Tuesday, August 11, 2009

school years..

baby is having his weekly reunion with his kindegarden, primary and secondary school besties.. funny to think about baby and his mates.. they were destined to stick forever kot.. kene sunpah maybe... dunno.. but one thing for sure.. they stick to each other through thick n thin n they accept each other bad traits as if the bad traits is theirs..

i dont have that kind of relationship that baby has.. its not me.. maybe thats why we suits each other.. if not, one of us may have to ditched our life to be with each other.

kekeke i find myself kept ditching my blog entry lately.. anyway.. last nite was fun.. hiks hiks.. altho i got the usual remark about me.. 'ish.. degil lah dia ni'

i took me 5 days to write an entry! kekke explains how busy i am.. kekeke anyway, i am looking for kelas kelas agama and talk.. and found out theres thsi frequent activity at the TTDI mosque..

gonna ask hubby baby for permission.. i guess.. its a good year to start and beefing up my knowledge

tada!!!! heres the entry

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