Thursday, February 28, 2008

what woman wants

A woman wants nothing! But merely everything… once you sign the deal.. (ehem the day you confess the four letter word) then its over!!! The four letter words constitute a binding contract between you and your other half (in this case – the-soon-to-be-most-annoying-person-in-the-whole-universe)…

It’s the unwritten law of being the THE BOYFRIEND/HUSBAND err whichever comes first...

Here it goes…

1. Thou shall not forget to repeat the FOUR letter word... And thou shall practise saying it whole heartedly since the LADY is somehow are born with sixth seventh eighth senses!!

2. Thou shall accept the fact that the Lady’s mind has its own partition to commitment… no matter how busy she was… the over-rated statement of ‘I too have other commitment--- but I never forget about ours’

3. Thou shall listens or pretend to listen in a way that the LADY will notice and accept the behaviour as you sincere gesture… again this falls under law no. 2 never underestimate the Lady’s gift... POWER TO READ SOMEONES HEAD, HEART and MOTION…

4. The Lady’s Assumptions are the real thing (soon to be or maybe)….

5 . Thou shall not say ‘I don’t need to call you every now n then.. I am at the usual place doing the same thing!’… The LADY… treats everyday as special as can be…

6. thou shall accept the fact that a conversation about a topic can last for weeks.. The LADY will try to find peace with the only answer she wants to hear… so a conversation may took place again and again… with a different point of view… voice tone or even how many times she bats her eyes during the discussion!

Well the list goes on and on… but to love a woman is an adventure of a life time…. Aha! The mood changes in split second… women epitome of schizophrenic community!

And how hard one tries to be the world coolest Girlfriend/Wife… the symptoms of being annoying is very hard to defy…. Ahaks… i love to be in love… and to loved…

Monday, February 25, 2008

he's coming back!!!

reaction: over the moon!

well 20 min to touch down!

"I always needed time on my own
I never thought I'd need you there when I cry
And the days felt like years when I'm alone"

Thursday, February 21, 2008

its lonely in here...........

boohoooooo!!! sob! sob!
its gewd to be away sometimes
but not all the times...
i'll wait for you impatiently

Monday, February 18, 2008

sampai syurga...

Ku membenarkan jiwaku
Untuk mencintaimu
Ku persembahkan hidupku
Untuk bersama kamu
Dan diriku untuk kamu
Belum pernah kumerasai begitu
Semua itu telah berlalu
Harapanku palsu
Dan mungkin hari yang satu
Terus ku tertunggu
Di hatiku masih kamu
Belum pernah ku ingin terus memburu
Aku lemah tanpa kamu
Ku inginmu dampingi ku
Aku fahami aku bukan terbaik
Untuk dirimu
Namun aku tetap aku
Yang terbaik untuk diriku
Hanya satu
Hanya kamu
Ku membiarkan hatiku
Untuk merinduimu
Ku menghamparkan sakitku
Untuk tatapan kamu
Bersamamu harapanku
Hilang dalam terang yang membutakanku
Aku lemah tanpa kamu
Ku inginmu dampingi ku
Aku fahami aku bukan terbaik
Untuk dirimu
Sampai syurga ku menunggu
Sampai syurga ku cintamu
Hanya kamu
Dan segala yang ku ada
Ku berikan semua
Untuk dirimu saja
Ku mahu dirimu
Bahagia untuk selamanya
Biar sampai syurga
Aku menunggu cinta darimu
Agar ku sempurna
Aku fahami aku bukan terbaik
Untuk dirimu
Namun aku tetap aku
Yang terbaik tuk diriku
Hanya satu
Aku lemah tanpa kamu
Ku inginmu dampingi ku
Aku fahami aku bukan terbaik
Untuk dirimu
Sampai syurga ku menunggu
Sampai syurga ku cintamu
Hanya kamu

Stress Management

What one do when one stressed out? One bake!!!! I was really depressed yesterday…. Mana taknye… 4-0!!! Pok asing wenger ni he really2 done it yesterday… pulling his magic bunnies!!! Yep.. I was watching bunnies playing against the terrible ogre!!!! Sorry baby... Rooney does look like Shrek… ahahaha … so all I did was… go out buy all the ingredients needed.. Off to shop for sprinkles.. yada yada…Anyway, the original plan was to bake a marble cake only!!!! Then I end up with cupcakes and marble cakes... see how stressed I was yesterday….

Friday, February 15, 2008

thayunk sama baby

thank yu sayang... look what my baby bought for me in tawau!! yippee.. mintak brooch dapat brooch and gelang.. ekekek kalau mintak kerete.. mungkinkah saya akan dapat helicopter juga? erkekekekeke thanks sayang.. its my energy booster bracelet...
hate to admit.. girls and present are matchmade in heaven erkekekek shud see me yesterday.. overwhelmed ... sbb he said he got no time to look around .. then suddenly he posses with the bracelet and the brooch .. i yelped at the instant... ekekek he remembers... and i am in his mind all this while...
you never failed to amused me... the 100th day roses, the starbuck bottle... , the surprise dinner, the trips.. baby pink... and you.. tho things are not perfect sometimes and i can be such an annoying person but i never stop loving you... since i dont know when...
i love you mr crap bag! (see not sampah.. its crap bag!)

a heart wrenching blog

despite all the works that piling up for me to finish, i managed to run thru a blog suggested by a friend. A heart wrenching blog to say... it left me teary eyed. The blog is written by a lady who had just lost her husband not few months ago.. he left her on his birthday...

glimpse of her blog.. i'd like to share...

"In the last few weeks I spent with him, the amount of love he felt for me touched me deep within. He had only wanted to eat when I fed him; an act I felt most honoured in doing. Eleven years of marriage, and it was all filled with utmost satisfaction. He had promised me two things in the beginning: to gradually add on to our religious deeds together, and to stay deeply in love till the end of our lives. And Alhamdulillah, he kept to his words..." - D

"When we arrived at the hospital, Mr D sat slumped on the chair, hardly aware of his surroundings. I whispered Happy Birthday Cayang... in his ears"- D

"We had read him the quranic verses for almost an hour, when suddenly he fell quiet. I saw it coming. The angel had come, and I knew. I read the syahadah close to his ear, repeating continuously. It happened in only a few minutes, and he was then gone... I glanced at my mobile, it was 10.50pm. I kissed him and I told him, it's okay, Allah knows best." -D

definitely, my heart sank when i read thru the blog... but Allah made her special enough to go through the day without the only person she in love with... and at the moment she is a self funded PhD student living in coventry, the plan WAS that the husband would support the family while working in UK.. my prayers goes to her and all the brothers and sisters who are in such predicament.

to my baby... i am very touched on how they love each other... and the promise ... to add on to our religious deeds together and stay deeply in love till the end of our lives...
Its those thing that we always wanted eh... i thanked God for you and i am blessed. I love you till the end.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

back to reality...

its already february... much things to look forward to, this year... aha! the most anticipated 'event' is coming but yet we are very uncertained for it to be 'when'.... anyway... 2008 has been good.. i have managed to work out my credits issues.. not fully but i'm working on it... hopefully i'll be debtless .. (ye ke?) hihihihii.... hmmm... work doesnt seem to loose it momentum yet... boss already confirm on the May event! yeay.. ERrr... ahaks... being somewhere out in the country doesnt mean it'll enjoyable.. since you'll be too obligated to work... hmmm thanked god i have baby to fully understand my work... (ahahaha but i bet he'll kept praying for the time that i'll be extremely busy and stop bothering him too much) ..

Arif's last day today... i am happy for him... it does matter when you can do what you wish to do...adib came back with thornton's choc offering and bloody-eyes-with-worms-pops-from-the-skull thingy.. ahahahah scares the hell out of uncle zain...

I dont know when i'll finish my master... but i really need to find my time... i need to do my phd by next year... ahaks... but you cant always have what you want.. so i'll be extremely patient...owh.... the zoo negara trip was awesome!!! hiks hiks..... its when you spent time with your baby and friends....

hmmm...... its the chinese new year eve's ... tomorow and day after tomorow.. and day after that.. i'll be spending with my momma and apish...

ooopppssss got to stop now.. baby's here....

Black n White