Friday, September 11, 2009


:D hehehe i was bloghopping these few days, and found that not many had mentioned about the utmost important activities in Ramadhan.. Ibadah. Me and baby, had the chance to performed teraweeh.. not everyday tho.. :D. just a reminder to me and baby and everyone else... Its Ramadhan.. try to do as many good deed as possible.. 9 days left.. and we are not too late.

this year.. we are not doing as much ibadah as we should.. a little of tadarus and teraweeh .. oh one thing.. hehehe baby saya amat garang bila ajar mengaji.. kekek not that i dont know how.. but he would listen and corrected me when i'm wrong.. (garang okay.. sebelah tgn pegang hanger..) kekekeek

so.. cepat cepat harvest pahala peeps.

'If you turn to Him, He will turn to you, too. And if you turn away from Him, He, too, will turn away from you'

(ha.. yang pompuan.. naik je tangga besar kat entrance tu.. and make your way to the left... )


Anonymous said...

cakap pasal ibadat tapi aurat rambut apa citer?

7's baby said...

:D tu lah macam biskut kan. i will work on that department slowly.

Thanks for the concern.