Wednesday, April 29, 2009

hehehhe... our new pad.. plus a movie

hiks hiks been busy commuting ourselves .. from kota damansara and klang... we are at 15% progress of moving.. called astro today for astro installation :), next... waiting for baby to hijack a lorry and kidnapped few bangla's or nepalese yang selalu lalu lalang depan umah nih... ahahahahah nak suh angkat barang! miahahahha *go crazy* nudge* nudge* wink* wink...
owkay.. now.. the jinx has been lifted up! ... we are back! hiks hiks... its our first movie date together as husband and wife (altho i much much prefer to call baby my bf) and whats more perfect than Fast and furious four as our first movie!.. and the movie was superb!!
i have been busy.. since returning back from kemaman last week... ended two days course at TNB research. :).. i like the place.. but i can never see myself working for TNB. I am trying completing the padas study... it seems froever for me to completethe whole study.. am still at the lightning performance part... and i havent had the time to touch on the insulation coordination part.. hukhuk...
anyway, i was very optimistic whne had the chance to talk about my Ir-ship... hiks hiks ms.tan is going to pass to me all the sample report... and all that i need now is time!.. another year! 1 more year to go! then i can apply for my Ir. (*pray hard *pray hard)
short term plan... finish my master... (*pray extra hard for this)... get the Ir-ship... continue my PhD... ahaks...all this.. WHILE working my butt off in APS.... :) and WHILE i'm practising my responsibility as Mrs.Rafiddi and sharing my life with him...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

another photo collection... alhamdulillah it pays to haf friends

this is another collection from another frined of mine... :) TC Ho... will compile it and then we'll photobooked it..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

reception... from abang's cam

we are still waiting for the beautiful photo of bob'z and faisal... the 'official' photographer of the day.. but hey... abang's picture just as perfect as i could wish for! :)

here are some pictures from the reception at Dewan Bankuet MBSA Shah Alam... the hall can accomodate up to 500 pax at one time... (but it is not soo recommended)...
anyhoo.... there are plenty to tell... it was tiring.. but its worthwhile!.. i must say... kudo's to abang halim altho.... u may not live up to the expectation.. but the food served was MARBELESSSS

i just arrived from kemaman... so dont think i want to write that much! just want to upload some pictures for keepsake!

aaa yes... the hall does looks good huh! just make sure you get the right planner... else if not... the hall would look like a wee bit dodgy...

hiks hiks... me and baby wearing all yellow songket! i must say! the songket was very generous to me, i look more slimmer in certain angle.. ahahah certain angle lah... since i am short and plump.. aahahah as i always said... i am a typical glaswegian...

i wasnt that happy with the flower arrangement... i was expecting MORE! ternyata.. the wedding planner had used all my flowers for his own expence... but then again... nothing much to complain!

am waiting anxiously the pictures from faisal! hiks hiks

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

sepanjang majlis pernikahan...

alhamdulillah... semua nyer berjalan dengan selamat: ijabkabul selamat dijalankan pada jam 2.40 pm 11 April 2009... :)
altho.. i haf to admit it is rather peculiar.. majlis nikahnyer... whereby, both me and didi macam kahwin kat pejabat agama.. kekekek... macam bunga cinta lestari kawen pun ado... since kitorg nikah kat meja... duduk atas kusi! miahahahhaha
anyway... here are some pictures... yang lain tak sempat nak amik lagi... thanks to bobz photography (bob), akazmie photography(abang) and salam.... :) yu really make my day!
will upload all the reception pictures.. when i hav the chance to! kekekek sekarang kene kemas kemas.. i'm off to kemaman (oh ya! i will write more.. things to do and not to do during your wedding) till then! doakan kebahagiaan kami berdua.. (errrr and tidak mudah untuk menjadi seorg isteri!!! erekekekeke soo semaikan sifat bersabar mulai sekrg!)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Mr. And Mrs. Rafiddi