a honeynut squash

for the little man..


love the colour.

anyway.. some tips on how to bake honeynut squash..

cut the honeynut squash into half

lay it facing down .. (oh oh.. dont forget to scoop out the seed)

put a wee water in the baking tray..

Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's crazy how you can go months or years without talking to someone but they still cross your mind everyday.

:) okeh.. saya bangun lambat hari ni!!! demmit.. itupun bukan saya yg bangun.. nasib baik hubby-baby terbangun.. 48 mins after 8 ahahahahahaha aduh.. gi keje tak mandi okeh! ahahahahah

ok. now i miss aps.

anyway.. ok what a way to start my thursday.. hey its friday tomorow! and next week will be my second pay day! hiks hiks.. sgt suke..

:) anyway, things are doing good here in the office.. atleast at this moment. I am liking my work.. maybe syok sendiri.. tapi mungkin tidak.. hihi..

i still remember the time when i presented a paper on harmonics in a colloquium.. arwah doc came to me and told me.. he like the way i present the previous paper on lightning better and he told me.. a hungarian professor came to him and told him that he got one brilliant lady working for him after i presented the paper. (hahahah a way of telling me that i did not present the paper the way it should be)- ngeh.. and he only told me about that after sometimes.. way to keep your people on ground kan.. and way to push up your confidence again kan..

my arwah doc is such a fantastic man. full of wisdom.

al-fatihah. i will keep you in my prayer next to my grandparents.
one brilliant lady engineer. amin. i hope it will keep me on the ground and push my confidence to the star.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

child - is it a thing? or is it life itself..

:) i am a little obsess with my baby. for me.. kaliq is my life now.. having a child is my life now.. so whatever i do.. kaliq's will be in it.. whatever planning i have in my mind.. places to go.. new ambition.. etc etc.. kaliq will be in it.. thus i never take him as something that happened in my life.. he is a part of my life.

hahahah apa makcik merapu? well i still cant get the statement from one of my friend wrote on his wife's FB wall (they are both phd candidate).. a 3 year old need to learn to eat by herself.. as they have limited time to compensate to all her need? hurmmmm

i may get the statement wrong.. but limited time to compensate a child's need? what is that?

i have ambition.. i have needs.. i know what i want to be.. and i am working on it.. but i never said that i will need to put a little diversion on that.. to compensate for my child's need.

kaliq will be in my life journey.. he will sit on my lap while i'm reading, he will eat from my hand while i have conversation with my hubs, he will sleep on my lap while i'm watching TV.. he will want to eat by himself.. not because i dont have time to feed him.. he will eat by himself because he wants to.. he will.. he will want to walk by himself and live by himself... but as long as he still need me.. i will be there.. as much as i can..

i will do my PhD.. sooner or later.. and i hope the title of PhD candidate will not put any idea in my head on compensating my precious time to my child's need.

* i realised that many PhD candidate (especially the young ones) doesnt have this appreciation and respect towards others.. hahahah ilmu yg ada bukannya byk sgt ... tak sampai setitik pun dgn ilmu Allah.. tapi nak beza2kan org.. hihi oh come on..

Friday, November 18, 2011

citer pampers si kaliq

skrg ni hati berbunga2 nak balik umah.. nak golek2 ngan baby-kaliq.. depan tv.. makan kopok sepah2 sampai daddy-kaliq marah!! ahahaahahaha

semlm gi beli kaliq nyer milk kat boots.. :) ngan napkin.. skrg byk pulak kaliq ni pakai napkin.. dulu takdelah byk mcm skrg.. ataupun dulu kaliq cuma salin lampin 4 kali maks sehari.. kalau mommy teringat nak tukarkan.. gara2 mamipoko yg terlampau best!! masa pakai mamipoko tak pernah bocor.. tapi sejak pindah kat sini... terpaksa resort to something else.. yg ada kat tempat kambing bertendang ni pampers n huggies and local brands.. (local brand pon nampaknyer boots je..) ..

almost everyday abdul kaliq nasri kebocoran. sian anak mummy.. what to do sayang.. kita dah tak duk mesia dah..

anyway.. setelah mencuba segala napkin yg ada.. yg jenama boots mengalahkan si pampers n huggies! bolehlah.. tapi still tak se best mamipoko hiks hiks..

lampin 32/pieces.. dlm 4 pounds.. kaliq minum aptamil milupa langkah 3.. yg ni 8.99 satu kotak.. tahan seminggu.. so all n all.. nak pelihara anak kat uk ni oklah.. takdelah teruk sgt cost nyer..

kire kalau kaliq pakai 6 paket pampers + 5 tong susu.. less than 80 pounds la sebulan.. (jgn ngada nak darab 5 lah! kekeke but still oklah kan.. kalau darab pon.. dulu mamipoko sepaket 30++hengget pastu susu 67.. dlm 500++ utk isi perut kaliq.. n utk kaliq buang balik apa yg dia dah isi..)

tu citer pampers n belanja kaliq kat sini.. boleh la.. nak survive.. salary lebih kurang cam kat mesia.. kekekeek yg ni best kalau darab 5.. kalau tak darab.. ekceli biasa2 aje..

TAPI.. toksah tanya pasal upah nursery.. mahal gile.. kalau kat mesia pon dah rasa mahal.. cuba hantar kat sini.. kekeke kat rm5K .. tapi rezeki kaliq.. dia akan membesar kat rumah..
seperti yg mommy n daddy rancang... dah setahun baru gi skolah jumpa org carik kawan..

bila baca status kawan.. yg dua2 tgh buat phd.. 'tak boleh nak mintak mama suapkan selalu.. we dont have time to dispence on you'.. i feel kaliq is in good hand.

:) insyallah.

ok. sambung keje.. lagi 3 jam stgh utk pulang ke rumah!! yay!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

bebelan lunch hour: confession of a workaholic-shoppaholic

kekekke the only thing get me connected to the world in this office is through the blog..
cant access any social networking site .. ahahaha (padan muka)

my era of berpoya-poyaing during work is OVER! hiks hiks.. well.. with the amount paid.. i dont really care.. really.. hiks hiks..

life here in glasgow.. is somewhat challenging.. i am starting to hate the weather! hahah same 'ol same 'ol.. then came to the part where i could not get malaysian cooked food that easily.. no more.. boleh-tak-kita-makan-nasi-goreng-usa je mlm nihh.. then i miss my old house.. although its not that extravagant.. but it has everything.. i miss kaliq's cot the most.. ahahahah skrg co-bed with budak debab.. dah la tidur lasak.. one night his feet on his father's face.. next my face.. urgh.. tido macam sapalah budak bertuah ni... we never teach kaliq to co-bed with us.. so it is kinda difficult.. (hopefully we can buy new bed soon)....then dressing up to work.. alahai.. ni bab paling lemah.. i usually wear track bottom je gi office.. ahahahaha i dont really bother to dressed up ke mende.. bgn mandi capai jeans.. capai t-shirt.. gi opis.. now kena pakai smart-casual.. OK! letih ok pakai smart.. sebab kena gosok baju.. ahahahaha (urghh aps has spoiled me) ...other than that nothing else to whine about..

to balance all out.. my house is a walking distance to the major shopping street.. in fact it is in one of the major shopping streets.. hah (grrrrrr geget2 jari) .. gila.. i want to have em all..
i want to buy everything.. put them all on the floor and stare at them for hours and hours..
then i have starbucks.. which is only 3 mins from home.. miahahahahah heaven terbang2 bau coffee pagi2

workwise.. i like it here.. less work more pay.. kekekek but more tedious work.. blueerrghhh means i need to do more reading.. bluerrghhh but i like it(i make the bluerrghhh sound just to sound cool.. but the true fact is i am a nerd.. bak kata budak2 kat uni dulu skema.. )

anyway.. i am making the same new year resolution.. to be debtless (at the moment i have cleared 3 debts.. going to clear 1 credit card soon.. yeah!!) so to achieve that.. i want to sell tie rack scarves over the internet.. ada sapa2 berminat ke agaknya? hihihi just to make things clear.. dulu2 i have spent more on what i have earned .. dulu masa mula2 kerja.. so dah 3 tahun duk cover balik things that i have wasted on hiks hiks.. (adik2 yg membaca.. berjimat sebelum terlambat.. haks)

ok mau solat.. (oh yeah.. opis ni ada bilik leh solat..and ada few muslims.. ) so ok lah kan.. amik wudhu kat bilik mandi.. ada dua bilik mandi kat sini.. (so takyah nak naikkan kaki kat singki macam kat uni dulu pastu matsaleh duk stare pehal minah ni basuh kaki kat sinki.. ahahahahaha)

anyway.. hubby me n kaliq are happy.

skrg nak mabuk tgk movie.. kitorg ada byk sgt movie nak tgk.. weekend.. akhirnya.. rafiddi's leh watch football at home..

oh oh.. ni lagi satu.. ASTRO supersports are wayyyyyy better than sky sports n espn sini.. cam bluek.. (ahahaha mcm tak caya je puji astro-si-lintah-darat-tu)

ok later world.

i miss malaysia sooo much.. minus the traffic jam..

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

why be happy when you could be normal

Stop whining. Quit making excuses. Get down to doing not just the good things you've always wanted to do, but also those you have to do to make others and yourself feel good about. -yy

myself and hubs always sees ourselves as normal people with yuppies debt/day-dreaming-a-lot/failed business plan/work stress/couple quarel

the thing is.. as long as we learned from the past mistakes and not to do it again (hah! sometimes you need to be kocked twice before not doing the same mistake for the third timedue to pure ignorance and narcissim) i think we all going to be ok.

i learned one good lesson not to procrastinate too much (hahahahah mind the too much) as it will result a very poor quality of work..and i learned that time will wait for no (wo)men

be normal, try new things, never give up.. is a key quality which will eventually gives you happiness.

we are at the turn of a new adventure.. its time to be debtless/make new debt/travel to places we always dream aboout/raise a child(rens)

are you ready b?

Monday, November 14, 2011

autumn walk at kelvingrove park

autumn... definitely nothing to do... the day is shorter.. urghh the weather the cloud everything sums up the complete meaning of somber and gloomy!

anyway... decided to take a stroll at the kelvingrove park (ahahah at 3pm stroll in the park) hihihi - autmn walk.. means you walk into a a boring wood.. with no lively colour! .. tgh jalan2.. ada plak woof2 nih jalan kat kaki... aaaaaaaa.....

nothing much to do actually when you lived in glasgow and clubbing is not your culture.. ahaks... and it get worst when.. the day are shorter and shop closes at 5.

anyway... life is somewhat good here.. altho i have to admit.. it is not as easy as 7 years ago when i was here... being a student back then was easier.. ahahahahah nothing much to worry..

but i still feel a bit more relax here.. i do not need to travel.. drive my car to work and all.. my house is just 10 mins away from the office.. i do not have to worry about the traffic jams.. hiks hiks..

ok now.. when there's nothing else to do.. it;s a good time to loose the baby weight.. and kaliq is not breastfeeding anymore.. :)

wanted to loose 6.8kg!! let's do it!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

aha! the long awaited entry!

have to put this entry down or i will definitely forget what happened that day!

8/10/2011 t'was the date we moved to Glasgow.

hihihi... the house is in a MESS!! kaliq was sick - and cranky.. and i havent had enough sleep.. and to make things worst we havent finish packing!! urghhhh

i was about to gave up actually.. but hey! i have signed the work agreement and etc etc kekeke and i have to start working on the 10..

and sooo... we started the day early.. hubs went to sent tv, books and all valuable item that we intended to keep. i actually cant remember what we did that day! hahahaha

all i know hubs did not asleep that night.. cleaning and clearing few things.. urghh...

i started packing at 3pm that day as i recalled.. ahahahah gile nak pindah permanently and we only pack on that day itself.. hahahahaha mmg kerja gila.

anyway... things are getting hairwired.. mom kept calling asking where the hell are we.. and i have not finished packing!!!

oh oh got to work now! i'll continue later...

btw, picture above shows baby-kaliq sleeping in his babycot on the emirates flight..

he is natural a traveler!!...

:) life has just started here in glasgow.

ok it has been almost a month since we moved here...
alhamdulillah getting most of the things sorted and i am at my 5th week in the new office.

so far i am really liking it! :) although i have to admit it is difficuolt to adjust to the new working environment.. i have completed 1 task and start doing another study... not bad for a new starter eh!...

:) kaliq is liking the weather.. hahah that lil boy of ours is born to be malay-cottish i guess.

hari raya was last sunday! and wan and ki had made a lamb. akikah for kaliq.. alhamdulillah.. :)

so another lamb... insyallah next year boleh buat sekor lagi.. the akikah was performed in mekah.. hopefully kaliq's aqiqah will accepted by Allah.

glasgow is getting colder everyday!!! urrgrhhhh brrrrrrrrr.... its freezing!!!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

from KL to glasgow Pt.1

the decision wasnt spontaneous at all. it was in the planwhether is it possible or not.
well.. waddaya know.. it's all blessing from Allah.never thought that the interview will be soo calmly briefly smoothlydone. 3 interviews in a week.. monday, wednesday and thursday.. and voila.
we have earned our ticket to glasgow.
the process of getting from KL to glasgow is not easy at all.although the first part - gettin the job was miraculously smooth..
for me, the toughest obstacles was the VIsa and of course fund.
there's a relocation fees.. but it will only be paid when i join the company..and so... to move a family of three do require such a genormous amount.
hiks hiks.. the tickets alone costs 5k+, visa 6k+, gettin a house do the math!
anyway.. it's all worth it.. and all praise to Allah for showing us the way.
and appplying for the VISA.. it took me endless night and day.. just to go throughthe forms bit by bit..
will write about our journey later..

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

hello from glasgow

ok! this is not sooo the usual me of not posting since 2006!!!

but i just cant get into my blog!! ahahahah a mishap on the blog design that i have chosen..

i just cannot find the sign in button!! sheeeeesssshhhhhhkebab!

anyway.. sorry moms.. all the item on the garage sale entry has been sold month ago!! and sorry for not being able to update the status.

ah well... I am in glasgow.

good to be back.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Garage Sale!!! Jualan Murah Pindah RUmah kekeke

set katil bayi/ baby cot set (rm750 negotiable) - sold

katil+bedding (cot bumper dan cadar) jenama bumblebee +tilam latex jenama bumble bee + 3-tier drawer ikea aneboda + table lamp+mosquito net and stand seperti didlm gambar kesemua sekali berharga 1000++ (katil rm 799, 3 tier drawer rm 199 mosquito net and stand rm70)

condition 9.5 /10

harga jual rm750 (boleh dirunding)

ambil sendiri ye

Gorm shelving unit ngan basket (RM120) - sold

2 bijik shelving unit dgn 2 bijik shelve basket cam gambar kat atas rrp 218

harga jual rm120 untuk semua,

condition 6/10

ambil sendiri ye

set bilik tidur (rm700) - sold

harga beli 2000++, kami nak let go at rm700 je.. (tilam bagi free)

condition 8/10

ambil sendiri ye

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Teaser Garage Sale 2011!!!

kami nak pindah.. 10706km away
so kami nak jual barang (semua barang kekekekek)
banyak barang2 baru (2 years of age and below.. kategori barulah ni)


yang penting MURAH
what to look for:

baby cot (bumble bee latex matress and bedding) - umur 4 bulan
solid wood bedroom set
fridge - umur 7 bulan (with warranty)
set of drawers
tables (ikea's)
kitchen item (toasters etc)
sofa set

so nantikan the pictures and harga!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

off being a wife, mother and an employee.

well.. i know it has been a while i write. just some pictures with little caption.

believe me i want to write about soo many things.. things about being a mother, being a wife while being a mother and being a worker while being a mother and a wife.

but being all the above has taken a toll out of me. I have to admit i am still juggling badly all of the above.

i want to concentrate on my work - but my thoughts turn to baby kaliq, i want to spend quality time baby kaliq-then my thoughts turn to the dishes,laundry and chores, i want to do house chores- but my mind resenting and turning to the other two.

eh wait... where is hubs and me in between all these?!!!

aiseyman!!! i have neglected two person that should get my attention! sheesh!!! this is why some housewives need a maid or help. you cant always have what you want .. or be what you want.

i am certainly not bree. but i can be bree if i quit this 9-5 job. but can i stop doing what i love? can i? can i?

i am getting fatter! a sore to hubs eyes.. ahahahah sian dia.. bini dia dah gemuk... a sore to my eyes too... org suh pakai pb, buti dont believe ni premium2 beautiful just another mlm scam. wear something tight that cost 2K above would certainly kills your appetite.. plus tgk yg jual pb tu gemuk2 je.. ahahahaha... oooopppppsss dah menyimpang..

anyway, i am trying to do the 20 mins house chores. buat satu hari 20 mins to make sure your home in spik and span condition.

i just want to be able to take control of myself again! *sigh*

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

raya 2011

raya this year was somewhat everything... awesome, tiring but all in all.. we celebrate raya in moderate. alhamdulillah another raya!!!

selamat hari raya people!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

kasi effect sawang sikit kat blog nih!

ahahahahahaha! i'm back people..

how was your raya??

will putting up updates soooonnnnn...

now.. time to clean up the sawang!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

mood tak berapa nak raya! boleh??


sebab byk sgt mende nak kena settlekan....

baju raya diri sendiri dan suami sume takde lagi...

tapi ada mood nak buat kuih raya ahahahaahaahahahaah jommmmmm buat kuih raya kawan2.

Friday, August 12, 2011

baju raya!!

oh gosh baru je tempek etry pasal puasa dah sibuk nak raya... ahahahah
anyway just a quick one.. i realised that this year my entry was too short and i have only posted around 49 entries sahaja.. kekekekeke

I am one busy mummy. hiks.

speaking of raya tahun ni ada baby kecik.. alamak macam mana nak buat persiapan hari raya.. kekekek.. me and hubs selalu beli lagi 2 3 hari nak raya.. takdelah overeksaited overthemoon nak beli kain.. tempah... beli baju siap.. bagi sama tona kaler.. ahaks.. then SIAP!!!! boleh dah nak raya....

since tahun nih baby kaliq dah ada... kenalah usaha lebih sikit kot.. kekekekeke or perhaps i should just stick to the family tradition.. buy baju raya last minute... kekekekeke

anyway.. nak beli baju apa kat kaliq nih...

he seems to have too many oledi... and would people notice that he is wearing a new clothes?
he will droll on it anyway... sigh!!!... pening... nak penuh kan kehendak masyarakat atau i just better stick to what i think is right?

anyway... kaliq dah ada baju melayu... cuma nak kena ada baju jalan je lah kot... nnt wan n nenek tanya.. takde baju raya ke.. ahahah apa mummy nak jawab..

so the shopping begin!!! ahaks..

have a blessed ramadhan everyone... should we pakai baju kaler maroon this year baby?

I am more excited nak amik family picture je nih... kekekekek

Ramadhan is here again.. :) its a good time to reflect.

Alhamdulillah... alhamdulillah... the holy month is here again and alhamdulillah we are still breathing to seek Allah blessing in this world.

its a good month to reflect on your life really..what have you achieved and what you want to achieved,.. its a month of soul cleansing too...

I have not yet able to go to mosque's teraweeh this year... was thinking of taking kaliq along... but afraid that he will disturb others who wants to perform solah..

oh well... my teraweeh will start tonight.. at home... Insyallah. :) (sigh.. 10 days to ganti my puasa... )

have a blessed ramadhan everyone.


Wednesday, August 03, 2011

series of unfortunate events..

what a weekend!!!

friday 29th July 2011

teeheee... friday morning was beautiful.. i cooked the best meehoon ever!(ahahah kata hubs la.. sampai perut dia pun tekejut sebab sedap..) pack everything.. and went to the office gleefully... oh oh and it was beautiful because it was raining!!! arrived at aps.. park my car and headed to the lift lobby. by this time.. the rain had stop .. on my way to the lift lobby... tiba!! *#&$*@(!!!! i slipped and fell... nasib baik tak tersembam muka... but i did a split.. kekekek *mmg lah sakit... * nasib baik ada awek india ni sorang tolong angkat.. urgghhhh

that afternoon, ada farewell lunch at aps.. *tak mcm farewell lunch pun..* sian kat daus.. but oh well whaddaya expect... kekekekekek.. and i felt a little feverish.. aik.. takkan kot jatuh bleh demam..

call hubs.. *demam urat tuh tekejut* ekekekek anyway at the same time i was anticipating for the cameron 'jalan-jalan' trip organized by erol n abg pejal.. . the last time i went to cameron when i was 9 years old.. ahahahah gile lama tak gi cameron.. oh well.. kaki teseliuh ok lagi kalau nak gi.. ahahahah *semangat*

in the evening i went to demc to have the sprain enkle a check and whaddaya know.. i was on a fever.. 38.9deg... panas ye tuan2 dan puan2... still masih lagi ok... but the fever worsened over the night... and hubby called the trip off.. but if the fever drop in the morning then the trip is on again... *that were the deal* yeay.. 9pm or so.. dozed off... kesian baby kaliq.. daddy je jaga sampai mlm...

saturday 30th July 2011

woke up .. and feel a little bit better.. but with a burning sensation down my throat.. i can feel my left tonsil swollen... aiseh... hubby got up.. ask me whether i still want to go to cameron.. and YES... i said.. lets pack up n go...

hubby just realised that the car need a quick service before we went up.. ye lah skrg dah ada baby .. his safety is utmost important.. hihi.. so while he went to have the minor service... i pack up.. making sure everything is available for baby kaliq..

eh.. alahai baby kaliq takde sweater... kekekeke hubs arrived at home.. and i was ready packed! and ajak hubby singgah kat kedai jap nak beli sweater kaliq.. ahahah still *semangat*

lari kejap.. grab a sweater for kaliq and 2 bushas.. yelah anak mummy sorang ni tido dahler berkipas je.. takut kesejukan plak.. and off we go to cameron.. dlm hati dah plan nak beli sayur apa... teh songket and strawberries.. and all sort of cakes and goodies yang boleh dibuat dgn strawberries itu..

anticipating on trip like this is fun! double fun when najmi and ayu planned to join us.. what more can you say... the more the merrier!! we stopped at tapah rnr while waiting for them both, had lunch.. and kaliq was enjoying his view. He seems to be fascinated by the crowd in tapah..
as soon as najmi arrived we make our way to cameron! here goes..

after turns and corners.. we nearly approaching the first town.. RInglet! yippee!!! when suddenly we saw few cars stopped in front of us.. we were expecting traffic.. but nooooo.... the road was blocked by a big tree... not even a motorbike can get passed it.. *sigh*

it has now turned into a street party.. where every one had parked their car.. came out and join with the tree commotion! haha... even the mat saleh came and picked up leaves and branches.. just to lift up their hope to get to the destination...

we waited and waited.. and it had became clear that cameron is not welcoming us.. from the incident in front of the lift.. my sudden fever and now.. the tree..

i urged baby to just forget about cameron.. and went home.. i do not want to drive to simpang pulai.. night time.. with baby kaliq.. no-no... maybe next time insyallah...

and today... my throat is still hurting.. both of my tonsil still swollen and i find it hard to swallow anything sigh!!...

hoping for a better days...

cameron i will visit you. one day. Insyallah. :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

oohhh harimau Malaya

takpe cuba lagi tahun depan, depan, and depan lagi...
ahahahah its the world cup qualifying la woi!!!
passing la elok2 sikit.. *sigh*

lion - shameful. Play some football la.. injured every 10 min cemana nak keep up momentum

sigh.. ah well.. bola je..

sian harimau malaya mummy.. letih jadi mascot mlm tadi.

hihi love you kaliq nasri..

i love you too lah rafiddi.. (miahahahaha)

Monday, July 18, 2011

toy for kaliq

hehe another entry on kaliq... ahahaha yup because mummy and daddy obsession now is on kaliq and kaliq only (errrr and harry and prime and FIFA and cooking hey!!! me and hubs still have our own obsession... but lets just talk about kaliq this time)

kaliq is turning 3months. Alhamdulillah the little pumpkin is turning out alright... haha dah pandai cranky2 and last two nights.. he throws a tantrum just before went to bed. panic woo bila kaliq nangis mcm tu... :)

i am not a supermom at all.. bila kaliq buat hal cemtu je.. terus jerit.."babe!!!!..." terus superhubby come to the rescue. when it comes to kaliq i became soo panicky and i just stand and fidget.. ahaahaha

anyway.. at three months baby should be able to:
  • recognizes Mommy, and is interested in others' faces.
  • Lying on his tummy, he can support himself on his elbows and raise his chest.
  • She turns her head toward a sound and watches you as you speak.
  • He knows if something is familiar to him.
  • She can swipe at an object but does not reach for it.
  • When toys are placed in his hand, he can grasp them and wave them around.
last part tu.. he can grasp toys..!! aha!!! its time to buy kaliq's some toy!! hiks hiks... and this is what eextracted from

At around three months, babies start grasping objects within reach. And they start to learn that they can make things happen! Shake a rattle, get a noise. Try it again … and start to understand the magic of cause-and-effect.

What you can do to help your baby learn more:

  • To start, place the ring in baby's hand and shake it gently. Babies at this age are just beginning to have control over grasping—they can hold on and let go on purpose—so your baby will probably be very interested in grabbing, shaking and dropping a rattle.
  • Help baby exercise his coordination skills by holding the ring in front, shaking it, and letting him reach for the rattle. Put the rattle in baby's hand, shake it and say, "Hear that sound? You did that!" Emphasizing the reward will make him want to try again.
  • Choose a ring that's big enough to let baby hold on with both hands. Place it in baby's hand; he'll grab on with one hand, and then with the other, and then let go with one. This action will develop into the skill of being able to pass an object from hand to hand.

and so mlm tadi bawak kaliq gi Toys r us and bought him a key set.. harap2 bolehlah kaliq main2 with the keys,...

ok thats all.. back to work now.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

taik!!! poo-poo!!! berries

bila dah ada anak... takde citer lain yang lagi best..
hihi ni perihal kaliq berak agak berform (dlm erti kata lain ala ala keras gitu) and kaler hijau

but takde lah risau sgt.. its either kaliq tak cukup susu (?? ahahahahah tak mungkin kot atau mungkin jugak..) and maybe lagi satu pasal susu FM yang dia minum..

its not a problem cuma.. sedikit kelainan.. ahahaha

alhamdulillah.. dah ok..

kalau tak pecahkan ruyung mana nak dapat sagunya

TAPI... susahnya nak pecahkan ruyung tuh!!!

pening kepala mengerjakan mende ni.. byk sgt nak kena buat... byk tempat nak kena pegi
tapi tu lah...

byk sgt pepatah melayu.. ckp.. kena susah dulu..
baru nak rasa senang.. *sigh*


mulai sekarang kena BERUSAHA!!!!!!

doakan urusan kami sekeluarga dipermudahkan


Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Love is
when he moves in your tummy when you r happy or sad

Love is
when he cried for the first time

Love is
when he lay in your arm, sleeping peacefully

Love is
when he smiled at you

and i love him, indefinitely.

May Allah protect you my dear. Mommy loves you soo mwaccchhh

Thursday, June 30, 2011

i have a fat baby ahahahhaahha

si bulat my love.

hmmm he loves to play with his hand..
lesser sleeping time..
haish la baby-kaliq

2 moths weigh at 6.3Kg.. ahahaha mmg lah berat
daddy pon lenguh2 angkat kaliq..
but it is sure bliss to have smile at you
sometimes feels like squeezing him hard

i love him.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wish list

not very often i wrote about things that i wanted soo much.. but i really really really want this... really2 much...

i want to go back here.. with hubbybaby and kaliq.

Friday, June 24, 2011

yeay!!! its friday!!

:) dah seminggu keje....

dah seminggu jugak tinggalkan kaliq...

sigh.... i miss him every second.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

susu... oh susu...

i breastfeed my kaliq until today (ehem.. which only two months)... but mind you.. i'm not doing it exclusively.. meaning my baby is on both breast milk and formula milk. Alhamdulillah.. he has no problem accepting both..
for the first 4 days of kaliq's life.. he was exclusively breastfed.. but on the fourth day.. kaliq is not pooping plus he had a mild jaundice. As a mother, my interest was on kaliq's well being... so i called the hospital ask them to send in the midwives to check on non-pooping kaliq .. they found out kaliq was dehydrated with mild jaundice.. and that is the reason for him not pooping. i had so little milk in me plus the milk passage was blocked.. finally the midwives resort to formula milk.. ( i was soo sad they had to give kaliq's FM.. since i was soo adamant that he only drink my milk!) and right after kaliq finishes the milk.. he pooped! *sigh* i was so relief and at the same time i felt i'm such a hopeless mother who cant breast fed her own child.
that is the start of kaliq's formula milk journey, later i started to pump my milk to be given to kaliq and for few weeks.. he was on 50% formula and 50% breast milk.

to cut the story short, my milk became less and less... and now its like almost 80% formula and 20% breast milk. But i will make sure he breastfed atleast three times a day... so that he will get some of the breast milk benefit.
but today when i read on facebook about ~ baby whom on FM will resembles some characteristic of a cow.. it does hurt.. one of the ladies even suggested that FM should be made only for 6 months and above babies.. but what if a mother could not afford to breastfeed? selfish remark isnt it.. finding alternatives such as finding ibu-susuan.. hmm you can.. but you will need time and also rezeki.. Kalau mmg dah takde sapa.. do you still nak kekalkan ego want to exclusively breastfeed? and jeopardize your child's health?
i ate white carrot, bird's nest, drank fenugreek.. and chinese herbs to increase my milk.. but it doesnt help. I refuse to let my baby go hungry.. am i that selfish resortig to formula milk?

anyway, Allah knows best.. I have tried and I succumbed to the easiness of formula milk. exclusively breastfeeding your child need commitment and one more important thing.. Allah's blessing.. I salute exclusively breastfeeding mothers and at the same time i understand and respect mother's who cant.
no mothers in the world would not want to give the best to their children, but that is all in a day life.. some are blessed with milk and some are not.. either or..
it is an act of love.. to exclusively BF your child or to resort to FM.

for me i will continue BF my son and i will make sure he is full and able to grow well with FM and all i can do is pray that he will be a good man.. not a cow. :P

and to mother's who are blessed with bundle of milk .. bersyukur la.. dont condemn others.

my kaliq @ 14 days

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

oh baby


now i can do this to my baby! hiks hiks... life is good.


but will the nursery do this to him? will they love him like i love him? will they be extra careful with him..


Monday, June 13, 2011


tempoh cuti 2 bulan ni mmg busy...

busy dgn pantang, keluarga dan kaliq.

pejam celik... tinggal seminggu lagi before i resume work.

and one more important thing to do. I need to let go Kaliq.. and leave him in the good hand of 'nursery'. Ya Allah berikanlah kekuatan kepada ku.

i just dont know if i am strong enough to leave him.


Sunday, June 05, 2011


my pantang story is just the same as everyone else... hiks hiks... I was on my feet since day 1.. dah tukar pampers baby kaliq.. malam i gave birth to him..

I clean the house jalan2 sikit... hiks hiks... mmg lah manusia degil..

But I DO almost everything.. I wore socks until day 39!!! (with kadang2 lambat pakai... hiks hiks but i wore socks proudly for 39 days...

Bertungku and berurut.. :) my stomach takdelah leper.. (ahahahaha doctor said.. it will go away with exercise ok!!)

and i wore bengkung for 3 weeks.. ha! hows that?.. oklah alhamdulillah... sakit2 kat jahitan tu adalah...

but i am very grateful... yang jaga masa berpantang is mom-in-law.. bersyukur.. nasib baik ada org nak tlg... she heat up the tungku.. masak.,.. and make sure perut ni penuh.. so takdelah nak kata kurus time berpantang... skrg ni kena kurang lagi 6Kg.. ha nak buat macam mana tuh?


Saturday, June 04, 2011

chocolate Pudding

chocolate pudding


1 1/2 teaspoon cornstarch
1 pinch salt
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup semisweet chocolate chips
whipped cream, optional
baking cocoa, optional

In a 2-cup glass measuring cup, combine the cornstarch, salt and milk until smooth; add chocolate chips. Microwave, uncovered, on high for 1 minute or until hot but not boiling; stir. Cook 30-45 seconds longer or until mixture just begins to boil; stir. Cool. Pour into a small bowl. If desired, top with whipped cream and sprinkle with baking cocoa.

This recipe was tested in an 850-watt microwave

Friday, May 20, 2011

my dear little darling - birth story


baru nak tulis pasal birth story..
hiks hiks...

birth story little kaliq mmg pendek aje..

20th April 2011

Journey to motherhood

I was actually scheduled for a routine checkup on April the 20th, although doctor has reminded us that if he found that I already dilated he will assist the labor. At 38 weeks, I doubt that I will start dilated.. hence, the ‘kepoyo-an’ of ‘eleh-sure-tak-beranak-nyer’ really set in my head. Late as usual, we arrived at DEMC, I did the ctg and no active contraction was monitored – lagilah berbunga2 hati.. ok I still got time.. (teringat malam tadi tak sempat nak makan durian).

The doctor came at 11-ish, did the internal examination for few minutes (ouccchhhhhhh!!! Kekeke its not the best feeling ok!).. with smiling face, he gave me a thumbs up.. ‘well done!!! Good job.. you are 3 cm dilated.. dah boleh beranak ni’ he inserted some sort of pill inside me and gave me 4 hours, if no active labor-ish signs.. he said he will start on IV-ish induction.. – hahaha hamek.. beranak la hari nih. at first mmg contraction tak sgt.. dgn hubby terlupa nak bg makan my precious furballs.. tertinggal charger phone... planning punya lah best.. tapi still mcm mcm tertinggal.. since i mcm confirm2 beranak lambat lagi... i asked him to go home and settled all the things...

Cut the story short, at 2.30pm doctor came in again to check on me. hubby pon selamat sampai dari rumah (nasib baik.... hiks hiks) Contraction was every 4 minutes hihi I was responding well to the pill (well done?) he only smiled and said ok! Few minutes later a nurse came in gave me poo-poo medicine (mmg wonder ok.. tak sampai 5 mins.. mmg buang habes) n put me on iv (air gula katanya… nk beranak dah!) what???!!! Nak beranak dah? ‘eh nanti2! I kept asking how many cm and they just smiled and ask me back..’ ‘err.. what did the doctor said?’..

Another nurse came in and told me that she is going to break the amniotic sack (hah??!!) next, I could feel the hot water dripping out of me, and it hits me ‘ok labor is imminent’.

Soon, I felt a terrible pain (nak beranak ke nak poo-poo nih) told the nurse that my stomach hurts and rasa nak poo-poo sgt2.. she ask me to go poo-poo. I went to the toilet but nothing happened, ok! I’m not poo-poo ing might be something else.

At this point it was too painful, I ask my hubby to get a nurse and request for some painkillers. The nurse came in with the injection; she checked on me and said I am still far from labor and gave me the painkiller, another nurse came in and ready to teach me on breathing techniques and how to use the face-mask-ish pain-killer(kot)-thingy.

I was reaching for the face-mask, but before I could inhale the happy-gas the nurse gave a shrieked.. ‘eh! Dah bukak habis nih.. letak balik! Letak balik!! Reluctantly I gave the face mask to hubby.. no happy gas! N I just got the injection..’

Nurse n doctors came rushing in.. one nurse teach me how to push (I learnt one thing bout myself.. I m not a fast learner!!)..They ask me to push, and I am not pushing at all. I took a very short breath; hence, pushing is like pulling the baby back up.

My husband was my knight in shining armor! He held me tightly, making sure that I don’t tilt my body n instruct me to breathe n push. All the nurses followed him (hihi I never knew that hubby is able to pull such a brave-act). Since, im not good in pushing, a kiwi-vacuum was used to help me to get the baby out.

It was a brief painful-experience, as soon as they put kaliq on me.. all the pain disappear and the painkiller kicks in… hahaha! I was soo drowsy.. kikiki smiling sheepishly all the way the stitching process. And that is how I became a mother!!

Special thanks to hubs. I could not do it without you. NASIB BAIK YOU SEMPAT SAMPAI HOSPITAL!!


and finally.. syukur Alhamdulillah.. all Praised to Allah the almighty.. walaupun terlampau sakit .. (yay i did it without painkiller) tapi sekejap aje... and Abdul Kaliq Nasri bin Abdul Rafiddi.. was perfect. Alhamdulillah.

terlampau bersyukur

Sunday, May 15, 2011

phuh.. saspen sekejap!! and baby can make a house goes wild.. yehaaaaaa

kekekke i was about to write something down when suddenly it appears that Blogger was on some upgrading process... hihi tapi cuak lah kejap kan.. kalau2 all the entry from 2006 went missing.. hiks hiks anyways... i am in kemaman spending my confinement time at my in-law's place.. :))

i love kemaman.. its a town where you can get almost everything (well atleast it is near to kuantan) and its only 4 hours drive to KL. It has beaches.. good food and great coffee... ahaks...

dah 12 days here.. baby kaliq is the new star in town! ahaks... my in-laws house became the centre of attention, chewah.. betuah kaliq... byk grandnanna yg dukung dia... ahaks.. boleh kata almost everyday ada org dtg tgk kaliq... hihihi t'was fun for him lah kot.. mummy cuma duduk tepi sengih2 buat cam org berpantang... (kekeke mmg berpantang pun)

anyway... kaliq is gettin bigger everyday... alhamdulillah...

oh oh... dah nangis dah bertuah tuh...

Monday, May 09, 2011

Alhamdulillah I am now a mother!

hihi lamanya dah tinggalkan blog nih... it should have been my life journal.. but heck.. life was put on hold.. for my little baby kaliq..

will write on my journey to motherhood. Meanwhile, i just want to cherished little kaliq in little life.

baby was born on april 20th 2011, 3.54pm @ 3.51kG

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


:) he was safely borned on April 20th 2011 at 3.54pm.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

are you ready b? lets go and get 'em!!!

the fact that i am very anxious about wednesday i am also very excited. I cant wait to hold my baby in my hand.. and start a new phase of life with my hubby. AHaks.. now i dont want to think about getting pregnant again (not in the very near future) but i do want to have LOADS of children.. (hiks hiks... lap peluh tu baby) .. and so .. wednesday will marked a new day in my life, Insyallah. I am praying for a safe delivery

anyway :) today.. me and hubs went to catch a movie and do some groceries shopping.. lepas ni nampaknyer kena dating bertiga..

went to catch RIO today. Definitely in love with the story... hihihi i wish i can write a lot about the story and our outing activities. But i am very tired .. signing off the day..

Tomorow hubs and i are planning to do a Little bit of cleaning and resting before the big day.

I would like my hubs to know, that i appreciate him very much. for being there with me.. and for putting up with my ridiculous emotions lately and for being so patient.

I love you babe and i am sorry for all my wrongdoings, i want to be your pillar of strength as much as i want you to be my protector.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

oh oh.. next week we might no longer be a couple..

hiks hiks... okay... I AM EXCITED!!!!
and at the same time.. a wee bit

i might be induced next week.. kekekekeke

ok things i want to do before me scheduled outage next week

1. i want to indulge myself with fraps.. i need ice! ice! before i went on no-ice-BLUWEK-confinement

2. i want to go for a holiday (AHAHAHAHA me being silly.. giler.. mau terberanak)

3. I want to go out and watch movies

4. oh oh! my project!!! ngeeeeeee

but.. next week is like few days ahead.. !!! *grrrrrr-gigit-jari*

Monday, April 11, 2011

happy 2nd anniversary darling.


kau dan aku pasti begini
menempuhi onak dan duri
suka duka bersamamu
dan y
ang pasti aku kan disini

kau dan aku harus begini
menempuhi setiap hari
senyum tawa air mata
dan barukan sempurna

i love you.

eceh,,, hiks hiks entry yang agak lomantik kali nih

well... its our anniversary... something that worth being lomantik about..
dont you agree..

hiks hiks...

nothing much actually,

we spent the day at the hospital for my routine ceckup!
with a very surprising news..
gonna deliver the baby next week.. Insyallah.. 20/4
oh oh..

a definite turn off..

ingat kan still got time to berpoya2

oh well! cant wait for me baby!!!

Friday, April 01, 2011

house chores

i am at 36 weeks!!! hihi kalau ikut calendar lagi satu.. i'll be 36 on sunday.. hihi potato .. peteto
anyway... almost 2 weeks tak sentuh rumah.. cuci pinggan sikit2.. pastu tido.. dan pastinya house in a very big mess... huwaaaaaaaaa....

tapi redha lah kan dah 36 weeks.. nak kemas berdiri lama lama ni kureng sikit...

anyway... last two days i was on MC.. felt a lil feverish and my right arm so sgt sgt lenguh due to the tetanus shot i had on wednesday...

i was ready to write something.. (been forever on hiatus).. eceh eceh.. then when i open the blog.. found myself went GAaaaaahhhhh!!!! i'll write later lah.. (and the excuses keep on and on and on)

last night managed to clean the kitchen, wash some clothes and managed to iron my hubs clothes... take that!! *kembang hidung yang dah kembang nih* clap clap.. gonna continue cleaning up the house

oh oh.. and baby's nursery are ready!!! hiks hiks lagilah kembang hidung.. thanks hubs.. we just take a corner of my room and placed the baby cot and his chest drawers.. :)) i am happy!!!

baby's bag are already in the car.. but NOT my bag!!! hah??!! takpe takpe rileks.. nothing to worry ada byk masa lagi...

hihi counting hours.. i want to go home and sleep.. (????) - i love sleeping nowadays.. i just cant help it.. :(

Gambar yang tak senonoh di hari Jumaat

hubs emailed me this picture.. one after another... sungguh kurang sopan!!!!

and minutes after that he emailed me this..!


bad hubs.. bad bad hubs..

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm late to the office.. AGAIN

miahahahahah ok ok.. i have to admit that .. lately.. i am always late.... ALWAYS.. ahaks.. oh gosh!!! not that my boss is complaining (not yet.. or he dont even bother.. ) almost everyone came in late to the office.. ahaks..

but with the coming baby! maybe.. maybe... me think us need a third car.. 1 for mommy, 1 for hubs and 1 for me... now... i need to have a budget plan... kire jari *aaaaaaaaaaa*

:p if money can grow from a tree... kan best... ihiks ihiks...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

masih isu bajet: Bajet Standard

Malay Dilemma : Bajet standard.. org kita suke letak diri sendiri at certain level.. dalam erti kata lain suka letakkan themselves at certain standard dan selalunyer standard piawai ni akan mengikut tangga gaji dan duit yang kita ada.. bila dah ada standard piawai mcm ni mula lah.. timbul hal2 antara dua darjat.. kerja halal yang 'hina'.. mcm sapu sampah, kutip tol, jaga parking.. family yang best bertata susila vs family tak best.. etc etc kekekeke lepas tu start lah.. dgn cover up yang paling best untuk meletakkan standard itu agak mulia... the statement KESIAN...

saya cuma kesian dgn peminta sedekah, homeless and anak yatim.. saya tak kesian kat org jaga parking, kutip sampah dbkl etc sebab kerja mereka halal.. and for me i respect their job... i try not to replicate golongan2 standard melayu yg lain with the 'standard' statement.. KESIAN.. KERJA KUTIP SAMPAH AJE.. hiks hiks...

kadang2 dlm usaha keras untuk memuliakan diri dan keluarga sendiri.. we are doing the opposite way..

My family tak kaya.. and that save us from being golongan 'standard mulia' altho.. my family is a bit weird.. we are very cruel to each other.. bab mengamuk, marah2 ahli keluarga sendiri (tak termasuk menantu (menantu adalah golongan yg diraikan in my family).. kesian plak anak org), mengata.. ahahah kadang2 stress jugak.. but its ok - we can choose friends.. but can never choose our family.. but we never do it to other people..

anyway.. ahahahah tulis byk2 pasal family nnt termasuk golongan nak men'standard'kan family sendiri pulak..

but the most important thing is.. i just like to remind myself.. kemuliaan only belongst to Allah.

its a bajet wednesday!! weeeehooooooo...

:) my weird family - dysfunctional and we have to admit that

edisi bajet comel

this is PO.. the new munchkin-fur-balls in the house
thumbsucking while sleeping


bajet comel lah tuh.. (and he is the noisiest)

this is hubby-baby.. i caught the picture without him knowing..

pon sama..

kekek bajet henslem

this is me.. yes yes..
kekekekek saya comel @ 34 weeks pregnant.. takde bajet2

me no go puffy yet.. alhamdulillah..

Friday, March 18, 2011


If money is the only motivation for someone to work then Life would be very much meaningless. - wasted almost 8 hours/day. - Put in some Passion and Learn to really take Notice of what you r doing. :)

throughout my life.. I only managed to met few people who puts passion in their work.. My late Dr.Saleh, My Power system lecturer - En.Mustafar Kamal and my Husband.. They have this special characteristic..

Dr.Saleh and his time and endless effort in power system study.. he does not really care how much time he has to spent.. to generate ideas and solutions to the power system community.

En. Mustafar Kamal.. - He does not care if he is not a professor, a doctor or whatsoever... he has this passion in developing well knowledge engineers.. hihihii

My husband - He is a SNAIL! it bothers him if his work is not to his liking.. haha.. I could not understand him.. but i guess whatever makes him happy.. is ok with me. :)

as for me... I like what i'm doing at the moment.. and at the same time.. the work pays! ahahahah

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


settling for the second best... takpelah asal dapat ubat rindu.
Thank you b.

Monday, March 07, 2011

i miss Glasgow all of a sudden..

from murray hall.. i can see the same st. Mungo infirmary from my kitchen window too

haha.. but i dont certainly missed this.. putting pounds of weight during the finals..
nasib baik putih.. bam-bam.. and hidung kembang.. ahahaha
picture was taken during my final year presentation..

Thursday, March 03, 2011

i try to

i try to write as many as i can this year.. but to my avail... i seems to have lost in words..
i have many things to write but mostly the things in my head are too cynical.. ahaks..

ah well i had quite a good time last week. will write about it soooonnnnnn

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

baby shower...

my own baby shower!!
kekekek who would have guess that i will have my own baby shower..
i dont have much girlfriends to pull out a baby shower..


it was surprise baby shower from hubby's friends..

i had a blast. alhamdulillah.

Monday, February 21, 2011

i cant wait to do this.. but


but i am afraid that the world will harm him.

:) i have been lazy!

yup i'm sure is..

I have many things to write.. but the idea seems to diminished the moment my fingers touched the keyboard.. oh well.. maybe pregnancy lazy spell has hit me hard..

i am busy actually thinking (mostly) ahahaha on how to organized my house.. before i went to labour and the 40 days confinement.

we have not prepared anything for the baby yet.. soon! hihihi for now both of us are very busy with work..

Monday, February 14, 2011

experimenting with food...

hihi.. bread and butter pudding
not baked but steam!
to reduce the carbon residue..
:) noiceee....

resepi untuk satu bekas kecik tuh
roti gardenia 3 keping stgh (hihi)
(koyak2 kan masuk je dlm bekas tu)

dlm satu mangkuk yang lain
masukkan 3 sudu butter yg cair
sebiji telur ayam
satu kotak (yang air kotak kecik tuh) susu segar (agak2 boleh tutup roti tu)
gula 3 sudu
sedikit vanilla
kacau semua then tuang atas roti

kukus dlm 30-35 minutes

hubs love it.
ha! yang ni sume hasil man vs food
my banana-peanut butter-choc-chip pancake

beli tepung pancake segera n follow the instruction
untuk bancuh the tepung
tgh masak pancake (masa berbuih2 sikit) taburkan
chocolate chip (ikut nafsu)... pastu terbalikkan..

quite messy for the first taim!! tapi jgn risau it'll turn out fine for the
rest of the pancake
buatlah dlm 4-5 keping ;)

dah masak angkat.. sapu butter + nuttella + peanut butter
then amik pisang montel.. potong bulat2 n susun atas dia..

lapiskan2 for the rest of the pancake

hiks hiks.. boleh ganti pisang with strawberry, blackberry, kiwi.. ikutlh..
tp choc+pisang is YUMMAYH!

its to die for!!!!
my microwave baked lasagna..

ada 3 mende nak kena buat for this lasagna..

the lasagna..
beli lasagna.. and rebus (4 keping cukup) atau ikut saiz mangkuk

the beef
beli ramli yang tube tuh..
beli tomato puree pakai dlm 1/2 tin
bawang merah (blend)
and sedikit oregano
garam+aji secukup rasa

tumis bawang sampai naik bau, then masuk daging
agak dah tukar kaler daging masukkan tomato puree
masukkan air sikit..
masukkan yg lain
masak sampai pekat.. :)

the white cream
okeh susu segar yg 500ml tuh.. masukkan dlm 3/4 botol..
masukkan dlm periuk, pecahkan sebijik telur dan masukkan
cheese (hihi cheese ikut perasaan sendiri)

kacau all these thing
dah kacau .. baru start api..
api mesti kecik sgt2
kacau sampai sauce cream ni pekat!

dah siap sume menda..
letak first lasagna di dasar mangkuk
letakkan daging yg dah masak.. ratakan atas lasagna
pastu letakkan cream sauce pulak atas daging.. agak2 cukup tutup daging
n depend berapa byk sauce u ada
(make sure cukup untuk berapa lapis lasagna yang nak buat)
last sekali letak shredded cheese

ulang.. sampai kepingan lasagna yang terakhir

so atas sekali patut ada lapisan daging+cream+cheese

masukkan dlm microwave - medium heat 15-20 min max atau
kalau cheese yang atas sekali tu dah cair.. siap lah tuu

mcm tedious tp siap cepat je nih dlm 1/2 jam siap!

hihi... was trying this with Ramly's mince meat..
hmmm tak berapa best sebab daging dia rasa burger.. will try on fresh minced meat
tgk apa rasa! weeeeee

baked meat salad!
hiks hiks.. a recipe given by a friend..

:) love it.. eat it while it hot with a farmer's bread!!!