Monday, May 03, 2010

monday already!

Yes people believe it or not.. its already monday! Ya Allah, cepatnya masa berlalu.
takut pun ada sekrang ni.

anyways, my weekend was somewhat perfect and tiring.. i dont have much to talk about these few days.. nothing interest me other than.. a good quite time at home. Need to catch up with the cinema... summer movies are here.. so here are my preferences this year

1. iron man 2 - yup.. mau tgk my nyummy hunky robert downey jr. (he got attitude!)
2. the losers - saw the gazette its somewhat cool
3. shutter island - of course.. i cant and will not resist leo d'cap
4. shrek forever after - anogther yummy hunk.. ahahhahaha NOT!!! but i cant wait to watch the kitty..
5. robin hood - and the great Maximus.. is back as Robin hood.. but i enjoyed Russel crowe more in the beautiful mind. (me of course the geeky one)

oh oh.. i gave cookie to mom atlast. haih.. a bit sad.. but my cats definitely need a new home! definitely.. and since we are only keeping 6 cats with us.. i have to let go another 3 kitten.. and i have found them a good owner.. InsyaAllah.. they will be taken care off nicely or perhaps better.

and i say goodbye to another precious thing of mine.. my timberland sandal! huwaaaaa.... i love you too much! and now.. i have to let you go... gegeggegege i love this sandal to bit! to bit i tell you.. hhi tapi sekrang kulit sume nak tercabut dan megeluarkan bau yang kurang menyenangkan apabila ditimpa hujan... so i have to gave you up.. but not throwing you to the dustbin just yet.. ngeeeeeeee

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