Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cara Membuat Bunga Dip: Im Sorry

:D hello people.. i have been receiving emails asking me about the dip flowers... im so sorry... i dont have much time to post on it yet (i dont work in a regular company.. so its difficult to tell when i will be free).. for those who seek how to do a two tone dip flower. u need to deep in the basic colour first .. then drip the preferred tone colour. hope this helps.

schedule for 2010 is already packed... haih...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

a report and a family day.. DONE

yep.. this is it.. i am definitely busy beyond the ordinary level.. yucks.. triple yuck! and im too tired to even think of engineering design studies or protection or microgrids....

The dreaded protection report was submitted on time.. and the family day.. i chaired this year was a success.. Alhamdulillah.

i like being busy.. i always have been busy... but lately.. i am tired of being busy.. ooowwwhhh what would that mean?

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

taking a 24-hours short break from work

on the way back from damai laut last week.. i was trying very hard to become the semi-demi-pro-photographer.. kekekek anyway... yeah.. we went to damai laut last saturday.. for the room inspection and meeting with the hotel management.. :) i think i dig the life of hoteliers.. macam fun.. i had enuf of sitting in front of the laptop,journals,books and standards...

bolehke berenti kerja dan kerja di satrbuck aje? boleh ke?

anyway.. the 25acre resort overlooking the malacca strait (ye ke malacca strait? ahahhaha) was ok... i like the facilities.. but i think the food can be better..

i have been working for the past 7 days straight (sat and sunday too) haih.. off to sabah tomorow. been too busy lately. and i am tired. looking forward for december.. not sure why....