Friday, August 21, 2009

Salam Ramadhan..

Alhamdulillah.. genap 3 tahun pertemuan kami
i am wishing for a blessed great ramadhan together..
and for all.. i hope you enjoy your ramadhan too :)
it seems that i am looking forward for ramadhan instead of raya dah..
heh.. maybe age already catching up on me hiks hiks..

while rummaging on my old pictures

the picture wasnt THAT old.. it was like few years ago.. 4 to be precise.. bukan zaman remaja pun! kekek i was 25 then.. i tod i was soo fat during this time.. how on earth.. i would know that i would be fatter.. hihihihi.. anyway.. the only thing that go affected is the wardrobe! i'm still me.. hiks hiks adorable and intimidating.. tapi tak sampai lagi tahap.. having the so-called-high-self-esteem-i-could-condemn-other-people-appearance.. hiks hiks
semoga.. Ramadhan yang akan datang ini.. dan juga program diet ku bersama mr.ADIB berjaya.. hiks hiks..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i write .. when i'm tense!

(*drool drool... i love my husband when he does this.. *still drooling)

i'm tense!
i went to work in jumpsuits.. kekek nasib baik my office takde dress code..
i hate it when i cant get into my clothes!
i had trouble this morning to get into my jeans!
it was soo easy then! ..
how can people gain weight soo much in 3 years ^%*%%!!
i'm tense..

(* i hate the non-existance of my pinggang!!!!!* and i hate my hair)

keekke pictures was taken over the weekend...

Monday, August 17, 2009

:) aiming high!

i dont always know what i want, i usually get myself into a crossroads.. where to go.,. what to choose..

i dont actually wanted to be an engineer.. not until March 1998.. :) when i decided i will not do medicine (altho i think i can make a good doctor) .. my family does not have anyone in technical.. papa is a war and tactics expert, mummy into business, kak ni into accounting, uncle was a policeman, arwah nenekwas a housewife, arwah atok was a policeman too.. so the thoughts of becoming an engineer is far from my reality-imaginary-planning-mind eheks..

all i know is dat.. i like scoring 100 in my test.. so i always aimed for 100... during UPSR.. i dont know what i want.. so i ended up being ordinary, so i statred aiming again during my secondary years.. i got what i've wanted.. aces!.. then i decided.. i wanted to go to a boarding school.. (errr mummy and papa were pmia -parents that missing in action) i do it all alone.. i climb the stupid hill to go to Pejabat Pelajaran Negeri to obtained borang asrama penuh, i fill in every form thats available for me, i went to the MRSM test in convent klang.. (with very minimal qualification.. kekekek ).. at the end of the day.. i got accepted to three schools MRSM beseri, sekolah sains muar and teknik bota.. :) i aimed high! and i got what i've wanted..

In MRSM.. i found myself disliking the environment.. my aimed was... gettin myself out of the school alive!! kekeke made some friends.. those whom i can really call friends.. and make many acquiantance.. i managed to get myself a fair SPM results.. (untuk oldies like me.. we still use the aggregate system.. and 10 is not bad at all aces here and there! alhamdulillah)

i went to UiTM to do my diploma in Power Engineering (kekkeke at this point of my life.. i wanted to do engineering that sounded the most brilliant.. electronics doesnt do it, instrumentation too so i choose Power Engineering.. ) chewah.. kiasu tak abes2. seriously i think i have this habid of doing something more! i wanted to be special.. hihihi.. yet i wanted to be humble. i dont want fame.. i just to proof myself (not the world) and people around me.. that i can be better from others.. i like being distinct!

anyway anyway.. in UiTM.. i have my ridiculous aim.. i know the grades that i wanted.. during exams i know how many question i wanted to answer.. kekkeke i am not crazy nor borned a genius.. i just aimed grades that would enables me to get into that special list.. the dean's list.. alhamdulillah.. i got all 6 of em! hiks hiks the power of aiming high..

and during my years in UiTM.. most of my lecturers came from one particular university! University of Strathclyde.. hmmm i tell myself.. "yeah. you gonna get yourself there!"and hey! i did!

In glasgow, i got really homesick! kekek chewah mengada ngada.. wasnt doing well during the first semester.. back being ordinary again.. with a second upper class result.. so i buss my ass really hard.. and managed to get first class at the end of the third year.. came fourth year.. after came back from malaysia (heheheh sorry.. yer i dont do summer like everyone else.. i went back to Malaysia... tak mainlah duduk umah sewa ramai2 naik kete jalan2.. i am the ordinary boring type.. lagipun mummy and papa kata balik!! ) i dont know wht i wanted to do.. kekekek i skip most of the classes.. so disebab kan few things.. i missed my first class by 4 points.. i was heartbroken (but i was actually okay about it)... i was crying soo hard during my final semester telling mummy that i hate studying.. and i cant take any of the exams anymore.. but hey.. i accept things that happened.. and i definitely cant turn back time.. (ayat penyedap hati.. kalau dapat first class sure dah sombong hidung kembang!) kekekkeke but it will definitely definitely make my life more happier (speaking of being ungrateful).. oh yer.. during my summer holidays.. i took a summer internship in APS (kekkeke i was eyeing this company since they claimed that they are the best in power system study.. ye ye company saya tiada competitor di malaysia!)

and i tell myself .. i want to work with these people one day! hiks hiks.. in my life i only aimed to work with two companies .. British energy.. or APS.. kekekekek so crossed out british energy since i cant deal well with homesicky sicky stupid sickness..

now .. I am with APS.. my bos said.. i am one of his brilliant apprentice! :D i loike.. i wanted to be like them.. knowledgeable and respectable! Insya-Allah

Next.. PhD-ship here i come!! (eleh.. master ni tak habes2)

lastly.. aim high.. and PRAY for ALLAH's help and guidance really really hard :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

school years..

baby is having his weekly reunion with his kindegarden, primary and secondary school besties.. funny to think about baby and his mates.. they were destined to stick forever kot.. kene sunpah maybe... dunno.. but one thing for sure.. they stick to each other through thick n thin n they accept each other bad traits as if the bad traits is theirs..

i dont have that kind of relationship that baby has.. its not me.. maybe thats why we suits each other.. if not, one of us may have to ditched our life to be with each other.

kekeke i find myself kept ditching my blog entry lately.. anyway.. last nite was fun.. hiks hiks.. altho i got the usual remark about me.. 'ish.. degil lah dia ni'

i took me 5 days to write an entry! kekke explains how busy i am.. kekeke anyway, i am looking for kelas kelas agama and talk.. and found out theres thsi frequent activity at the TTDI mosque..

gonna ask hubby baby for permission.. i guess.. its a good year to start and beefing up my knowledge

tada!!!! heres the entry

Saturday, August 08, 2009

grave of the fireflies

ah.. i cried.. i cried over a stupid anime.. but it was soo touching.... :(

well my saturday is almost finish.. clean up the house in the morning.. do little sulking here and there.. kekekek hmmm i throw a tantrum over baby last nite over a silly joke!.. but then again.. (maybe i'm a bit overboard by sulking too much).. but hey.. i am not those people who enjoy watching the telly.. (too much).. i watched certain movies.. or drama or sitcom.. which i think attracts me.. other than that.. i am not that into television shows...
anyway.. i am sorry baby. sgt... for being such a pain in the ass... :) i know it is very hard to cope up with my little tantrums.. sulking.. drama.. but you are not making it easy for me too.. hihihi
anyhoo... i love you to bits.. and you know that kan..

Monday, August 03, 2009

bai bai bali...

bai bai bali
its not that we are blacklisted from the immigration
nor we havent got the ticket..
but because tuesday and friday meeting!
and baby's got his own matter to settled
plus the increasing number of H1N1..
we decided not to gamble the future..
and here i am.. in the office..with abundance of work to do..
and still...
i procrastinate! muahahahahahhahah

and here i am.. enjoying my bali coffee (thanks to uncle dear)
in my office in shah alam.. kekekkeke
bai bai bali

p/s: got urgent sms from airasia.. the flight has been postponed from 3 pm to 7 pm... ahaks... its a good indication that i have make the right-not-so-right-but-its-okay-decision...