Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Janji nak revamp... Tp nntlah still tak sempat

;) rupanya its not easy jadi ibu yg bekerja... Dlm kepala otak asyik pk si bulat sorang kat rumah tu.. Evendo daddy day care but still... I want to be with my bebeh. Think about him all the time ( eceh sudah mcm lirik lagu).

Yg susahnya saya bukan pekeja separuh skilled...bukan kerja isi borang or buat kerja kerja routine... Setiap study walaupun identical pada asasnya tapi semua madalah is localised... Makanye mmg kene kerja hard and smart. Dulu satu project 3 bulan... Skrg ni ha hamek ko... Satu project 3 minggu 4 minggu tops.. Duhh ok 123 nangis.

So nak develop professionalism in terms of work and private life is definitely bluerghhhh...Bagaimana menjadi ibu yg professional... Rumah tiptop!! Kerja and knowledge pon tiptop... Kadang2 ada jugak rasa nak memybah bumi. Kain baju dah setinngi gunung kinabalu... Tak kira yg dah basuh or belum ... Hahahha baju mmg byk mcm artist. Demm... Ok yarik nafas tinggi2...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

This blog needs a revamp!

It looks like, it belongst to one grudgy old maid!!!! I'll make it pretty i promise eceh....

So have been writing since 2006... That is somewhat old kan!!! Ok i am up and about

Its saturday!!!!!!!!!! Jom kemas rumah

Saturday, July 07, 2012

How do you spent a good £24

2 pleated trouser + 10 undies + a shirt + black lycra tights + a camisole.

That is a bargain when you shop at primark. Its everybody's shop!!! :)

Anyway.. Received a good news from malaysia. My baby cousin sister had given a birth to a lovely baby boy!!! Yes another boy in the family! That brought me to this entry... Hmm a baby.. For me another baby? Am i ready for another baby? Well i am i guess... But i prefer it to be later not sooner...I'll think of it again when kaliq reached 2 years old. :).

I want kaliq to have brothers and sisters.. I want them to love each other. I want them to need each other. :) ....

Anyway i'm 32 this year... The next one shall he when i'm 34... Then one when i'm 36 hihihi insyallah...

But what if rezeki tu kaliq sorang je? Oh oh!!!! I'll adopt i guess... :)

Friday, July 06, 2012


Seems like writing down an entry us somewhat difficult. :) anyway.. Its friday... Is it just me? Or do you guys feel it too? Time really flies nowadays.

Anyway, ramadhan is near and i still have last year fasting to do! Summer! And fasting adoiiii nangis!!!!

I have many things in my mind right now.. Contemplating on many things too. Haih.