Tuesday, April 19, 2011

are you ready b? lets go and get 'em!!!

the fact that i am very anxious about wednesday i am also very excited. I cant wait to hold my baby in my hand.. and start a new phase of life with my hubby. AHaks.. now i dont want to think about getting pregnant again (not in the very near future) but i do want to have LOADS of children.. (hiks hiks... lap peluh tu baby) .. and so .. wednesday will marked a new day in my life, Insyallah. I am praying for a safe delivery

anyway :) today.. me and hubs went to catch a movie and do some groceries shopping.. lepas ni nampaknyer kena dating bertiga..

went to catch RIO today. Definitely in love with the story... hihihi i wish i can write a lot about the story and our outing activities. But i am very tired .. signing off the day..

Tomorow hubs and i are planning to do a Little bit of cleaning and resting before the big day.

I would like my hubs to know, that i appreciate him very much. for being there with me.. and for putting up with my ridiculous emotions lately and for being so patient.

I love you babe and i am sorry for all my wrongdoings, i want to be your pillar of strength as much as i want you to be my protector.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

oh oh.. next week we might no longer be a couple..

hiks hiks... okay... I AM EXCITED!!!!
and at the same time.. a wee bit

i might be induced next week.. kekekekeke

ok things i want to do before me scheduled outage next week

1. i want to indulge myself with fraps.. i need ice! ice! before i went on no-ice-BLUWEK-confinement

2. i want to go for a holiday (AHAHAHAHA me being silly.. giler.. mau terberanak)

3. I want to go out and watch movies

4. oh oh! my project!!! ngeeeeeee

but.. next week is like few days ahead.. !!! *grrrrrr-gigit-jari*

Monday, April 11, 2011

happy 2nd anniversary darling.


kau dan aku pasti begini
menempuhi onak dan duri
suka duka bersamamu
dan y
ang pasti aku kan disini

kau dan aku harus begini
menempuhi setiap hari
senyum tawa air mata
dan barukan sempurna

i love you.

eceh,,, hiks hiks entry yang agak lomantik kali nih

well... its our anniversary... something that worth being lomantik about..
dont you agree..

hiks hiks...

nothing much actually,

we spent the day at the hospital for my routine ceckup!
with a very surprising news..
gonna deliver the baby next week.. Insyallah.. 20/4
oh oh..

a definite turn off..

ingat kan still got time to berpoya2

oh well! cant wait for me baby!!!

Friday, April 01, 2011

house chores

i am at 36 weeks!!! hihi kalau ikut calendar lagi satu.. i'll be 36 on sunday.. hihi potato .. peteto
anyway... almost 2 weeks tak sentuh rumah.. cuci pinggan sikit2.. pastu tido.. dan pastinya house in a very big mess... huwaaaaaaaaa....

tapi redha lah kan dah 36 weeks.. nak kemas berdiri lama lama ni kureng sikit...

anyway... last two days i was on MC.. felt a lil feverish and my right arm so sgt sgt lenguh due to the tetanus shot i had on wednesday...

i was ready to write something.. (been forever on hiatus).. eceh eceh.. then when i open the blog.. found myself went GAaaaaahhhhh!!!! i'll write later lah.. (and the excuses keep on and on and on)

last night managed to clean the kitchen, wash some clothes and managed to iron my hubs clothes... take that!! *kembang hidung yang dah kembang nih* clap clap.. gonna continue cleaning up the house

oh oh.. and baby's nursery are ready!!! hiks hiks lagilah kembang hidung.. thanks hubs.. we just take a corner of my room and placed the baby cot and his chest drawers.. :)) i am happy!!!

baby's bag are already in the car.. but NOT my bag!!! hah??!! takpe takpe rileks.. nothing to worry ada byk masa lagi...

hihi counting hours.. i want to go home and sleep.. (????) - i love sleeping nowadays.. i just cant help it.. :(

Gambar yang tak senonoh di hari Jumaat

hubs emailed me this picture.. one after another... sungguh kurang sopan!!!!

and minutes after that he emailed me this..!


bad hubs.. bad bad hubs..