Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm late to the office.. AGAIN

miahahahahah ok ok.. i have to admit that .. lately.. i am always late.... ALWAYS.. ahaks.. oh gosh!!! not that my boss is complaining (not yet.. or he dont even bother.. ) almost everyone came in late to the office.. ahaks..

but with the coming baby! maybe.. maybe... me think us need a third car.. 1 for mommy, 1 for hubs and 1 for me... now... i need to have a budget plan... kire jari *aaaaaaaaaaa*

:p if money can grow from a tree... kan best... ihiks ihiks...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

masih isu bajet: Bajet Standard

Malay Dilemma : Bajet standard.. org kita suke letak diri sendiri at certain level.. dalam erti kata lain suka letakkan themselves at certain standard dan selalunyer standard piawai ni akan mengikut tangga gaji dan duit yang kita ada.. bila dah ada standard piawai mcm ni mula lah.. timbul hal2 antara dua darjat.. kerja halal yang 'hina'.. mcm sapu sampah, kutip tol, jaga parking.. family yang best bertata susila vs family tak best.. etc etc kekekeke lepas tu start lah.. dgn cover up yang paling best untuk meletakkan standard itu agak mulia... the statement KESIAN...

saya cuma kesian dgn peminta sedekah, homeless and anak yatim.. saya tak kesian kat org jaga parking, kutip sampah dbkl etc sebab kerja mereka halal.. and for me i respect their job... i try not to replicate golongan2 standard melayu yg lain with the 'standard' statement.. KESIAN.. KERJA KUTIP SAMPAH AJE.. hiks hiks...

kadang2 dlm usaha keras untuk memuliakan diri dan keluarga sendiri.. we are doing the opposite way..

My family tak kaya.. and that save us from being golongan 'standard mulia' altho.. my family is a bit weird.. we are very cruel to each other.. bab mengamuk, marah2 ahli keluarga sendiri (tak termasuk menantu (menantu adalah golongan yg diraikan in my family).. kesian plak anak org), mengata.. ahahah kadang2 stress jugak.. but its ok - we can choose friends.. but can never choose our family.. but we never do it to other people..

anyway.. ahahahah tulis byk2 pasal family nnt termasuk golongan nak men'standard'kan family sendiri pulak..

but the most important thing is.. i just like to remind myself.. kemuliaan only belongst to Allah.

its a bajet wednesday!! weeeehooooooo...

:) my weird family - dysfunctional and we have to admit that

edisi bajet comel

this is PO.. the new munchkin-fur-balls in the house
thumbsucking while sleeping


bajet comel lah tuh.. (and he is the noisiest)

this is hubby-baby.. i caught the picture without him knowing..

pon sama..

kekek bajet henslem

this is me.. yes yes..
kekekekek saya comel @ 34 weeks pregnant.. takde bajet2

me no go puffy yet.. alhamdulillah..

Friday, March 18, 2011


If money is the only motivation for someone to work then Life would be very much meaningless. - wasted almost 8 hours/day. - Put in some Passion and Learn to really take Notice of what you r doing. :)

throughout my life.. I only managed to met few people who puts passion in their work.. My late Dr.Saleh, My Power system lecturer - En.Mustafar Kamal and my Husband.. They have this special characteristic..

Dr.Saleh and his time and endless effort in power system study.. he does not really care how much time he has to spent.. to generate ideas and solutions to the power system community.

En. Mustafar Kamal.. - He does not care if he is not a professor, a doctor or whatsoever... he has this passion in developing well knowledge engineers.. hihihii

My husband - He is a SNAIL! it bothers him if his work is not to his liking.. haha.. I could not understand him.. but i guess whatever makes him happy.. is ok with me. :)

as for me... I like what i'm doing at the moment.. and at the same time.. the work pays! ahahahah

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


settling for the second best... takpelah asal dapat ubat rindu.
Thank you b.

Monday, March 07, 2011

i miss Glasgow all of a sudden..

from murray hall.. i can see the same st. Mungo infirmary from my kitchen window too

haha.. but i dont certainly missed this.. putting pounds of weight during the finals..
nasib baik putih.. bam-bam.. and hidung kembang.. ahahaha
picture was taken during my final year presentation..

Thursday, March 03, 2011

i try to

i try to write as many as i can this year.. but to my avail... i seems to have lost in words..
i have many things to write but mostly the things in my head are too cynical.. ahaks..

ah well i had quite a good time last week. will write about it soooonnnnnn

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

baby shower...

my own baby shower!!
kekekek who would have guess that i will have my own baby shower..
i dont have much girlfriends to pull out a baby shower..


it was surprise baby shower from hubby's friends..

i had a blast. alhamdulillah.