Thursday, November 07, 2013


I'm back from my 4 month holiday and so not looking forward to start working. 

Anyway, hubs is currently not well. He contracted dengue fever in malaysia n only to show symptoms when we arrived in manchester. He's feeling yuckie most of the time. Bummer. 

A small test from Allah. 

Sitting next to hubs while holding zahra n watching precious mr kaliq has grown into a beautiful toddler. Alhamdulillah. Eventho hubs sitting from a hospital bed. 

Friday, September 06, 2013

Busy i am

As Salam lebaran buat semua!!

Busy mummy i am, oh well i really didnt mean to stay this quite.. But i am struggling.. With one boy n a girl life very much revolves around them only. I do envy those supermums who are able to do soo many things and look as tho they have fulfils their babies basic needs. I found both of my children require my attention 247 and never seems to have enough of me (eceh!) so how do you cope? Going out with gf's spa time n shopping?  

Anyway, i m in malaysia now.. Spending my maternity leave and will be going back home (yes! Glasgow is my home now...)  

Will write more. Something interesting caught my eye last month. Hehehe.. 

Meanwhile.. Here she is. My moon. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rezeki zahra

Ok. Dah beranak! And alhamdulillah second child ni dpt rezeki susu. Dah 10 hari fully breast milk.. Rezeki nur amina zahra.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My baby is two!!

Kejap je masa berlalu.. ;)
He is two last saturday..

.. He got the sweetest smile, the biggest hug, the cutest laugh n the loudest cry..

:) he can count, abc and aliff ba ta..

Love him to bits.

Happy second birthday sayang.. Mummy loves you with all my heart.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Missing mummy

I miss my mum. Altho she always drove me crazy most of the time.. I love her with all my heart. My relationship with my mother is somewhat different.. I have my grandmother as my mother-figure.. And my mom is my mom.. More of a friend really.

She decided to lead her own life and leave us with her mother. I guess the best decision she has ever made... :)

Sometimes i knew she tried hard to become a mother.. But then again... Hihihi but i do love her very much.. My heart ache if i see she's hurt or i will be worried sick if something is wrong.. I misses her all the time..

:) i miss her today.. And hope she is doing fine at home.

Cant wait to be home!!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Single digit weeks to go

I really dont like to talk about my pregnancy.. Its not me really.. I do enjoy being pregnant tho.. I love having the wee one kicking tossing n turning.. And the oh-so cute hiccups.

Here i am.. Counting weeks before my second child surface the earth. Oh Allah, please make her the most beautiful child ever.. Beautify her with good heart.. And let her be an obedient daughter. Amin.

Anyway.. Second pregnancy is far more tiring than the first one. Fr far more tiring because you have to do loads more.. With the wee man around. ;)

I hope kaliq can adopt well with his sister. I'm really hoping that.. ;)

Anyway. Need to sort some hospital bag thingy things...

Errr and yes i have this bag in mind.... Bahahahahhahaha

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Inlaws bylaws

'Never rely in the glory of a morning sun or the smiles of your inlaws'- japanese proverb

I've come across an entry written by 'perempuanjomblo' not long ago about inlaws. I would not agree more with her entry.

You are fine as long as you are within the boundary of 'what is expected - dont do more than that'.. I think i have cross the line once or twice.. At this moment.. My admiration goes to my bro-in law wife.. She couldnt give a damn about my inlaws n live by her own rule.. Which she always like to call herself taknak hypocrite.. Hahaha so here are some tips to those who are getting married or planning to find a different entity other than your family to get stuck to for the rest of your life ( unless you get divorced before you have any offsprings.. In my case that would be too late.. They are now my childrens family too.. Sigh hahaha)

Rules with your inlaws
1. Keep quite and nod and laugh when you need to.
2. NEVER complain about your other half.. Even if you think that is the best thing to do rather than embarrassing your other half to your family. Some family dont appreciate people telling bad stuff about their member of the unit (unit - family)
3. If you want to complain do it once.. Dont repeat for the second time or worst third.. Hahaha they will tell you that they are tired of hearing the complain (ni piagam keluarga... Aduan cuma sekali.. Lain2 aduan selepas itu tidak akan dilayan)
4. I think PJ kata never be yourself.. Your family can accept who you are but not the inlaws. Remember.. They are above all... Keep quite and carry on.. Simpan perangai tak berapa nak senonoh dgn kuarga sendiri.. As what they say.. You cant choose your family, but your inlaws do.. They can always ask you to leave the family. They have survived as a unit before, and they can always survived it is.
5. Respect them love them but dont expect more out of them.

Anyway, just live your live and remember that one day you'll be an inlaws to. Tour husband is your family but not your inlaws. They are your inlaws. Unless you are a princess of brunei no inlaws would embrace you like their own.. Its just myth. But nevertheless.. You'll get showered with the love they have for their son/daughter. The last rule are.. Just enjoy being and inlaws.. You'll survived. I have. Hihi

Sunday, March 17, 2013


There's too many things to plan. Starting with the upcoming baby. Oh oh pening planning.

Less panicking but i still feel nervous nonetheless. The thoughts of giving birth without an ob is 'urgh'. But i guess org dulu ok je beranak pakai bidan.

Here in th uk still pakai mak bidan.. Ongn cuma akan take over bila ada complication je. Anyway... Semoga Allah lindungi kami sekeluarga. I'm dozing off...


Friday, March 01, 2013

Night owl

Tossing n turning on my bed.. Thinking of getting back to sleep is annoying..


Alhamdulillah.. My early morning sickness has subdued. Third trimester is just around the corner, that means baby items, hospital bag.. Etc etc.. And LABOr!!

Ok! Nervous!


What to do?.. Mari bgn solat kikikikiki


Monday, January 21, 2013

The return of the demented penguin

Yes! The demented penguin is back! Hihihi alhamdulillah the incredible mr.K will be abang in few months time.

How was the pregnancy so far? Quite different from the first one. Was sick all the way to 2nd trimester. Not enjoying it at all.. With mr.K tagging along like my own shadow mengalahkn saka budak kecik ni.. Followed me everywhere i go.. Everything serms crowded! Sian mr.K.

Not eating well. Dont have the appetite plus not gaining weight, aisehhh pity pity little baby. Mummy promise mkn byk dikit k little baby.

Anyway... I'll keep you people posted.. Right now nk survey diaper bags. Hiksss.

Oh oh.. Its freezin here!!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Hello 2013

:) as i bade goodbye to 2012 at 8 pm .. Hahaha doesnt even bother to stay up late n count the hours.. I welcome 2013 with loads of hope n doa for all the good things for my family.

New year resolution?

Hmmm.. To be more attentive. :) to be passionate.. And to be consistent.

I have one particular aim this year and i really hope the plan will be materialised. Insyallah.

Kaliq is 20 months today n i am the happiest mom ever! Hhihihihi

And i m trying to be a good wife.. Yg tak melawan ckp suami miahahahaha i love u babe.. Forever n ever.