Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Its a ritual for me to wake up early and sit in front of the TV on 31st August.. haha teringat masa kecik2.. arwah nenek and atuk will ask us to watch the parade.. it may sound too unreal but we will clap and cheer in front of the telly .. haha and remembering everytime the retired armforce contigent passed by my grandfather will just mimicking his friend faces and tell them to get the hell off the street.. they are about to die.. haha! and this happened almost every year

I have a very condusive home growing up.. my grandparents are the best parents i could have.

anyway, back to my merdeka story.. I took part in the merdeka parade in the year 1993! I was thirteenth that time.. and it is such an experience I will never forget the heart thumping.. with sense of pride and the urge untuk tak main lagu sumbang and not to trip jatuh bergolek depan Agong haha!!!

well time flies.. when mommy came back.. i thought living abroad for gejellion years will make her different from my grandparents.. but no..i think we were born patriotic.. mommy loves going to the merdeka parade.. she feels alive.. and dgn duduk bersila with her slr (ok dslr x lagi in 1999 ok kalau ada pun ntah kat celah mana) she capture all the sweet moment passes her by... :) *sweet*

today, i still found myself sitting in front of the telly again.. awestrucked with pride! with the best merdeka celebration ever.. and i witnessed the first national day
celebration indoor!! ~ alhamdulillah.. Allah masih berikan kesempatan for me to wake up and live for another Merdeka day..

what i have noticed today.. and every other merdeka day is that... yang masih berkobar2 dan bersemangat (secara sukarela atau paksa rela.. ) are still mofe malays... dan armforce kita juga masih didominasi oleh kaum melayu

dalam sibuk2 some of the political parties requesting untuk hak kerakyatan yang sama rata.. I will never found myself agree with that..not until the day when chinese, Indian and other races are willing to work and shed their blood for Malaysia..

note to evil racist-politician: we have been sharing this country for soo long.. so let us be..

anyway, my baby said.. we will only be Satu Malaysia.. if orang melayu berhenti sifat dengki n bodoh sombong, the chinese stop being sellfish and the indian stop oppressing other indian

and for me selagi hayat dikandung badan.. Malaysia tetap Negaraku..(altho sometimes mmg dah give up with the stupid politics ~ i could not find a better place to call home)

ah well people.. enjoy your day!:) i'm not racist.. but im just telling the truth


Monday, August 30, 2010

quick entry...

ok.. it seems that ramadhan has really taken a toll on me.. :) with too many event - families and friends to attend to..

friday.. went back to kemaman.... reason: saje! ahahahaha nice huh... had a nice buka puasa.. (yang best nyer umi n abah buke kat surau.. ) hamek.. balik tak bgtau.. but of course.. umi dah siapkan makanan yang best2 ... kekekeke and we get to have 2 sahur with them and a late nite supper... oklah tuh...

saturday.. arrived KL around 5.30 in the afternoon.. then off we go for the kemamanian buka puasa... alhamdulillah everyone was there... :) it was baby's turf.. so i dont do much thing than sit around and minggle with his friend and his friend other half. it was quite a nice evening to be shared with friends..

see picture tells a thousand words.. :) tu anak ah chong he is turning 3... omg bam! bam!!!!

sunday: had iftar with moi family... kak ni masak ketam ikan tempe terung.. u name it u got it... hiks hiks.. i always love being the so called last.. ahahahah either kat rumah mommy, kakak or mak mentua... i dont have to do a thing!!... im the menyemak element in the kitchen... *pure bliss* dtg makan makan makan ajer.. and y favorite question is.. *kak iykin nak makan apa ckp aje... weeeeeeeeee* alhamdulillah...

ok thats all... i must go and go through a report... *sigh*

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


lately... macam tak bermaya jer... balik rumah.. terus bedebam!!! mengadap bantal2 dan katil tercinta.. ahaks.. and i will woke up at 3-4 in the morning and kemas rumah and siapkan sahur mana yang patut...

:p... aci? maybe im too tired with the office work! and all the travelling ...

masak pun.. tak seberapa... tak sempat lagi nak masak asam ayam... kekeke
decided tonight we will eat at hotel singgahsana again! kekekekek I have another three coupon to use.. and decided to bring along herol.. cian cian bini jauh.. kalau coupon ni byk mmg dah hangkut satu kampung.. kekekek

The professor in L**** University contacted me yesterday.. asking for my application letter for the phd studentship... the topic is good enough.. but i am not so interested in the studentship offered.. 14thousand pound a year that'll be used to pay the tuiton fees... which will left me about 3600pound for a whole year!! ahahahah mau makan apa ini??.. ah well apply dulu.. decide later..

ni city centre lincoln.. *Urgh* ahahah im very used to bustling city of glasgow.. i wonder if i can cope it here.. eceh.. baru send in application form.. *takpe takpe berangan tu takpe*

Im busy helping coordinating some lecture programme and a 3 day course on emtp .. :) hope everything will turn out alright.. we have quite a good response... the house is almost full!! yay!

yesterday i had a short meeting trip to kota kinabalu.. arrived kk at 10 am.. go through the report and attend a CRAZY meeting at 2.30... I am very disapointed sometimes.. with people who does not appreciate engineering.. who does not appreciate technical procedures... haish... commenting on logic will not help!!! *sigh*

and this person cannot differentiate between.. cannot be done.. and refuse to do! urghhhhhh malas nak citer... ahaks.. whatever it is.. landed KL at 8.30 tanpa kelibat baby.. ha!!! lambat lagi lah ni.. plus my arrival was ahead of schedule..

Friday, August 20, 2010

hey hey!

ngeee alhamdulillah.. dah settle satu perkara.. i have completed the 3 day course.. next week i'm off to Sabah.. and that'll be the last trip in Ramadhan.. (i hope) .. seems like forever pulak tak update blog nih.. alasan biasa.. im busy and furthermore.. i always find conducting course is very tiring.. metally and physically...

anyway here's what i have been doing for the past week...

ting-tong-ting-tong alexander

oh.. i like to believe that ramadhan is the best time for to practise some cooking skill.. gambar bawah tu leftover dari makan2 dari rumah mommies.. :) finally berjaya masak ayam masak lemak and ketam berlada.. i still have a list of dishes to cook.. i just need to find the perfect time to do it...

rasa mcm dah masak macam2 tapi lately ni mcm tak bermaya je. (puasa.. ..) habis masak.. makan.. kemas...so takde kudrat nakposing2 kan pinggan lauk tu nak amik gambar.. lagi satu rasa basuh pinggan tak habis2 kat rumah tu.. rasa mcm dah basuh.. then tgk2 ada je menda dlm sinki.. (ahahahah lapar kot.. start to hallucinate)

kami hamba kucing! (we r the cat slaves)

kekekek bulan bulan puasa ni .. baby rajin pulak melayan all my furballs... crazy-owie is in heat.. and she seems restless.. and with the condition of my crazy neighbourhood.. i dare not let owie to play outside.. jadi baby lah yang terpaksa melayan kehendak anak dara sorang ni nak tgk pokok and tgk kereta... *sigh*

adik new munchkin pun dah besar2... gebu gebu mcm apam!!! and dah start walking around macam mainan rosak... since dah dapat lesen kaki.. terpaksa.. duduk dlm cage.. its time for them to be potty-trained...

I really need to get a new place sooner or later ni.. kesian all the furballs.. and im planning to sell adik's munchkin this time!! muahahahahah selling 'em cheap.. so siapa yang nak anak kucing baka persian and norwegian forest you can contact me..

makan makan ramadhan.. iftar

aaahhhhh rasa mcm nak nangis jer... ingta boleh lah macam nak loose some weight ke apa bulan ramadhan ni.. macam takde menda jadi pon.. ahahahah lagi bam bam ada.. hihi look at my baby.. he is expanding (blame the camera.. he is not..) selang sehari gi goping.. sure kurus nnt...

anyway.. this was taken on wednesday.. we wnet for buka puasa at hotel singgahsana... hotel tu gila spooky.. but at night it turns to be some hot place for iftar! and the food was delicious ( that is the only fair thing to say about the buffet) .. and both of us makan kambing dgn bersungguh2.. kekekek (going again next week..) again malas nak amik2 gambar makanan.. lapar... hihi

so plan minggu depan... ada majlis buka puasa kemamanian,pastu i ada majlis buka puasa with my buddies... cant wait to meet them!! errr... what to wear ni? *sigh*

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ramadhan and working as usual

kekke ramadhan and working as usual is very unusual.. this is the time i usually spend on reading new articles.. new journals.. sleeping under the table .. ahahahah but this year ramadhan is different..

Today is the first day im giving a course on engineering design analysis to a total of 25 engineers..*sigh* ~ dengan baby lupa nak pasang jam.. (again...) terus tak jadi nak masak pedas ayam.. ngan telur dadar for sahur.. *compom mlm ni akan ku masak ayam masak asam pedas tu before went to bed..*

my knees all went weak.. by 3 pm.. i dont think I have any saliva left in my mouth (yada yada exaggeration!) ahahahahaha anyway.. alhamdulillah.. the course went well.. another day tomorow.. a very responsive participant.. and I think I have grew to become quite a competent consultant as compared to 4 years ago.. eceh.. but of course.. i will need to work harder to improve on my knowledge.. *one do not want to be left behind.. hihi*

4 years ago i would fumbled fumbled ad fumbled on words..

haih.. next week.. im attending a meeting in kota kinabalu.. for a hydroelectric project done 3 years ago.. ahaks..( the report was just recently sent.. ) aiseh.. sedih betul..

anyway cant wait to go back to kemaman next week!!! weeeeee..... this weekend berbuka umah kak noni.. then balik kemaman!!! yay! boleh tgk baju raya.. *ibumertuasayawalaupundiagarangtapidiasgtbest* ~ iks iks.. ada 3 pasang.. ha hamek.. kekekekek 1 of the kain was a present from umi, 1 was the wedding present and 1 is a cotton bought in bandung!!! alhamdulillah..

As i said to hubby baby.. alhamdulillah.. this year is way better than last year.. in terms of most thing!!

perseverance pays alhamdulillah!

Friday, August 13, 2010


kekekek subconsciously i switched off the alarm and continue to sleep... ahahahh which resulting into a 5.30 sahur.. with yesterday's dishes.. nasib baik ada lagi lauk and nasi for hubby-baby... :( aiseh.. ahahah baru hari ke3 dah ada pecubaan untuk tidak bangun sahur.. *bad iykin.. bad bad iykin*

ahaks.. sorry baby.. anyway... i think i willl try not to buy lauk at pasar ramadhan anymore.. my stomach went cranky.. baby's stomach went cranky.. and my tonsilseems to have swollen a bit..

doing work from home is okay for me sometimes.. less disruption..

ok.. things to do today

1. siapkan course material for next week..
2. pastu rasa macam nak buat karipap!!! hihihihihi

will update later...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ramadhan is Here Again

My ramadhan
Alhamdulillah.. Allah still gave me a chance to savor this month of rahmah!

last year when i resorted to write on teraweeh.. I got a pretty decent comment from a typical reader who seems to enjoy being typical.. typical critical people.. see the world on the hate side..
Islam is not Taboo.. :) and i dont tend to keep hush-hush on my religion.. i am just human.. and i am not a good follower and still learning but i'm faithful.. and with that.. I pray that Allah will show me the correct way..

(so if somebody out there.. seems to sakit hati with an ibadat entry from a person who doesnt cover herself very well.. please feel free to look for the 'x' sign on the right of the window tap.. i think that will certainly help..)

anyway i dont write for the pleasure of others.. and to cater for audience need.. so here goes..

This year.. I tend to make my Ramadhan more fruitful.. to be a more faithful muslim in term of my prayer, to be a good daughter to my mom and dad and in-laws, to be a faithful wife to my husband and to learn to be a better person... Insya-Allah.

Hopefully.. dlm sibuk2 nak review about food and places to eat for berbuka.. I hope i will not forget what Ramadhan is all about..

Happy Ramadhan baby!!!

Food entry..

Alhamdulillah... this year marked my second year as a wife..

Hiks hiks.. semlm selamat lah masak ayam masak merah, sotong goreng kunyit and omelette's untuk sahur (urgh... berperang-perang ngan dapur.. at 4.45 in the morning) kekekke dgn dapur satu tungku.. aiseh.. mmg la bersilat..

hari ni.. alhamdulillah.. rezeki mama tapaukan ayam kurma, sayur goreng udang, kerabu pucuk paku and omellette's juga..

and whats for berbuka.. ahahah now this is called.. a wife dilemma!

I need to look for a recipe book .. if i were to cook everyday.. I will need to have variations.. *sigh*

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Monday, August 09, 2010

one thing that im not ...

i may of many things... but 1 thing that i am very certain that i'm not.. Im not too LAZY.. hiks hiks..
:) ..

Now lets look what is Lazy is all about... from cikgugel fren ms.wiki-apadia.. laziness is DISINCLINATION to ACTIVITY or EXERTION despite HAVING THE ABILITY TO DO SO..
and for me there's a fine line between laziness and not wanting to do something... hiks hiks..

and for me.. I have learn that being diligent pays.. Alhamdulillah.. boasting this is not.. but as i always believe.. that Islam emphasizes action. Believers are those who work, work hard and continue to work until the end.

But of course, the work must be done with the consciousness of Allah s.w.t.

:) so work hard people.. Insyallah, It pays.. if not here in the hereafter..

kerja itu amanah to oneself and to others..

hiks hiks nuff said.. but i have 1 problem.. sometimes.. i cant deliver during working hours (but i'll make sure i'll deliver within the schedule).. and i need to change this weird working hours of mine if i want to have family... but my work is not routine.. i dont do the same thing day in and day out.. *sigh*

both of us have this weird working hours.. i wonder how it would be when both of us have our little munchkins.. ahaks.. should be no problem staying up kot..

love the way you lie..

Just gonna stand there
And watch me burn
But that's alright
Because I like
The way it hurts
Just gonna stand there
And hear me cry
But that's alright
Because I love
The way you lie
I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie

Now I know we said things
Did things
That we didn't mean
And we fall back
Into the same patterns
Same routine
But your temper's just as bad
As mine is
You're the same as me
But when it comes to love
You're just as blinded
Baby please come back
It wasn't you
Baby it was me
Maybe our relationship
Isn't as crazy as it seems
Maybe that's what happens
When a tornado meets a volcano
All I know is
I love you too much
To walk away though
Come inside
Pick up your bags off the sidewalk
Don't you hear sincerity
In my voice when I talk
Told you this is my fault
Look me in the eyeball
Next time I'm pissed
I'll aim my fist
At the dry wall
Next time
There will be no next time
I apologize
Even though I know it's lies
I'm tired of the games
I just want her back
I know I'm a liar
If she ever tries to fucking leave again
I'mma tie her to the bed
And set the house on fire

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

sleepy day.

i'm sleepy.

hiks hiks im sleepy and im bored.. I am finishing my course notes for a course on cb. :) and im bored. definitely.. sgt sgt!!! I'm making myself busy this ramadhan!

17-19: giving a course on CB. - course notes ready
23-24: engineering management practise
25-26: Safety and Health at work

and then i'm left with code of ethics.. which i think can be done in the month of September

but i will need to wait until early 2012 to sit for the PAE examination.. haih... *ok ok.. this is the price to pay when you are not registered right away after your graduation..*

kekekek anyway... patient is virtue.... patient is virtue...

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

:) trying to be COOL...

:) i was giving some advice to my so-called 14 year old niece - telling her not to dwell too much in puppy love.. hahaha actually i have no plan to give her the advice.. but last sunday.. when i was at mommie's she told me that the girl grandmother ask my mom to talk to the girl.. stop social networking in the internet... she's failing all of her paper.. aisey..

so yesterday.. when she wrote something sounded like a twenty year old woman giving up on love.. i just told her to stop panicking about love. about a boy... she is wayyy to young... enjoy the time being young.. make loads of friend.. try every thing (that is healthy) and learn as much as she can... *sigh- sometimes.. i wish to tell the youngsters.. not to waste their time in a virtual world...*

(ha-ha... im out of the youngsters leg already.. i have had my share and i have selected friends and community i want to be in)

anyway.. suddenly come this lady (her father-side relative .. ) commented.. "Cayalah ***!"...
OMG!!!! you do not support a 14 year old girl like that!! !!!! kekekek perhaps the lady (ehem.. she is also my age) nak sounded cool...

you can be cool.. but sometimes... people need to be responsible.. being cool today.. will not help her in the future.. what i'm worried... at the end of the day.. this trying to be cool people are those who will give 'teruk betul budak ni' comment without feeling guilty at all! pastu nt ckp.. tu lah ni lah budak besar takde mak..

sigh. typical soo typical. but what to do.

ladies.. stop being cool tak bertempat.. (*ahahah tapi nnt nampak cam sombong... aisey thats me.. how?* - like i care.. all i know.. this is all that i can do to help.. i will not support youngsters yang in love sampai taknak belajar.. no way!! they are somebody's children.. yang satu hari menjadi harapan mak bapak..)

i have made a lot of mistakes during my youth time.. but i try my best to learn from it.. as i said i am only human. That girl could not help not to fall in love.. and she is only human too... but at least with older people showing the right way.. she can make a good decision and experience those feeling in a better way (and not failing exams).. I hope.

Monday, August 02, 2010

sometimes coffee makes me restless


yes. sometimes coffee can make me go restless... hihi (*see the way i gigle)

anyway.. today i vow to stop taking adib's roasted bean coffee... its too heavy for me.. i can barely sleep last night.

Oh well.. I have tonnes of things to write, but i decided to make myself a wee busy this morning.. I want to update the CAPE database and send it over to sabah. I have finish my protection report on PCPR.. and I have 1 paper on lightning to read.. Tadaaaa!!!! see how i can make myself busy...

anyway.. for me u can always find something to do... if you want to do it..

life lesson

to be thankful, dream big and never give up