Sunday, January 01, 2012

Hello 2012

As usual, I am in front of the telly, kaliq is crawling everywhere and hubs sit by the window... Hahhahah the usual family activity. Am thinking of doing something else.. But nahhhhhh I'm to lazy. Hiks hiks. Browsing recipe.. Hmmm what to cook? What to cook???hmmmmm

The good, the bad and the ugly... Au revoir 2011, hello 2012!!

At this moment, I am sitting in front of the telly, kaliq is in the jumperoo, hubby is by the window doing some vector work.

I have given birth to a beautiful baby boy in April, 22 days before I turned 31.. Offered a job 13500 miles from home.. And here I am.. At the scots land! Who would know eh?? And who would know.

La hau la Walla quwwata illabillah..

;) syukur alhamdulillah, and all praise to Allah.. And I pray for staedfastness in Iman, and I pray for Allah to protect this family of mine.

Praying for a good year ahead!! :) insyallah.

Till then.. See you next year folks.