Tuesday, June 02, 2009

a spicy chicken.. tuna filled jacket potato.. mushroom cream soup n garlic bread.. :) and it took me 1 1/2 to get it all done.. hihihi the chicken took longer time than i expected.. lagi pun hubby-baby sgt particular about the chicken being well-done ..
anyhoo.. my house is almost complete.. i got all the tails moved in with us and masyallah.. adik's kitten are in perfect good condition:).. got 'em all named... there's baby.. the one with the conjucntivitis... but she's getting better, ewok.. my mr smiley face.. he gave me this smiley face everytime i hold him.. (before he starts screaming laaa hihihi.. but that few smiley minutes really melt my heart), joey he is what we have hoped for.. a black mask sylvester-ish like kitten.. and finally EMMET kalau boy EM kalau girl she/he so gemok.. i still cant tell her/his gender.. she is twice the size of everybody else..
i have a slight problem with abang... he is having quite an attitude problem these days.. kept meowing day and nite! haih.. rase nak cekik cekik pun ada..! ahaks..
anyway.. looking forward to go back to kemaman this weekend :)


Ismyza Noreyz said...

waccaaa..iykin...sedapnyer ayam ko nih....

7's baby said...

kekek nnt suh ezral buat kan.. sennag jer... bleh dimakan waktu pantang.. ayam, cumin (serbuk jintan) ngan serbuk cili.. :) then bakar! mai kl aku buatkan k sayang!