Monday, October 29, 2007

anak didik musang pandan!!!

wow! memang garang... apa yang kadang-kadang buncit
kadang kadang kurus?
(jawapan: anak musang pandan!! )

abg bari's house....with baby syamil

malacca... the second day...

erm... if its not because of camelia's tantrum (err sorry cuz) the whole family will not be celebrating raya in malacca.... well everyone being supportive... and its camelia's first job...

well at no.9's everyone was seemingly very happy not to wake up early and mommy dont even bother to open the door ngeeee.... welll ... we ate... and ate and ate... whtaever leftover from raya yesterday... (and mommy kept telling uncle that... yep we are already on our way)... when the truth is.... hehehe

anyway.... off to malacca approximately 3 in the afternoon.... first stop rr seremban

apis mengidam kfc!! kesian adik aku....

t'was raining cats and dogs... gill lebat hujan.. but well the world class driver takkan give up.... arrive in malacca 2 hours after.. (btw... melaka negeri lampu isyarat!!) rase nak gile melayan lampu isyarat kat melaka tuh.... aaaaaaa..........

uncle wasnt at home when we arrived, they were at bibiks... that nite.. we went to jonker street.. mommy shopping heaven.... bestnyer bestnyer.... abis lagi duit ku... mommy ngan bestnyer... kin mama takde duit lah! ha? semlm dapat duit raye berkepuk2222,.....

aaaaaa duit ku terbang melayang.... pagi tuh....

uncle took us for breakfast at a typical malay warong!!! twas a 18SG experience!!!! i will not even go to the warong without protection (gilelah talking bout sex among old people... hilang selera !!!!) kekekek and then uncle said that these old people sume org laut... seriusly ckp kuat semcm... ngeee

tapi best lah they treat you like family! psssttt btw... they serve roti canai and masak asam ikan turi....

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hari RAye....

hari raye.... tis year raya ngan baby... kekekek dah baby pun kata tis has never happened before....
kekekeke mlm raye anyam ketupat dlm kete baby..dah tu.. apis gi carik baju raye and baby pun still tak jumpa lagi baju raye..... i have bought mine... its beige and gold kurung songket... a gold purse and a bracelet from guess kekekek (habis dah duit kat situ).... our raya eves dinner kat romas... anyway.... adakie pagi raye tak amik gambar sekali... ngahahhaha pagi rayer.... mkn pulut kuning kat dapur ngan umi!!! abah duk blakg umi citer pasal his brother and baby duk tgh2 minum sirap..... kekekekekek
kat umah lagi best mama ckp selamat hari raye then terus bummm tetido... kak ni n abg duk mamai2..... apis pun duk mamai2 kekekekek baby hisap rokok.... (kire mcm nak umenikmati rokok sungguh2 pasnih takleh nak isap dah....)
first raya was tiring..... family seremban dtg and family nek esah serang umah dat nite.... abis dah sume duit raye..... siap kene pinjam2 ngan mama pasal suit pecah dah abis.... okay.. finish part 1..... will cont later!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Thursday, October 04, 2007

dinner at uncle's

owkay... its that time again when THE GOD FATHER will call the klang clan to break fast togetehr... its a must.. as momma would say in her sms ' wajib hadir!!!' kekekekke
hiks this year buka puasa is held at uncle's place...well nothing much can say the dinner was fantastic...

can you spot the coffee? kekekek caffeinated society!!!!!
uncle nyer daging brocolli
kekekek picture dont show justice for this fantabulous steam marinated chicken.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

dinner at hartz's

errr...... ONE WORD!!!! OVERCROWDED!!!! details will come later... as of now i will recuperate from the long queve at the restaurants... (but indeed it is still worth for money... no one can deny and the chicken wings are still the best in town!!) kekekeke

I want that cat doll at starbuck soo much!!! i may even try to plot a robbery to steal that damn cute monster!!!!! i want it!! i want it real badly!!!!! had a caramel machiatto right after the dinner at hartz... caffein is the world's cure to everything ngahahahahahah!!!!!

then me and baby, went to look around the new wing at sunway pyramid!!! gosh! it is such a sight to see... every detailing of the new wings is just perfect!!!! kekekekke i may now want to change my fav hanging spot to pyramid instead of the curve!!!! can ah baby?

owh... i must stop now... need to plan a doll-nap! kekekek i want it but afraid mommy wud kill me for buying more toys!!!!

i love my JOB! i love mommy!!! i love baby!!! i love FOOD!! I love starbuck! (aduh sound too superficial!! kekekeke)

mommy's turn to cook!!

Since kak noni's on a very strict diet.. she had some complication while trying to get pregnant ... Insyallah 1 day i'll get that lil muchkin to call my own nephews or nieces!! aaaa okay back to mommy's list of menu... she prepared kak noni the infamous telur tauhu (picture above) courtesy of cik leh from singapore!!! something different for a start.. then we have the usual chicken curry for abng.. he cud not get enuf of that... siakap asam-steam fish... and omg i cudnt remember the rest!!! mommy masak manyak mcm nak bg makan 10 org!!! kekekekek...

Dinner at Roma's

teheee..... t'was one of the best dinner ever!!! kekekek selepas menjadi mama delivery girl and boy that day!!! mommy nih.... hiks hiks.. glad to be in service... (cikit lagi gaduh ngan baby!!)
anyway, i didnt know that you want to be wit me even when sending food to me mommy... thats why lah i ask you to balik umah and have a proper bukak posa,...
anyway, we had our break fast at roundabout eng ann kekekekkeke 1 cup mango juice, 3 slice of jelly and 1 kebab... and we set to find our dinner place...

aha!!! tony roma's!!! kekekekke wit 1 mission in hand... to set roma's standard in our book of fave restaurants. To date Chillis and TGI has won our 1st and 2nd place, selain mamak DE, kedai ibu baby, tropic, restoran cili merah sek.9, restoran soto sek8 and Pakli's and kedai kopi (errr too many kedai kopi back then... dah malas nak gi) and mamaks all over the world!!! owh before forgettin... Hai Peng's.

ERM... searching through the menu.. we found our signature food!!! BUFFallo WinGs!!! kekekek the verdict: Chilli's:1 TR:0.5 tho we like the extra large serving!!! I had a chicken marinated with rosemary thingy.. t'was OKAY... and here comes the best part!!! Desert!.... The CHOCOLATE AVALANCHE WAS SUPERLICIOUSLYFANTASTIC!!!!!! I may want to go there again and again and again just for the desert!!! Verdict: chillis:1 TR's:1000000 TGI's: ok-ok!!!!!

lastly, like the ambience, like the food presentation, like the service(err not!!!!!!... agak lemba for the refill) but insyallah we'll sure comeback for more of that superlicious chocolate avalanche....