Saturday, September 05, 2009

Buka Puasa

i have to attend a crash course on CAPE.. hiks hiks.. im gonna be a protection guru.. Insyallah. *smug *smug.. but pity baby.. kene tunggu.. cowie yer baby.. have to work on saturday and sunday.. had a not-bad-dinner/.buka puasa at mailto:sutra@%20the curve. twas okay. as i mentioned earlier.. it belongst to the not bad category.. its a dinner package @ 22.90 per person.. with 6 different very-the-very-small-portion of dishes.. ayam percik, udang sambal petai, masak lemak sayur,kangkung goreng, ikan goreng serai and beef-chilli-soup. :D cucur udang (one each.. yeah.. ONE tau ONE each.. kekekeke).. dates, jelly, and drinks.. oklah... but the small portion tu yang mcm tak best.. ahaks..

anyway, had a great time with baby, altho the original plan was to have our annual iftar at Romas.. ah well.. the honey chicken tender can wait hihihi.. next.. dinner@ tropicana and concorde.
how do i feel.. ramadhan and married?

i'm blessed.

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