Monday, December 06, 2010

:) Salam Maal Hijrah everyone!

hiks hiks.. its has been a very short and lazy entry lately.. why? yup because i'm under the lazy spell.. and there wasnt much things to write.. or was it too many things to write but i'm not in my writing comfort zone..

I am still trying to get used of being pregnant.. haha i'm entering my 20th week.. alhamdulillah everything went well.. but... sometimes.. being hit by the lazy spell, headache spell and etc... and sometimes i'm too busy doing other things (haha... other unimportant thing such as loitering around etc)..

haih... its finally december .. hihi but i am not going to write about my year summary just yet... there are many events coming and i tend to write each one of them.. before making my usual closing...

anyway.. i am contemplating on many things lately.. one of which... on my munchkin...and work.. kekekek but i am upbeat! really...

anyway!! salam maal hijrah everyone.. i had a great year.. alhamdulillah... .. and praying for next year.. 2008-engaged 2009-married 2010-conceived and waiting for my dearie little munchkin... good three years eh.. :))

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