Friday, December 31, 2010

Gegegege hello 2011.. Nice one 2010!!!

Well folks... Surely this is the shortest year I have ever had!! 3 more hours to new year!!! Well to sum up my year... I'm busy working finishing projects and endless trip to Sabah!!! Urghhhh hihihi (hate writing using itouch!!!) :) I got pregnant in august!!! Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah!!! Loss my mentor in October ..... So to sum up everything.. It's a roller coaster year!! And I hope for a good start next year... Can't wait for baby to come into my life! It's gonna be hectic!!! :) and moving towards 2nd year of my marriage. I love you Abdul Rafiddi!!at Allah protect both of us and this relationship of ours. I hope I will be a better wife to you and a good mother to the lil- man. Professional interview here I come!! And perhaps a career advancement at the end of the year!! Dear Allah, the most merciful, please protect our family and give us the strength and ease for both us to sail into parenthood. Amin.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

life lesson: women n pregnancy

i have been praying/trying/hoping to conceived since october last year... and always in contact with my friends.. whom share the same dream like me. one is my best friend back in my schooling years and another is my neighbour. we will share tips.. hopes and dreams on how to get pregnant.. of course... these two got married.. much earlier than i was.

and looking at my sister's condition.. she took more than 4 years to get pregnant and all the hussle and bussle she needs to get through.. got me panicked at times.. and wondering whether i need/endure the same thing like her

All praise to Allah the almighty, i found out that i am 5 weeks pregnant in August this year.. All praise to Allah.. i am grateful and alhamdulillah..

the thing is.. my old friend seems to distant herself from baby conversation and all.. :)

and thus this entry came along... :)

women out there... being pregnant is all women rights.. its no one exclusively rights at a time.. :)

i am 10 weeks later from my husband's cousins - i appreciate her overwhelming respond and welcoming gesture to the motherhood club! nothing beats the feeling of you r not all alone experiencing this.. and learning that 7 weeks later my sister in law too got pregnant - my respond was - elated!! i am so happy with the news as i knew that she has been praying and trying soo hard to get pregnant and so i too welcomed her to the club.. and i still share tips and knowledge and everything about how to get pregnant with my neigbour... :)

but i do kept my pregnancy a secret to my hubby's friend.. his wife has been trying soo hard and she has been telling me how sad and lonely she was and she too i always confided in talk with in terms of getting pregnant a.. i took sometimes.. before breaking the news to her... but Allah knew my intention and grant me ease in breaking the news to her- hubby's friend adopted the most beautiful baby girl and so i broke the news.. the day i visited her and her new beautiful baby girl.. :) but one thing got me overwhelmed.. she told me not to pity her (i wasnt underming her.. it is more towards respecting one feeling) - she said.. she is more than happy to learn about my pregnancy and she is fine about everything... she told me that pregnancy is a good thing... (alas i learnt my lesson.. :)... i will not undermine a woman again.. such a beautiful creature with a kind heart)

learning about these ladies pregnancies.. has made me more confident and happier about being pregnant... because its their right to be pregnant and so does i...

so women out there, lesson learn from this is that, dont feel sad or feel left out if you are not pregnant yet... your time will come and if its was meant for you to get conceived that Allah will grant you what you always wished for... and when people close with you get pregnant! share the happiness and not sulking over and pulling a 'you are stealing my lime light drama' ..

and speaking about rights... all i can think the right thing that we can do for preggers.. are well wishers.. not condemning her about how frequent one got pregnant nor.. talking/gossiping about preggers going over board with pregnancy and expecting babies preparation. they are the one who has to bear all the hardship and no one has rights other than wishing the very best for these people...dont shook your head if you learn that a person has already bought infants clothing at 3rd month of her pregnancy -haha.. (one of my friend in sabah.. started wearing her maternity dress at six week of pregnancy and she was showing off around telling that she is pregnant!.. haha- funny beautiful story indeed)

be supportive because it is not easy being pregnant.. be loving... and more important.. dont be judgemental... enjoy and celebrate the gift of Allah.. even if its not your turn yet.. and with Allah's will - He will grant your own child..

to preggers out there... enjoy this moment... and pray for the well being of our sisters out there.. so they too can feel this feeling sooner or later.. (i read somewhere that Allah will grant the dua of a pregger)

good luck..

Monday, December 27, 2010

who am i?

who am i?

i am a person who goes after simplicity.
i am messy ~ tapi bukan pengotor kekeke i love being chaotic
i am hard headed.. but not a recalcitrant..
i am diligent
i hardly judge people from the way they look.. their clothing, appearance, physical n such.. its plain dumb for me its too superficial... if the person is not complaining on how they dress and look why bother.. but if they were.. then i will respond accordingly :p
i am bad tempered at times and somewhat cool at times... but usually my bad tempered and over-coolness comes at the wrong time ha ha...
i love to read and learn new things
i am a dreamer ~ ask my hubby.. and you know what a big dreamer i am
i am a self-motivator ~ i can push myself back after i have fallen badly..
i am a partner.. not a good friend...
i am compassionate
i am a lover - a romantic freak in plain english
i love cats - saved cats from the drain from a restaurant from other people's house from the road... haha but too bad i could not keep em..
i love handicraft ~ yes i dooooo
i think i love sewing (ha ha) ~ i have been wanting to make my own baju kurung
i like to cook but i prefer baking
i love my husband too much
i multitask... ~ kekekek sometimes its the main reason i let thing undone... i tend to do other thing while doing other thing.. ha ha..
my tears are very cheap! i cried at almost everything...

oh oh! hubby is here... continue later!

Friday, December 24, 2010

cleaning my laptop.. re-organizing...

tiba-tiba jumpa gambar ni..


Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. ~ the wonder years

tak sihat..

si kecik (ahaha yg tak berapa nak kecik) ni tak berapa sihat...
diarrhea dah berhari2... risau pulak..

this is bob by the way... he is of norwegian forest and persian breed..
and i have been delaying his vaccination... *sigh*
i need to find time to get him to the vet soon...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

his birthday!

17th December 2010

yeah.. its the day... its hubby-baby 28th birthday.. hiks hiks.. alhamdulillah.. and we get to celebrate today together.. :) . started the day go going to pejabat kadi klang! ha! jeng jeng jeng!!! i took the day off today by the way... to spend time with dear hubby.. - Finally! we got our marriage certificate! mr. and mrs sanchez are officially married y'all... h
aha! well... kenalah leter kejap ngan pakcik kat pajabat kadi tuh... and whats even worse.. pejabat kadi klang sampai dah tukar bgnan!!! ahahahahah *dush* and the marriage slip has changed too... isk isk isk... betapa lamanyer kitorg ni dah kawen and tak gi amik2 sijil nikah tuh.. now.. boleh lah dah nak frame sijil kawen.. hihi...

oh oh... sebab bgn awal sgt! and pejabat agama dah berpindah... and its friday.. tepaksa lah hubby baby campak ke Jusco bukit raja while waiting for him to performed the friday prayer... hihi dah sampai ke Jusco nih.. apa lagi.. sempatlah dapat beli long pants untuk baby! hihi (okeh berseluarlah anak gue.. ahaha before this ada baju je suar takdak..).. i bought 2 long pants, 1 baju and 2 pairs of mittens and booties (written i'm adorable and i'm genius! ahahahahaha)

that night... its the closing of my 3 days planned celebration! (since i cant drive these days.. it is very difficult to go n get anything for hubby.. so i decided i splurge on food! hiks hiks) next year lah ye sayang.. i get you something nice.. Insyallah.

wings over buffalo!.. hiks hiks ni sebenarnyer im the one yg mengidam.. ahaks but its the best.. as compared to roma's and TGI's
mine! mine.. fish!

hubby and his 10oz rib eyes..

and the finale!... i tasted this one a bit. since i'm on my sugarless diet..

16 December 2010

I asked baby... what he wants for dinner tonight.. and he mentioned nasi padang!! so OFF to PUTI BUNGSU we go!!!.. its located in jalan Yap Kwan Seng KL..

skrg dah ada byk kedai masakan padang.. sari ratu n etc.. but we liked it here.. sebab ayam pop nyer mmg rasa original mcm kat Indonesia.. :) ( i missed jakarta) and the venue is somewhat clean and cosy... :)

hihi... we were stuffed that night.. and its affordable!! :)

what we were having that night...

ayam pop!...

oh oh... before that...
some surprises untuk baby during breakfast.. haha i knew he loves both nutella and peanut butter..

so day before.. gi jalan ke tesco jap.. and get those things..

Sunday, December 19, 2010

of what i eat these days..

wholegrain. wuekkkkkkkk!!!!
beef pastrami sandwich..

Saturday, December 18, 2010

:) of what i did on his 28th birthday!

will update later.. :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

my yellow bunnies army.. bohoooo why! why!

urghhh.... why my yellow bunnies army! why!!!... why can you project a goal... huhu... anyway kudos.. you bunnies played well... we'll get them next time!

tgk tu baby! jahat ke tak fletcher tu? jahat tak?

Monday, December 13, 2010

malacca, an engagement and something else..

alhamdulillah! alhamdulillah! alhamdulillah... syukur.. finally my baby cousin-sister is engaged!
hiks hiks... and i love to be part of it... i love her and how she has grown.. hiks hiks.. and that tells me that i am gettin wiser (ahaks not older... but i dont mind being old.. its a good thing)

anyway... reached malacca at 3 pm.. (ah well travelling with adhwa can be a wholesome.. but its ok..) we will have our own munchkin soon.. and it will double wholesome for puan yasmin's family ihiks!!!...

.. reached malacca.. we went to uncle's apartment, have lunch.. then start finishing bib's hantaran... :) very tense night! BUT I LOVE IT.. i love it when hubby baby mixed well with the klang's-clan! hiks hiks.. i love you! and yes... i may forget these things when i'm angry.. but i appreciate you!

the day come.. thank god kak noni was superb at making sirih junjung! uish! sgt sgt... best that morning! finally all the hantaran finished on time.. and i like the final result.. the hantaran was ok.. takdelah hodoh.. and takde lah extraordinarily cantik..

my 5-months bump and cousin baby-sister bib! .. (*awwwww u were so small back then...)

that night we went to jonker walk.. to experience malacca scenic pasar mlm!... got myself a very pretty fridge magnet.. hihi... 3/4 the way... monster-adhwa.. was very cranky... hahahaha malacca was entertained by his screeching voice that night...

the next day... we went to a-famosa for a morning-to-afternoon walk.. and then went on to kak ngah's place.... - big apple... hiks hiks... Thanks kak ngah for the donashi + ice lemon tea.. weeeee
semoga murah rezeki...

on the way back.. we went to alor gajah for the famous rojak.. nyum nyum!!

:) it was a very succesful weekend with family and love ones... wedding bells next year!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

me watch me hubby watch man u - at 3.45 in the morning

i know i know... i should be awarded with stalker of the month.. or mebbe stalker of the year award for being my beloved hubby dear stalker...

kekeke cant help it.. anyway.. :) yeah life is treating us well alhamdulillah.. still breathing and living .. and the baby is healthy.. thats all that count now.

literally i have nothing much to do these days.. and i'm bored..

next week i'm attending BEM mandatory course on Engineering Mgt practise... errrr.. and in the programme.. there will be part on finance for engineers... aaaarrrghh... me no likey management thingy.. ah well but what to do...

anyway... still have long way to go ... courses to attend.. pdp to collect.. before sitting for

ok i'm struggling to write ... - entering malas zone.. :) off to melaka tomorow for my cousin engagement ceremony! weeeeeeeeee....

Monday, December 06, 2010

:) Salam Maal Hijrah everyone!

hiks hiks.. its has been a very short and lazy entry lately.. why? yup because i'm under the lazy spell.. and there wasnt much things to write.. or was it too many things to write but i'm not in my writing comfort zone..

I am still trying to get used of being pregnant.. haha i'm entering my 20th week.. alhamdulillah everything went well.. but... sometimes.. being hit by the lazy spell, headache spell and etc... and sometimes i'm too busy doing other things (haha... other unimportant thing such as loitering around etc)..

haih... its finally december .. hihi but i am not going to write about my year summary just yet... there are many events coming and i tend to write each one of them.. before making my usual closing...

anyway.. i am contemplating on many things lately.. one of which... on my munchkin...and work.. kekekek but i am upbeat! really...

anyway!! salam maal hijrah everyone.. i had a great year.. alhamdulillah... .. and praying for next year.. 2008-engaged 2009-married 2010-conceived and waiting for my dearie little munchkin... good three years eh.. :))

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

looking for all fibre

planning your eating plan to avoid some unwanted things can be a very tough job..

so i'm off to do some groceries shopping.. anything that comes with less sugar!!! and anything that is brown... whole meal bread, brown rice.. deng!!!


tapi takpe.. mesti mau sihat for me and little munchkin! hihi

Monday, November 22, 2010

hihi... moving towards the last month of 2010

time really flies nowadays.. looking at the calendar... We are almost into December.. in one week or so..

hihi.. i want to clean up my office... but still takde idea macam mana nak susun bilik nih.. *sigh*

and so i have lined up few books to read.. starting with
1. Protection of Electrical NEtwork
2. Power system stability
3. Handbook of electrical transients analysis..

and perhaps.. i could come up with a good problem statement for my master thesis... Its time to hit the book again.. me likey likey... and do some filter design using PSCAD...

hmmm looking for next month.. :))

Thursday, November 18, 2010


aidiladha with family is indeed a joyous event.. :)

this year.. celebrated with mommy and umi n abah.. hihi...
alhamdulillah.. my second raya haji.. with hubby baby.. counting for many more.. Insyallah.

hihi UPSR and A's

:) i have too many back log entries actually... starting from the day the announced the UPSR result last two weeks.. how time flies.. and i was tight up with work and reports.. *uffff.... good news.. i am off the hooked.. no more reports or study for year 2010* from now onwards.. i just want to do some light reading and practice on some simulation skills... anyway.. lets do some writing here here eih..

UPSR - is it important how many A's your children scored?

Yes!.. it is important that high achievers are trained from an early age.. its important for them to score as many A's as they can. its important but its not a must. My grandmother can only accept A's in my report card.. from day 1 in school. I must be placed in the first class, i must have all A's in my report card.. and i must be on top of my class. Which resulting into of many of her trip to school... kekeke asking teachers.. bout soo many things..

I dont know if i can be like her, taking relentless trip to school making sure that her grand children are nurtured to be among the best.

anyway, high achievers.. are nurtured and its not hundred percent comes natural. I want my children to have as many A's as they can. Discussion with hubs.. A means that they understand the subject very well and work hard to understand it, B means they understand the subject but does not memorized during examination, C mean they are putting very little effort to understand and D means their lazy.. kikikikikik

i dont want to lie to my children.. unless i have backup plans (in the form of a gold mine for each of them) .. they have to realize that, life is full of test.. and making an effort to achieve the very best is indeed important :) .. and i dont want to be selfish.. overprotecting children from the real world is a selfish-act. hihi.. its a personal statement and personal opinion... as i said before.. i cannot afford to leave them with a goldmine.. and someday.. i will leave this world.... I want my children to be able to live with pride and dignity.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

cake boss

omg! alahai cake boss selalu je lepas tgk ko kat TLC.. mesti terus kepingin makan something sweet!

last time it got me drooling for cream puff... and today.. it make me goes ga-ga over CAKE! strawberries.. urgh.. and cream and icing.. ish ish..

so today.. i prepared chicken kebab wrap in tortilla for dinner.. :)
very lazy to snap any picture.. but its lovely! and the chicken cooked just nice! not too dry.. and its perfectly cooked (*eceh.. puji diri sendiri...*)

anyway.. mana lagi nak dapat cake yang sedap.. terus off to secret recepi.. :) tapi too bad takde chocolate strawberry... yang ada chocolate banana.. hihi bolehlah.. as usual.. malas nak jadi org yang leceh.. sebab kalau jadi org yang leceh... maka my life pun akan leceh... hiks hiks

:) went to a warehouse sale today... OMG!!!! gila betul!!!! malaysian mmg suka gi warehouse sale... ramai gile kaum2 ibu yang rakus.. ish ish ish... i just buy things that i need... and went back.. takdelah nak gila2 borong.. dgn... perasaan ni beli dulu mana tau nnt2 nak pakai... hihihi i never do that even tgh time byk duit..

anyway.. the sale sgt worth it... first time beli brg munchkin... kekekeke sampai tak reti nak beli apa..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

mari masak2 bersama pn dior...

:) ok 2 3 hari ni mmg tak berapa nk lalu makan nasi atau mende mende yang berlemak.. nak makan pedas.. heartburn lah pulak... *sigh*

jadinyer smlm buat spicy chicken *ala mexican* kekekek nama je pedas tapi takde lah pedas pun

beli chicken fillet.. pastu marinate with cumin powder n paprika n oil... lepas tu grill... ha siap.. nak sedap beli ban or tortilla bread.. buat coleslaw pastu makan mcm makan kebab.. hihihi sambil2 tunggu ayam siap marinate bancuh cream caramel.. kukus cream caramel pakai rice cooker ajer...

mlm ni pulak masak fettuccine carbonara .. lagi senang!.. beli fettuccine.. beli carbonara instant dari prego.. kekekeke i have the recipe malas nak cuba lagi.. pakai instant aje.. abes cite..

ok dua dua tak sempat nak amik gambar sebab dah kena nom nom nom...

taktaulah dah esok nak makan apa... penatnyer pikir

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

its time to leave the past and start fresh!!

its time to leave all the negativity and bad vibes behind and start fresh.. with less excuses and sluggishness...

Monday, November 08, 2010


like usual... bglah 3 hari ke 4 hari ke.. my weekend still macam tak cukup.. bak kata hubby-baby.. takdan nak buat apa apa... ihiks..

on friday tu sempat lah buat project scrapbook.. bab gunting2 kertas ni serahkan aje.. kat saya! ihiks.. i'm an avid craftmaker... and i am very proud of the result hubby baby pon suke aje... ngeeee

then mlm buat dinner sket untuk baby... mushroom soup, garlic bread and jacket potato... :) makasan omputeh! why? because we are tired of the same nasi nasi and nasi...

the next day... woke up .. basuh2 baju.... siap siap... hihi minggu ni tido klang! yeay! plus siap2 mlm ada dinner IEEE .. mlm org2 elektrik.. hiks hiks.. before that went to visit kak nor jap.. amik baju batik... (hmmm baju baby tak siap lagi.. jadi kak nor bg je baju batik yang dia ada.. quite nice actually) but i prefer the one that i bought for the nikah present... cantik bgt... tak sabar nak baju tu siap, that evening gi pasar mlm kat klang beli something untuk di nom nom nom.. *again! of things that make me happy*.. balik dr dinner kt bluewave tu terkejar2 sbb nk tgk bola.. heeeeeeeee *of things that make me happy all the taim*

on sunday pulak sibuk buat hantaran planning untuk my cousin bib... getting engaged in December insyallah... byk lah mende yang planning2 ni ...

ni kire baru framework.. since the theme is actually turquoise.. hihi bukan blue turquoise tapi greenish turquoise.. in which mmg takde lah jual reben nyer di mana 2 cawangan sayangku... lapik dulang tu nnt kitorg re-bead... tukarkan bead kaler turquoise... then pakai je bunga stokin sebab senang sikit nak bawak travel ke melaka tuh... but for the sireh junjung we will surely used fresh cut flowers :)

balik dr klang... terus lepak2 jap... gosok 2 baju hubby baby sambil tengok arsenal kalah.. bohooo!!! nangis.. bgn2 dah monday! *sigh*

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

blowing kiss

love is..


hiks hiks.. felt like blowing hubby-baby a kiss this morning..
so here goes..

muahsssss!!! *flip flip flap... kisses flying to find mr.hubby*

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

dream big.

:) i was raised by grandparents.. for as long as i can remember..
I have never been taught that money is everything...
but when time passes by... and school and friends came along... i started to have this ambition..

To study hard and be the best among the rest with hope that someday.. i can repay my grandparents deed.. but of course.. one cannot pay the unmeasurable price of love and care... and of course.. i need to work for living... not like any other that can turn to parents whenever they have problems.. i have none.. (at fifteen and you have never met either your mom or dad... you'll be thinking the same)

to look back into the years.. I have managed to achieved whatever i have planned so far..
went to boarding school.. (i registered myself.. went for the exam myself.. everything.. at the age of 15.. i went to the local ministry of education office etc)... then uni years... after 1 vice chancellor award and 1 scholarship to study abroad .. i managed to get myself a job.. hihi alhamdulillah... I am able to repay my *NOT my grandparents... too bad they have past away.. long before i went to uni..* mother...

and today... i wonder.. why do i have stop achieving things? i tend to slow down a bit.. and enjoying life *perhaps* my master thesis is down the drain because im too tight up with other studies... i am one year away (that is twelve months away before i can get my Ir-ship) .. sigh... I'm bored... I need challenge..

maybe a career change?

whatever it is... i refused to become ordinary.

but maybe this pause is good.. Allah has planned it all. (i have managed to reached some milestone in life..getting married! and be my hubby sort of catalyst more of a critique actually.. ngeeee! go baby!!!) .. looking forward for a good year.. 2011.. will be a good year for me Insyallah..

p/s: last month managed to get another debt settled.. yippeee... alhamdulillah.. sikit2 i'll be in my financial free world.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

weekend - project donut

hihi.. weekend is here again!! hari bermalas malasan bersama suami... :) ingat nak masak... tapi mcm malas... wake up quite late... 11 am.. hah amek... hiks hiks terlepas wedding si jay.. but then again rasanya dijemput ke muar... taktau plak abg adi ajak bb. kikikik....

anyway... hari ni tak buat apa je... melayan kerenah my tails.. ptg menjelma... terus taktau nak buat apa... tgk tepung ada tak sampai 1/2 kampit.. ada yis sepeket... (balance dari buat perangkap nyamuk.. ahahah will write about this later) apa lagi... mari buat DONUT~!

apa lagi mari cikgugle... alhamdulillah dapat resepi best!... from all recipes..

ni dough .. donut tu... and gambar bawah.. is the final product... since takde kuali kat umah ni.... (yes saya takde kuali) ada frying pan yang leper... so goreng macam tak berapa lawa.. tapi yang penting gebu dan sedap... hiks hiks

last tuesday kalau tak silap... was craving for cream puff and eclair... aiseh susah betul kan .... i searched the net for a cream puff stall / bakery.. alhamdulillah terjumpa with papa beard... and nasib baik jugak.. ada cawangan dia kat OU.. hihi even better,,, takde lah nak kena ke tempat jauh2... went to get the cream puff with hubby baby... and tak dan tunggu kat umah makan kat situ2 jugak... it was delicious.....

3 for rm10.80 and 1 coronet = rm4
ni dia!!! hihihi *drool*

yang ini nama dia coronet *drooll...*

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


(death always makes me reflects on my life... the sudden past of my beloved mentor really had taken a toll out of me.. )

Love is a gift from Allah s.w.t, its a feeling that nobody in this world can described... :) My marriage is just like any others in this world... hihi its not all about a walk in a park.. we struggle a lot.. fight a a lot.... loving and missing each other.. and spending most of life together.. :)

hubby-baby is not home.. and i'm hubby- sick.. i miss him... i miss him when he is not around... and this feeling is good.. it is a sign that everything will be okay... amidst of all the hurdles that we are going to through...

for me... love is the base of any good relationship.. everything will work out from Love.

kekekek i want him to be around i dont want him to be around i want him to talk to me i dont want him to talk to me i want him to work but i dont want him to be away too long.... ahahahaha

its a love hate relationship.. but i still love it.

balik cepat bebek. I'm bored.

nak buat quiches!!! hiks hiks....


  • 6 sheets of ready rolled puff pastry
  • 6-8 large eggs
  • 8 shortcut rashers of bacon (diced)
  • 1/4 cup of milk
  • 2 cups of shredded tasty cheese
  • 1 tablespoon chopped parsley


(Makes approximately 60 quiches)

  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius (fan forced).
  2. Grease a 24-cup shallow cupcake/tart tin.
  3. Mix egg, milk, parsley, bacon and 1 cup of tasty cheese together.
  4. Using a small cup, cut out circles of puff pastry and place into the cups of the tin.
  5. Place a spoon full of the egg mixture into the pastry, making sure it does not over flow.
  6. Place in pre-heated oven for 5 minutes.
  7. Once the quiches start to rise and cook on the outside, place a small amount of cheese on top of each quiche and cook for a further 10 minutes or until golden.
  8. Repeat the process with remaining pastry and mixture.

resipi amik kat sini

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I could not hold my tears.. and he deserve this tears
its a great great loss and I will miss you dearly.
you are one of the nicest and intelligent person I have ever met in my life.

In the name of Allah the most beneficent most merciful

اَللَّهُمَّ [ إِنَّ فُلاَنَ بْنَ فُلاَنٍ ] فِيْ ذِمَّتِكَ، وَحَبْلِ جِوَارِكَ، فَقِهِ مِنْ فِتْنَةِ الْقَبْرِ وَعَذَابِ النَّارِ، وَأَنْتَ أَهْلُ الْوَفَاءِ وَالْحَقِّ. فَاغْفِرْ لَهُ وَارْحَمْهُ إِنَّكَ أَنْتَ الْغَفُوْرُ الرَّحِيْمُ

Allahumma inna [Sallehuddin bin Yusof] fi dhimmatika, wa habli jiwaarika, faqihi min fitnaltil qabri, qa adhaban-naari, wa anta ahlul Wafaa'i wal-Haqqi. Faghfir lahu warhamhu. Innaka antal Ghafurur-Raheem

O Allah! Surely [Sallehuddin bin Yusof] is under Your protection, and in the rope of Your security, so save him from the trial of the grave and from the punishment of the Fire. You fulfill promises and grant rights, so forgive him and have mercy on him. Surely You are Most Forgiving, Most Merciful.
[Ibn Majah, abu Dawud 3:211]

Thank you for everything and you'll always be in my prayer.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Its FRIDAYYYY!!!! Wuhoooooooooo!!!!!!


eh wait....




Tuesday, October 19, 2010

:( tak cukup tidur

its one of those thing that can drive me crazy... heavy discussion in the middle of the night!!! time2 nak tidur.. or even worst.. bila dah tidur.. kemudian terkejut bgn.. kemudian.. bila nak try tidur balik dilontarkan soalan2 yang mmg tak wajar nak di soal ketika mahu melabuhkan kepala...

i dont just reset everything then KROH KROH.... urgh... maybe men can.. but not me... kesudahan nyer... mata masih tercegil indah bulat dan comel... tepat jam 3 pagi... *sigh*

mmg perbuatan yang sgt tak bertimbang rasa...and now... i'm sitting in my office half awake!!! arrrrrrggghhhh... with tonnes of things to do! with only a tingle of energy left on me... *double sigh*

nasib baik mengenangkan... rasuah burger whopper tghari smlm... kalau tak mau lah .. rasa nak tarik rambut si baby... *haiyaaaakkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!* errr tu bunyik mcm nak karate.. ah whatever!!!

baru pukul 10.30 pg... and im drained.. mcm org keje angkat guni beras naik atas lori *a.k.a kelindan lori*

to baby - i do listen.. but don't you think it is very unfair to me.. at-least lets have that kind of conversation tghari buta! not mlm2 buta...

i'm sleepy n tired.

Monday, October 18, 2010

down with flu..

i'm at home.. today.. down with flu.. :( cedey jer.. when one cannot consume any medication.. hihi...

but im enjoying my day staying at home today... hubby came back.. with the world most wonderful remedy!... burger king whopper... :)) - what a bliss - thank you baby.. semoga dimurahkan rezeki mu selalu.. dipermudahkan urusan di dunia dan akhirat... *wink*

so what do one do.. when one is down with flu?

One watch TV!!! miahahahaha and SLEEP!... i watched chef wan series on the AFC.. uuuu i'm looking forward in making Ayam percik ala kelantan.. macam sedap aje.. :) *wink*

and browsing through some italian recipe.. connoli's and canneloni.. ok fine.. i love to cook *period* one of the girlish passion i have.. other than sewing.. and doing craft.. hiks hiks.. even hubby pun tau skrg that i love doing craft

oklah enough of things.. nak mandi.. and sambung merindui sang suami..

*i am one pathetic very dependent wife*

Sunday, October 17, 2010


ok esok dah nak hari Isnin.......

i'm bored and sleepy.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

of what we do... during boring monday night..

boring monday night...ppffffff

tutti frutti visit

hiks hiks... yesterday tiba tiba hubby-baby ajak gi try tutti frutti... a frozen yogurt shop..

ok the price is quite hefty.. and adib pun ada warning the price might be kinda *surprisingly expensive* - we went to tutti frutti kat TTDI... yang paling dekat kat rumah...

yogurt dia mmg sedap... so anyone yang first timer nak gi try jugak.. first of all.. sampai2 ajer.. silelah pilih saiz cup (ada tiga.. small- medium and large) selalu nyer its at the entrance...) lepas tu make your way to the yogurt machine.. pam macam org mcdonald pam ice cream cone dia ye... hiks hiks... dont worry or nervous sgt senang nak operate... (kalau yang biasa chicken hartz tu.. ha.. lebih kurang mesin ice cream dia)... then pilih lah mana mana flavor.. yesterday we opted for original, death by chocolate and blueberrylicious... then make your way to the sprinkler counter.. amik je lah... macam macam ada .. from fruits and nuts and choc chips n m&m's... hihi

last sekali letak atas timbang! its RM5.30 untuk 100 gram.... ha... jadiknyer masa pam pam tu keep in mind ye... its kinda expensive...

mcm gi baskin robin jugak la... :)

thanks ye bebek... next time kite gi your baskin robin... i know you prefer yang sweet dari yang masam2 mcm yogurt ni

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

life lesson: kadang-kadang

“Allahumma inni a’udzu bika minal hammi wal hazan waa’udzu bika minal ‘ajzi walkasali wa a’udzubika minal bukhli wal jubni wa a’udzu bika min ghalabatiddain wa qahrirrijal.”

Ya Allah, aku berlindung kepadamu dari rundungan sedih dan duka, aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari sifat lemah dan malas, aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari sifat kikir dan penakut, aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari beban hutang dan penindasan orang.

kadang-kadang life is too beautiful to not to smile...
kadang-kadang life is soo hard to not to frown and cry

hik hiks... i am putting away all the bad vibes... and not to think of a person whom i think is currently the negative source and paling tak berintergriti sebagai manusia... sigh...

doa ku pada hari ini.Ya Allah.. permudahkanlah urusan ku... permudahkan lah urusan suami ku... dan permudahkan lah urusan kami... jauhkan dari manusia manusia yang penuh dgn tipu helah dan jauhkan kami dari manusia manusia yang membawa kami ke jalan kegagalan. amin.

Monday, October 11, 2010

amah yang disegani..

kekeekk... i think i can be a very successful amah (maid) ... kekeke... was very proud of myself yesterday!

kekeke i bathed adik and clean the bedroom... cuci bathroom.. sampai dinding2 lantai2 sume... cuci.. *clap clap..* tapi tu je lah... ruang tamu hubby baby tolog kasik setel..

and yesterday... sebab dah kehabisan idea nak makan apa... gi giant beli marinated lamb shoulder, roti and fries... ~ tadaaaaa.... siaplah lunch cum dinner juga sebab dah pukul 4!...

lepas tu.. terus rasa pendek je hari.. tiba2 dah mlm... tiba2 dah isnin!!!! menanggis.. ah well... hari ni kena rajin and siapkan keje.. hoping for a good week ahead!

Ya Allah, thank you for your blessing and i pray this week will be a good week for me n my hubby-baby and to all our brothers and sisters. amin.

Friday, October 08, 2010

nyamuk... mosquito!

taken from

urgh... baru je plan semlm untuk tidur awal.. hmmmfffss to my avail.. tetiba byk pulak nyamuk kat malaysia ni... risau pun ado.... mana taknyer... ramai dah mati pasal dengue..

anyway.. i dont reallyknow where does the mosquitoes come from... the window wasnt open.. and i dont think me and hubby.. ada takung air bersih mana2 terlalu lama samapi boleh menyebabkan pembiakan nyamuk.. :)

now kami saspek jiran bawah kami! huhuuuh atau longkang kat situ... *sigh*

nyamuk oh nyamuk.. please go darling i need my sleep!

ok skrg tgh rehat lunch! i want to take a nap before i'm off for the next technical writing session *sigh* bosannyer

Thursday, October 07, 2010

crazy wednesday!!

ok dgn berbaju kurung cotton tahun 2000 - hahahah baju masa buat diploma kat itm dulu, ngan bag laptop yang masing2 berat berkilo2 we went out for a wednesday adventure! kekekeke

first stop... dari kelmarin dah ingat kan baby... Burger King Jual Whopper pada harga singgit (oh yes!! SINGGIT that is rm 1) kekekeke rrp at rm10++ .

pergile try kat burger king shah alam.. OMG... org shah alam mmg best.. traffic jam jalan kat situ sebab sume nak drive thru aje... the que was too long.. so we decided to go BK mutiara damansara.. hihi dkt dah ngan rumah.. to our avail lagi best.. burger king terus kunci pintu!!! (crazy!! later i found out that they are handing coupons to their customer to redeem the whopper singgit) .. hiks hiks... then teru macam pasrah... terus ler ke OU sebab sana MAYBE tak ramai org.. and ada tempat makan yang lain as alternative.. sampai OU.. nasib baik the que wasnt that long! yippeee... 45 min jugak lah beratur!!! tapi takpe sebab SINGGIT! kekekekek the power of seringgit to malaysian peopleh
(disclaimer: no no jgn pulak sapa sapa yang terbaca blog ni nak pergi besok... tomorow dlm poster ni is refering to 6th October 2010.. which is already in the past! hiks hiks)

looking at the poster.. mcm best jer kan.. whopper mmg best.. tapi whopper smlm cuma ada pickles and some lettuce and Bawang yang tebal setebal dlm poster tu ... takde tomato2!!! kekekek anyway... whopper! masih lagi besar dan semput jugak lah nak habeskan!!! .... hear2 for Burger king next time buat lagi yer!!! ~ but i doubt baby nak join buat keje gile melayan bini dia ni lagi...

as a bonus... semlm wednesday pulak... dah alang alang.... terus tgk wayang... we were split between magika and resident evil: afterlife.. and after thorough-i-tak-nak-kecewa discussion.. we opt to watch hollywood movie instead rather than magika.. we had our bad-share of nightmare lepas tgk cicakman2... (jiwa meronta2 nak keluar dari cinema..).. so masih trauma... we opted to watch mila jovovich! hiks hiks...while waiting for our movie to start.. singgah sebentar di warung bintang kumbang untuk menikmati sedikit tazo zen tea ice shaken lemon tea.. agaknyer ituler namanye...

movie wasnt that bad... ada some part mcm tak payah nak shoot pun kot.. but all in all... citer dia still tak habis lagi! i wonder what will be the end.. oh oh.,.. and the zomba.. has evolved! eeeuuuuwwwww...mcm alien men in black je dah...

ok thats al.. waking up too tired to do anything plus all the groggyness and queasy-ness and woozy! hey.. i tod you'd gone.. sigh!!!!!

thanks baby.. i had fun!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

oh sudah wednesday!!!

entah kenapa lately mcm suka sgt menghitung hari... hiks hiks looking forward to something significant.. tapi hakikatnya... kerja masih menimbun nimbun di atas meja.. productivity agak merundum these two three days! haih.....

nothing interesting to write as our live continues as it is... :) byk routine2 activities.... rasa mcm nak gi swimming... hihi...

anyway.. weekend dah tak macam nak weekend since ada course on saturday! urgh.. sedih gila... there goes my weekend!!!

huhu.. nanggis!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

hari ahad yang dah nak habes


dah habis weekend saya! urgh... sempat lah gosok baju baby.. basuh baju (yang masih ada dlm mesin -belum sidai) - lipat baju... dan masak... tu jer.. habes satu hari! habes!!!

kan best kalau weekend ni 3 hari.. siapalah yang cipta weekend ni dua hari.. :(

anyway... hari ni masak ala ala kampung untuk memenuhi tekak dan perut both of us yang lapar tapi tak tau nak makan apa...

morning.. bgn tidur.. gi ikea.. mkan hot dog.. then off to the curve and beli groceries. beli sikit2 .. minggu lepas dah beli2.. minggu ni nak cukupkn apa yang tertinggal jer.. and beli barang-barang nak masak hari ni...

menu hari ni sambal ikan, ayam goreng, masak lemak kacang panjang (ikut resepi terengganu) ngan telur masin.. hihihi sudah... tak payah pening2..

mlm ni kalau lapar.. dah siap2 russet potato nak buat jacket potato..

i'm soo not looking forward for monday!!! nak nangis rasa

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Welcome October!!!

:) dah bulan 10 dah... tup tap tup tap... kejap jer masa berlalu... its saturday and im sitting in front of the telly.. melayan perut n tekak yang tgh tak berapa nak best nih... :( i have been all down sick for a while... cepatlah sihat.. amin

kinda worried about my work.. my deteriorating health is not helping... scheduled to be in KK next week but i still havent finish with the report.. i havent even start on it yet... haih... lately i found myself rather Lame.. boring...

anyway speaking about work.. i came across a good quote..

Surround yourself with people who take their work seriously, but not themselves, those who work hard and play hard.

kan... if we are surrounded with people who doesnt even take his/her work seriously.. they will drag us together with them to the loserland... :) - this is very true... i happened to witnessed this myself...

anyway.... i am more interested in the play hard part... haish... skrg taktau nak main apa... bila dah kawen ni.. i dont get to do many things.. hmmm just because hubby is not into things that i love to do... i got reason for not having too much friend.. i was raised that way... :)

hahahah he is not even a morning person... nasib baik sebelum kawen sempat gak buat mcm2... for example... I finished a 10km shah alam run... (in which my hubby will never do it in a 1000 years) . I love morning... kekekek.

hubby is into golfing... nak tak nak join je lah.. boleh lah nak kecikkan pinggang yang kecik2 ni.. huhuhu... urgh I'm bored.. i am turning into a BORING-MONSTER!!! i am not whining.. but rather enlightening myself on things that i can do for myself..

okeh.. think!!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

life lesson: sujud sajadah

سَجَدَ وَجْهِيَ لِلَّذِيْ خَلَقَهُ وَصَوَّرَهُ وَشَقَّ سَمْعَهُ وَبَصَرَهُ،
بِحَولِهِ وَ قْوَّتِهِ فَتَبَارَكَ اللهُ أَحْسَنُ الْخَالِقِيْنَ

Bersujud wajahku kepada Tuhan yang menciptakannya, yang membelah pendengaran dan penglihatannya dengan Daya dan KekuatanNya, Maha Suci Allah, sebaik-baik Pencipta. (HR. At-Tirmidzi 2/474. Ahmad 6/30 dan Al-Hakim)

hehe.. just a reminder... untuk sujud di luar solat.. rukun nya adalah seperti berikut....

pertamanya suci daripada hadas kecil dan hadas besar,

keduanya; menutup aurat, ketiganya;

berniat untuk sujud sajadah,

keempatnya; menghadap kiblat,

kelimanya;takbiratulihram dan takbir bagi sujud,

keenam; memberi salam.

i finally succumbed to..

urgh.. i cant really take it anymore.. post holiday has made me worn out more than ever...

i finally had to succumbed to my body demand to rest. I feel sick all the time.. haih... thinking of doing some yoga (without the meditating humming of course..) or stretching...

think.. think... baby... where's the yoga video? ...

Friday, September 24, 2010

I never fancy electronics gadget.. i wonder why..

hahahha other than playing chop-chop ninja and piyo block.. and of course updating my facebook status.. i find I-pod is a dull gadget...

simply i think my life is full of other exciting things other than having to compete with the universe with whose owning the latest gadget and what not.

i myself.. never bought a phone for literary myself. haha. of course.. i pay for a communication fix line to get a phone back in uk.. but never bought a phone for an existing line.

but a dull gadget is good for dull moment for e.g. when i always stucked in the airplane ... or stucked in the middle of baby's never ending childhood friends chatting ... (ha ha cowie baby... sometimes it can be a dull moment for me lalalala)

today i-phone 4 is in the market.. and i say many status in the facebook.. wooing for 1... hiks hiks... i wonder what will these people do.. keeping up with the technology?... or perhaps... keeping up with a trend.. ( i dont think the technology is important here... ) or maybe.. nowadays.. there are more dull people/moment around... so people need dull equipemnt to cheer up their days...

one of the closest example.. is one of baby's friend.. complains about how less attractive his blackberry as compared to an i-phone. Ha-ha... funny moment... he doesnt even subscribed to a blackberry service... one need to know that blackberry is to serve a business community... (but facebook has dominate it original purpose... blackberry is now an entertainment gadget.. for ym's and facebooking... ) - my point is.. you see what i meant : are they buying the gadgets for the technology or just want to keep up with other people?

ah well... live life to d fullest.. enjoy every little and big things that you want to do ...

i just hope one day... my children will appreciate life.. as much as i would... which is not keeping up with the trends too much... but whats more important is to live as a unique person.. who knows what she/he needs rather than copying on what other people's are doing..

trend doesn't build a character, but character can be a trend-setter!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

membesar sebagai johan!!!

kekekekekke yes baby dah membesar sebagai johan!! i love you to bits.

get ready for more foods and open houses this weekend...

baby-bambam i love you to bits.. i love you soo much!

Monday, September 20, 2010

my countless sabah trip

i have never wrote an entry on my trip to KK.. just because of i'm too tired to write anything or i am just plain lazy to download pictures.. or i dont even bother to take my camera with me for the trip..thanks to najmi... i have now a camera phone... ahahahaha and i have ample opportuniy to record whatever in my way... thus this is my sabah trip entry!

i was supposed to fly out on monday.. but instead.. there were changed of plans on the sabah side.. requires me to in KK on monday morning hence... sunday travelling is sumwhat unavoidable... a day after my mom decided to have her adhoc raya open house! (hahahaha kenapa tak jemput anda2... - sile noticed the word ad-hoc... kalau jemput dan2 sure org ingat makanan tak habes baru nak jemput wawawawa) anyway... it was supposed to be a small makan2 for 3 families.. but instead.. sume relatives dari melaka pj n besan mesan sume dtg... - tgn kaki mulut sume dah letih.... plus.. i have another three dulang hantaran to finish... mmg nangis...

anyway alhamdulillah... open house was a success, hantaran siap... kekekeke one more problem ... i forgot what time was my flight and i lost my office key! yippeeeee.... bagus!
called almost everyone yang takut nak angkat phone... ahahahaha takut kena kerah keje hari ahad.. (weiiii... i am not that evil anymore).. ahaks...

last last have to called MAS and confirmed on my flights.... haish.. nasib baik.... sampai airport.. baby.. beli bandange n balut tgn saya.. oh yes... i injured myself.. masa masak2... ahahah actually... masa GORENG telur untuk baby... daymnnn.... (ehem... saya pandai masak tau!!! accicdent je haritu)

ni tangan saya.... sampai airport flight pulak delay... 45 minit.... grrrrr... grrrr.... its
sunday and im tired,... and the unfinished presentation slides kept bugging me.... lalalalalal sampai kat KK terus check in hutel.... tidur... bgn.. tgk man u menang? pastu buat presentation... pastu tidor balik... kekekeke and waking up to this....

the presentation was ok.. not much comment except it was unconcluded... pack up things... and went back to aps borneo office... sebelum tu singgah kat RCH... makan ayam kung po.. sambil2 cari adapter for phone... hihi.. nnt takleh plak nak amik gambar byk2...

ni ayam kungpo... hiks hiks... not bad... me likey likey vely mush....

4pm.. head to KKIA... - KL..... while waiting... for my flight... singgah sebentar di warung bintang-kumbang... and had.. the delicious choco banana muffin...

ok dah.. tu ajer... balik... masa landing flight tu mcm sikit gile.. it was rocking to the left and right... i wonder y?.. had many shares of weird landing... and this is one of it...

byknyer mende nak tulis...

okeh.. this is to prove that i am not that Blogger TEgar.. ahahah which have time to update the entry even in hari raya.. altho i have tried many times to write sumthing!!! ah well... let me begin this entry with...


my hari raya was.. AWESOME... our first raya was a little bit hazy... biasalah.. first time nak kena raya byk2 tempat... for this year it was more organized.. alhamdulillah.. all praised to Allah.. yang melimpahkan rezeki and the ease given to me n hubby to steer our raya.. safely...

1 week before raya.. sibuk siapkan tempahan untuk masyarakat masyarakata setempat... huwaaaaa... 40 botol kuih tart untuk pelanggan2 tetap berjaya disiapkan... ahahaha rasa nak pengsan pon ado...

two days before raya.. baru tekedek kedek nak beli barang2 hari raya.. ah well... ok jer kot.. its only the two of us.. nasib baik dapat carik baju raya, tudung raya, handbag raya kasut raya on taim!!!! first stop.. gi parkson.. tempat biasa hubby baby cekau baju raya.. alhamdulillah ada plak kaler yang matching.. then next stop.. gi charles n keith.. bought a cute handbag... beli kasut.. (err no more three inch heels for me this year huwaaaaaa under certain circumstances and health reason... my ankle tendon (ada ke mende panggil ankle tendon? alalal whatever)

comel tak baju raya saya.. mak mentua saya yang belikan.. lalalaala..

pagi raya at no.9!! weeeeeeee.. under unavoided circumstances.. kak ni pon beraya bersama sama kitorg this year.. alhamdulillah... apis pon sempat sampai rumah... subuh raya.. so all of us were at home.. except apis.. he is literary there.. (he slept all day long)...

petang raya pertama.. terus gerak balik ke kemaman... nak catch abang and the rest ( dah 6 tahun abg tak rayaa kemaman... ) so we were thinking that it is appropriate for us.. to be with family... alhamdulillah.. my family sume ada.. and baby's family pun sume ada.. pure bliss!

stayed in kemaman for three days.. before went home to KD... i have last minute order from a customer for a 9 dulang hantaran.. ah yes.. i am very busy during festive season...

and today.. im sitting in my sabah office.. just finished on a technical presentation to the utility management technical coordination committee.. on a hydroelectric project which was done long ago... dont really want to talk about it.. but one thing for sure.. I have tonnes of things to do... and to come back to KK early october... semoga Allah memudahkan segala urusan... aminnn

wish me well... and let me share a dua... for those who need extra strength to steer our busy hectice life... Bismillahirrahmanirrahim...

"O my Lord! let my entry be by the Gate of Truth and Honor and likewise my exit by the Gate of Truth and Honor; and grant me from Thy Presence an authority to aid (me)."Surah Isra (17) verse 80.