Friday, June 26, 2009


the king of pop is dead..

well.. perhaps many will write upon his death. it was a shocking news.. i am not mourning of his death..(takut terpesong akidah) but he do remind me of some great music experience.. the one that i prefer to watch rather than the too extreme sultry music videos we have nowadays..

i am enjoying chris martin of coldplay at the moment.. hiks hiks i have different music taste from my baby.. but during our courting times.. he managed to impress me with his selection of songs hiks hiks.. anyway.. i enjoy listening to coldplay now.. i guess they are such a brilliant musician .. and baby is enjoying his lagu-without-biji-butir-bunuh-kambing-punya-sect-plus-eminem

i have a month to plan for my trip.. :) ahaks... but minus all the work i need to do this month it is quite impossible to be miss-perfecto .. we might as well just grab our backpack and go round Bali like crazy couple. but hey.... i guess when we arrived in ngurah-rai. we will go directly to kuta town, the next day.. i am not going to miss the tarian encak at pura luhur at uluwatu, third day at lake batur and the fourth day i will spend the day at denpasar and the seaside.. :) ahahaah well so much of a non-planner... i hope the book i bought would be much of a help lah!

the thing is .. i am not quite sure will i get bos's permission for the leave or not. i am certainly will work like crazy consultant this month.

oh.. and i am preparing my self for ramadhan.. and biscuit baking.. :) so anyone wants to taste a traditional yummy pineapple tart.. ?? this year target xnk buat byk.. but tgklh.. kalau rajin i will take all orders.

p/s.. dh rejab... kikikik nk kene puasa ganti lg tk abes2

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