Sunday, November 30, 2008

sayang.. thank you for loving me that much...

hihihi i know you love me.. and i am happy with you... kekekek and i am going crazy with or without you... haih...

thanks for the day!!.. the i-buat-my-keje-u-baca-buku day.. thanks ek sayang...

Friday, November 28, 2008

i'm all lovey dovey.. dopey... kekeke

its amazing how a movie can make you day.. and perhaps days... hiks hiks i must say.. i am still spellbinded by twilights.. and how edward cullen character has it impacts on me! alahai.. mesti bebek dah muntah2 baca... (kekkeke have to live with it sayang.. for the next 2 3 days.. until i totally forgotten bout my darling vampire..)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

OMG... i'm in love.... with robert pattinson

the sexiest movie evah!... and robert pattinson is a real heartthrob! i'm in love... the way he played edward cullen was soo convincing!.. i was grinning ear to ear.. just listening to the way he talks to bella swan... haih.. sooo adorably handsome!!!
i was in love with cedric diggory.. and when baby called me yesterday saying that he will be playing in twilight.. and suggested us to checked out the film.. i knew i could say not to!
the movie was... sweet! ahaks...
i am sooo in love!... not that i dont love you no more baby... but i could always squeeze another one... miahahhahahahaahahaha
i am sooo gonna watch the movie twilight again... gonna take mommy to c it.
and yep... bought new moon.. the sequel of twilight... just cant wait to read whats next!.. haih....
love love love

Its not the best time to travel.. perhaps

i read too many disturbing news this morning... INDIA is under attack.. (huh.. blaming on the muslim extremist.. ) .. suvarnabhumi is closed (and poor bos is stranded ... ) and yerp.. heard news from my sister.. abg's nephew is terminally ill... (both of the kid's kidney no longer functions).. haih... it has shrunk into the size of a 50 cent!... Ya Allah.. i could not ask more than your mercy to aiman.. soo if any of you out there reading this post.. do pray for aiman's health.. and he is only 5!

I guess we are lucky enough.. rain and floods.. nothing that we cant manage at the moment... ahhahaha with all the clown politician.... glad that us malaysian.. talks louder than action.. I still believe that us Malaysian can take care of each other.. no matter what race we are.... no need to raise the flag up side down... to let people know that we are in distress.. no need for a road protest or bashing into other people's open houses.. kikikik i still believe that we are lucky.. and the land is still blessed... no need to ask the bilal to slow down on the morning lecture when we never asks our neighbour to stop putting up the coloks.. kikikik

life is too short.. enjoy it while we can.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

i will post on cara-cara membuat bunga dip! hehehe

since it is very hard to find 'how to' sites on making the bunga dip in malay... i finally found a websites that shows how to make the q-dip flower (however.. it is a foreign websites..)

i will try to follow the instructions.. and i will post the step by step method on how to make bunga dip... (in malay of course!)


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

pwtc.. and i am missing my baby (yang berambut panjang) pulangkan bebek saya!

i am tanned!

and its 4 months bfor my wedding!!! i am not going for the harmonics measurement! i will not go!!
anyway... thats me and henry! and me being the usual me!!.. aha! wait till i post baby's latest picture!!!

bebek berwajah baru!!! tunggu..........

Monday, November 24, 2008

my tanning session @ sepang!!

i started my day.. with my most LOVABLE world class act! I SULK over sumthing... and baby!! is the world most understanding-bf-at-times (aha! not all the time .. but sumtimes) he just wait and wait until i finish with my sulking session!

i am sorry baby!

anyway... the day would have been better if fairuz won.. but hey... its a technical problem over sumthing (from what i heard from kak niza.. ehem ehem sumthing hot from the paddock.. the A1 team owner said that Fairuz doesnt understand english!! haih!!1 how can that be!!!its absurd! cant be) - i am dissapointed

aaaa.. and this is the safety car! cantik bukan....

and there he was..

and there they were... haih... kikikikikik

Saturday, November 22, 2008

More HDR Testing



ater black n white


yusuf estes wa brilliant...

Alhamdulillah.... we've made it to yusuf estes talk on 'why should we believe in god'... interesting topic huh!.. ! seriously.. i really like the way he convey his da'wah.. hiks hiks.. baby and i are planning to go for his next lecture!

hiks hiks before that... baby had the courtesy of showing me around UM... well i got to see where's my baby had his kayak training.... his college... Kolej tun ahmad zaidi...UM library (uuu i'm soo impress with the library!!! i could spend days in that library!! oooo there goes the geek in me!)

anyway.. i really had to comment on the organizer tho! it is really sad to see that the Persatuan Mahasiswa Islam UM is not up to the standard of bringing along the Universiti Malaya name..

i guess they need to mix around with the 'outside society'.. learn to speak proper simple english (ehem.. hiks hiks.. i do have grammatical error!)... learn how to organize an international talk... hiks hiks.. and learn how not to repair you windows media player setting.... and show it thru the projector to the audience while the speaker is starting to gave his speech!! u people ar ridiculous!!

omg i am sooo sleepy...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

i am a ^%&^$ when it comes to stationery

miahahahha.. i have trouble choosing!.. i am a *&%*% when it comes to books, pen and other things.. it droves me crazy... .. i cant decide what colour should my notebook be? notebook as of plain paper book! ahahahah should it be.. the serious one? or a happy one! arhhhhhh .... its my master notebook and i seriusly cant decide! hukhuk.. anyway.. i m planning to right on how to write engineering programming! hehehhe insyallah.. i will completekan my work for my supervisor to view.. eceh..! chewah chewah! miahahahahahhaha

time kasih bebek!.. (ahaks.. me trying to pursuade me baby..)

off to JB on saturday afternoon.. back to Klang on sun morning!

hiks hik.. this is a sudden trip to JB... under an unavoidable circumstances.. anyway.. Al-Fatihah to abg's pejal dad.. who passed away on saturday 15th November 2008.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

still without my baby fujitsu!

haih!!.. what a life without baby fujitsu yang sakit!! hukhuk sian plak memikirkannyer anyway... off to ayu's house today for post raya celebration and of course.... we are going to see madagscar complimntary of exabytes! heehehhe okeh.. need o get ready sat lagi baby nak sampai .. hmmm nak pakai apa yer!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

i am searching for the wedding favor!

well.. i am in search again for the wedding favors.. haih.. susah jugak memikirkan nak bg apa kat org nih.. ahaks...
anyway... i am a wee bit worried la (eheh.. moi! being a typical pompuan.. risau memanjang and tak bertempat) since the wedding is 5 months away! aduh.. sakit kepala memikirkan nya... hiks hiks but come to think of it.. hihihh.. 5 bulan tu... lama lagi.. can rileks rileks lagi nih! hihihih can kurus sum more! my project french lace is ok! but i think i need to control a wee bit more.. been eating cadbury's lately! alahai.. cemana ke nak kurus...

Saturday, November 08, 2008

the longest 6 minutes of my life!

whoa!!! i really didnt expect today's match would be soo thrilling! i must say.. my bunnies have been playing soo well!! especially now, they have realised that they need to have a strong defence line! and congratulations to the bunnies for winning the most anticipated game of the week... u guys have really made my day!!

baby! good game! i c u in march kot ahaks!!! i make sure our wedding will not fall on the match day! ahaks.. kalau tak sure havoc! ahaks! i love you.

saturday @ aps

i am at my ofice currently!!! gosh!!! its been sumtyimes dah tak lepak office buat kerja nih! hiks hiks.. a good start tho! cuz i think i need to work a lil bit more harder!but i am preparing course material for monday's training in Penang! hiks hiks.. i dont look forard for the training tho! i will be stuck in the training room!! and sit and sit and sit! i am trying to buy me self a stepper machine to be put at APS so that i can do some light exercise during the lunch!! anyway anyway!!! tonite!! THE TERROR 'bunnies (hiks hiks)' will go against the RED DEVILS... aaaaaaarghhhhhh sakit perut bile memikirkan nyer...

i got no player at all.. no adebayor.. no van persie.. no stupid walcott!!!

Friday, November 07, 2008

i dont feel like writing...

i am not in the mood of writing or editing my french lace project banner!!! hukhuk... everything seems so hard! making decision is soo hard! erkekekekeke....

well.. umi, abah n kak nor ajak gi jakarta!.. i would love to go! i want to go! but i guess my work commitment wont let me to!

anyway... there are still many things to decide!!
1. how would my dress looks like
2. the wedding favors
3. when are we going to see papa, go to the wedding course, HIV tests.. ekekekeke
4. baju bertandang.. what kind of design i want

haih.... plus my work load is not getting any lighter! too much work with too little time!!

haih... i am tired.. i want to sleep..

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

well.. i wrote bout him not two months ago..

I have had a good hunched when i saw his candidacy speech sumwhere in september! i was in abang's living hall in JAkarta! i saw him on the telly.. standing there.. and he was soo convincing!! ahaks.. and today.. he is the first black american to be the president of the United State of America,... congratulations president obama!

i'm living in history... the computer, mobile phones and obama! hiks hiks anyway.. i am not really hoping that he would make a 360deg change to american policy! but i am hoping.. (with a slight wish) that atleast he could release the x-ray camp war detainees which american had held captured for sumtimes and finally shows us that there is still glimpse of hope for war-free united world!!

anyway.. malaysian prime minister.. has won his place.. without even an election! ekekeke that is somthing to be wowed at!!!!


Project French lace is doing good!! ahaks.. but i think i need to cut on the lunch intake!!!! so stop taking all the fishes and ayam!! i need to go to tesco and get me some apples.. if i'd ever get hungry in the afternoon i should get myself an apple!! instead of eating those fattening food!! dah day 6 without rice ( i have cheated last week when i consumed a lil bit ofnasi on friday) so i need to start from square 1!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

YAY!!! hiks hiks.. soo proud of myself

I have lost 2.2 lbs!! hiks hiks.. whats an immrpovement!!! if i keep on doing this good job!! i will definitely achieves 120lbs!!!

good job iykin!! you can do it!!. hiks hiks hopefully.. i will not stop reducing weight not until i reached my desired weight!!

today.. i ate sandwich at 579kcal, 1 piece of fish, 1 piece of chicken.. and 2 slice of sotong!..

owh and yesterday! while reading the newspaper.. i found out that miss malaysia.. she stop eating before 7.00 pm! hiks hiks.. oklah.. from now onwards i will stop eating at 7!miamiamia.. lets just say i do anything! to achieve my target

Monday, November 03, 2008

2nd day...

today's mantra.. LESS is MORE.. LESS is MORE... hiks hiks

hish.. my day has been worst.. but looking at my premierleague results.. its nothing but humiliation and heartache!!stupi van persie on that red card!! and stupid emotional rooney... (ni sapa la plak nama sinner FC ni!!!) aaaa from number 5 i am at the bottom of five other guys... .. later in the days.. for sure baby will tell me that.. 'ha tulah.. org nak main.. dia nak main jugak!! errr.... rase nak jerit jer.. i taught u to how play tau uhuk uhuk...' ala boys mmg lah mcm tuh... bab bab game ni their intuition are always good!! and me! with my stupid believes, adamant that rooney will play well.. (habis jual sume org.. nak beli rooney punyer pasal) I am going to sell you!!!! no matter what.. duit tgh byk nih ahaks... nak beli ronaldo plak!! hihihih....

i gave up on many things lately.. i dont know why... its so un-me! i will try to find out why.. i almost gave up on arsenal!! demmit!! play well lah! ngan hull pon kalah.. stoke pon kalah.. (pray! prya! next week wont get humiliated by man u!! ) (sian pok asing.. dah tejatuh lagi tercangkung tgk.. the BUNNIES plays... )

anyway.. anyway... my project french lace is going on well!! really well... (can feel my stomach cam sakit2 hasil dari sit up yang betul dan berjaya.. mueheheheheh).. i dont even cam sedih2 like before teringat kat nasi... hihihi .. 'pas dah ok ni nasi.. i will eat you again.. with great appreciation and cautious'!...

mommimonstah call tadi asking me to buy few things for my ungrateful brother.. haih.. nak buat camne.. like baby said lah.. i ni perasan i ni baik n betul kekekeek..
i got something for him..

i will marry him.. my best friend,
the one i laugh with and cry with,
the one i learn from and share with,
the one i have chosen to support and encourage..
the one that i dream with and
for the rest of my life

Sunday, November 02, 2008

i have a life and dreams...

one thing that i always reminded myself...

if you have dreams to do anything you have wanted soo much in life... go for it... even if it will only lasts seconds, minutes, hours or days.... its worth it!

'been there.. done that' philosophy of mine! hiks hiks and i living it.. until up to this extend.. i seems to lost my way!!...

Saturday, November 01, 2008


new resolution!!!! 20 pounds in a month!!!! I can do it!!!! I am weighing at horrendous 140lbs!! i am FAT!! i gain 40lbs over the years! and i think loosing 20lbs in a month is manageable and achievable!!! *teeheeee

again my main problem is that i am lack of motivation.. so here's something i've think about to MOTIVATE meself!!!

1. That DRESS costs you RM1500 (yeah i know.. its not that expensive for some of you!! but hey RM1500 for a baju kurung is a LOT.. SO... while it last!!! PLEASE DO LOOK GOOD IN IT!!!!)

2. REMEMBER your LIFELONG RESOLUTION!!! TO LOOK FANTABULOUS AFTER you get married.. instead of BEFORE!! (i have always wanted to look like a sophisticated mummy .. and being single is a license to look comot and busuk and all ahahahahah)

so here's the plan!!
1. lemonade cleansing!!
2. softball training regime ( i always finds this works for me!! leg raise, star jumps and push ups)
3. calorie counting and bts