Tuesday, September 30, 2008

heheheh RAYA!! RAYA!!!

i will be quick with this one!!! SELAMAT HARI RAYA EVERYONE!!!!!

anyway, baby is already in kemaman with umi and abah.. a very brief goodbye (*ahahaha tak sempat nak nangis2 tawon ni ), on friday we had buka puasa at the tropicana!! what way to finish our buka puasa galore!!!!!! will definitely went there again next year kan bek.. sgt worth it!!! sgt sgt worth it!! hiks hiks

what it feels to be engaged? errr... entah.. ahahahaha i ada baby for hari raya! that i have a different type of question this year!! ahahaha last year 'bile nak kawen?'.. this year 'bila langsungnyer?'.. i shall avoid that question if can!! miahahaha

btw, org tak tanya 'mana tunang?' org tanya 'mana didi?'

oh yeap.. semlm dapat bonus!! erekekek mashih mashih bos!!

hehehe almost everything checked!
Pasar - checked
kuih raya - checked
masak - belum

err... what left.. HA!!! I left my pinky cam back at the office!!! hukhuk!!!!!
takdelah gambar cantik2 sgt tawon nih!

owkay! i really have to go and isi kuih raya! and by the way! i am going to bake cheese cake!! so pray!!! PRAY!! that the cheesecake will turn out FINE!!!

will update later late at nite!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

bora ombak

oh yeaah.. we have been planning to eat at bora ombak for sometimes..and yesterday we finally made it... so a great buka puasa 2nd anny dinner with baby miahahahha..

for starters we had cekodok pisang ala cekodok umi yang comel.. terus teringat kat umi kemaman.. and colek and jelly, and ayam golek with a very tasty gravy!! kerang bakar, ikan bakar, aaaaaaaaaaaa there goes my 2 weeks diet (miahahah)

for the main course... we had nasi tomato.. and rendang daging, ayam pandan, and gulai siput sedut, .... there are 2 main course to choose! masak kampung dishes are over the world! and the nasi tomato.. we opted for nasi tomato since we can have nasi putih all the time...and they have stalls that serves sate, grilled chicken and fish

the buffet is at rm55++ with only 10% service charge.. its worth it, the food was great, the ambience is nice!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

happy 2nd anniversary baby!

Happy Anniversary baby!
hiks hiks i think i have already told you my love sonnet the other day (day before before before yesterday)
I'm not cool.. and i am boring too..
1. always listens....
2. who calls first and the last one to hang up
3. who always offer to pay
4. opens my own door
5. talk too much and shares my problem
6. cries while watching silly things over the telly
7. i dont plan things nor surprises
8. i have bad taste in fashion
9. i hate to comb my hair
10. i nag
i am not perfect baby.. but thats me.. and i think i will not change not even in hundreds years
there are many ways that i can be pretentious.. but believe me... it will not be me at all
i love you! and thanks for 2 wonderful years!

Friday, September 12, 2008

1 week to clear the nibong tebal protection report.

sigh... i am such a lazy bum!! i am hating myself at the moment!! i am toooooo lazy to do anything...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

true.. very true..

its true.. when you are a whiner.. a non-stop complaining machine.. or a person who's soo loud.. their words are louder than the action.. and whats more.. u start to cheat everyone else plus yourself...
let others be... its true .. when 1 finger is pointed out to someone.. 4 will point back at you.. but then again.. snobbish+stupid+ignorance+arrogant people will always be around with the world class act!
when everyone is living their own pace.. you'll be spending condamning others.. and whats worst.. you are no less condemned by your own words...

happy ramadhan everyone... take things slowly.. enjoy your life! i am advising myself of things that are not worth doing... this year too much hatred and i think i need to rejuvenate.. cleanse my heart ... i will not be an ol' grudge! :)

hiks hiks.. i am happy tho this year! i am engaged, i will be a wife if god permits (insyallah).. mommy sihat, everyone i love sihat... adhwa... a good bonus.. completed few good project!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

berbuke puasa @ no.9's

alhamdulillah... lagi sekali dapat menjalankan ibadah puasa di bulan ramadhan *petikan kata kata mama.... hiks hiks and tis year we have adhwa to celebrate with us!! wohooooo.... i just buat pengat pisang and rojak goreng!! hiks hiks yang lain mama yang masak! goreng donut umi kemaman, and buat kuih ketayap! then siap!.. makan biasa2 jer takdelah sampai 10 jenis lauk... lauk mkn mlm biasa kari ayam, sambal kerang and ikan goreng.... baby je takde semlm..