Thursday, June 11, 2009

2 months baby!!!

we have been married for two months now! and for two months.. we never had an uneventful day! ohh.. i think we are in need of a good rest.. well hey 6 days in Bali will definitely do it! :) kekek but i will need to discuss with my boss on my vacation! i dont want him to get a heart attack or something ngeeee.... the tickets has been booked and i am doing a thorough study.. where to go n where to start the journey! :)

i will remind myself not to shop in bali! hihihi... shopping will be done in october! yehaaaaa! we are off to jakarta bandung.. n this time.. with no other intentions other than a nice family trip hiks hiks :)

trips means! i need to save every penny hiks hiks untuk maximum joyous moment! ;p tetibe gaji cam tak cukup!!! ...
anyway.. off to movies after this hiks hiks ... i am planning for my second major escape to watch transformers again this year like i did last time!

picture was taken during our fitting session! :) dulu takleh tunjuk.. kekekkeke


Nariko said...

cntik nye kuning tu? kt mana u sewa eh? i initially nk kuning tu tp last minit change! :)

7's baby said...

hi nariko.... i sewa the baju from bridals mate in shah alam.. sek9 plaza masalam.

Anonymous said... to bali??same here....skang ni pn duk pening survey tmpt tnggal kt sne..huh


7's baby said...

checkout harga hotel boleh tahan lah! :) i am planning to stay at different hotels there.. 1 day di legian, kemudian di sanur, kemudian di kerobokan.. maybe! kekekke and airasia hotels offer pon not bad.. price already include taxes.