Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i love you

Dear baby,

tak sempat nak mempermain mainkan perasaan hubby baby.. bagi rasa sedih sebab have to sleep over at the office for some work... and leave me alone at home..

i have to be send to sabah tomorow morning on a very critical meeting which requires me to be in Sabah for two days!!! yikes.. i hate unplanned journey! I hate it *period!*

anyway.. thank god i have paid all the required bills.. except some bills need to be cleared later on! .. I have planned for a great IYKIN-TIME at home.. finally.. i could use the exercise machine without my monstah-hubby-baby.. intervening.. and i could enjoy a cup of coffee without having the evil-looking-eyes.. smothering me ahahahha and baru je nak rasa sentimental sedih2 kecik2 hati kena tinggal!!! haih..

since this is an all paid journey by our client.. i wonder where will i stay? gosh.. malasnyer.. mesti ada dinner makan2.. gosh! alahai baby.. sedih pulak i nak tinggal u yang tinggalkan i.. oh well.. i see you on friday! and we'll travel to kemaman for my site visit plak..

i see you tonight at your office.

with much love.


p/s: Iloveyou.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Panic at the disco!

oh yes.. i am in the state of panic.. :( hubby-baby is not feeling well.. last friday he hurt his back again.. last time it was like 2 1/2 years ago.. eh jap.. hmm 2006... about 3 years ago..

his movement is kinda restricted at the moment... but of course.. one cannot do much to one
whom is sooo stubborn right? now... i hate feeling helpless.. kekekke anyway... hope hubby-baby will get better soon!

hubby-baby and dear alif... (alif first day to school)

i have many business trip coming.. this feb .. off to sabah, then off to kemaman and off to sabah again.. haih... :P hate travelling when you have to leave your love one behind.

btw, lalalal... im looking for a safety boot! sapa sapa nak bg pinjam safety boot? lalallala

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

im bored. beyond words. Pt.2

hihi.. i write without any specification. This blog can be anything... a personal blog, a sharing-info-about-wedding-blog.. bout recipes.. and all.. anything.. anything that crossed my mind and i dont tend making this blog an e-mag like.. i will not make reviews for the sake of others.. :D

anyway.. i'm still bored.

and today.. i'm utilizing my lunch hour.. (not that i am the usual type of worker who uses the lunch time to do anything other than work related).. i am now thinking of thi
ngs that i would want or need to do to my home.. (its still abang's) ahaks.. but i was given a wee bit of freedom to make it almost-mine... muaahahahhahaa (*evil grin over ma face)

i love the blue wall (kekek i was about to write.. i heart my blue wall... ahahahah but till this moment i cant figure out why bloggers love to use the word 'i heart' ) ... i make my own curtain.. (yes this lady engineer. make her own curtain) .. i paint my on wall.. ahaks.. and i refurbish my dinner chairs.. i dont call myself a home maker.. but i love to be one.!

soo.. in order to get my brain out of the im bored zone.. i am going to list few things that i want/need/plan to do to my home.

1. to ask kamil to come and fix some wiring problem.. so that i could put up some wall lighting.
2. to look for that missing big mirror of hubby.. i want to fix it at the dining area.

so i'll get my dining area to at least look like this.

3. to makeover the study/home office.. better! ahahah its a mess! and i need to do something with the dirty clothes.. ..
4. to put up some pictures on the wall..

yet whilst thinking of this new project of mine.. a chicken pie recipe running into my head.. lalalalala.. what!!! oh.. n i need to do something about my kitchen.. :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Im bored. beyond words.

i am in no mood of making any entry lately. I dont really know why. Perhaps the my mood goes together with the weather.. or perhaps it depends on events/things that happens..

no blog entry means.. i dont do/experienced/saw/ anything spectacular to write about.. everything is same ol same ol.. anyway... life is somewhat good and bad.. :D

work never seems to end.. i just spend the whole weekend @ aps. huh..oh oh.. i just realized that the date line had just passed. hiks hiks .. dateline? hmmm what dateline? hihihi...guess! guess!

hmmmm this entry is definitely gonna bore you people skulls out!!!! ahahahah bear with me... so
, in the midst of bored-ness... i am thinking of having a dinner party with my friends.. (ahahaha my hubby's friends to be exactly) yeah i am those woman whose life lingers around my other half.. i dont have my 'own' friend.. spend a lot more time with his family instead of mine.. anyway.. im not complaining.. i dont have friends.. and my family is event-oriented family... ahaks.. we will gather when theres an event.. there's no such lepak saja saja ... ahaks... yeah.. my family is not the typical type - its a broken-but-functional-home... and i love every single one of my family member.

anyway back to square one. Im BORED!

bilalah adik ni nak bersalin pun tataw.. pure pure mengandung..or padahal its just the excessive weight... adik.... adik.... im thinking of putting up cookiemonster for adoption.. she is really gettin on my nerve.

Monday, January 11, 2010

wedding walk-in song.. :)

video 1: thats my bro in law.. and bob.. hubby's best friend singing the walk in song.. :) (rehearsal time)

hiks hiks its lunch (ahahahah memberi alasan pada diri sendiri) and i tod of posting some wedding video's .. taken by myself and baby's cousin.. ( so bukan professional work.. hiks hiks using a HD HDD videocam)

well... during walk-in - first selawat recitation by my bro-in laws uncle.. then followed by the walk in song.. i love the selawat!!! oh gosh sgt touching... and bob sang perfectly that nite. :)

anyhow.. for those who are planning for a hall/hotel wedding dinner.. the bride and groom walk-in is one of the important part! :). im not good at giving tips.. hiks hiks not a good organizer.. but for cost saving.. and you wanted something different other than a pre-recorded song.. find friend or relatives that can sing! hiks hiks beg if you need to..
video 2: thats hubby's cousin and cousin's wifey.. singing one of 3 songs during the dinner time :)

very very fortunate to have em. anyway.. im looking around for a good inspiration on the hantaran making for abg adi...


yep yep.. when i saw fatimah abu bakar as one of the jury.. i definitely think that there would be a bias result.. with the best friend-i-adore-the-late-yasmin-ahmad-and-hey-lets-support-one-malaysia-themed sentiment.

when i think.. Juara lagu should be some song that everyone.. (i mean everyone) consciously or subconsciously can sing to the song! :) anyway... what done is done... :)

:) hujan and bunkface should atleast won.. not yuna (kekekke :) anyhow.. i am not a die-hard supporter of indie bands) kekek i love mainstream people.. but i think their song should win like MUH did last year!

oh well... :) working hard mood is back.!!! ciao bella.

Saturday, January 09, 2010


:) sometimes.. i just wish everything to sit still... and sometimes.. i just wish that everything will pass like the wind..

life aint pretty. not for me atleast.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

time for myself.

hmmm... its not my new year resolution.. i have stop making one... for many years.. but of course..
im going to be thirty this coming may! oh gosh!!

i have important dates to meet before May 12! ... the nearest is the the most dreaded one! somewhere in of hubby's gf is gettin married. i always find myself unmeasurable in terms of look with hubby-baby's girlfriends.. (ok .. most of them are hot chicks) kekekke and sometimes.. due to the self-esteem-disorder ( i always find i m more reliable, smart and funny but not beautiful (but of course i'm extraordinary-ly cute) )

so, lets make this a 6 weeks plan! :) to get me one size smaller (miahahhahahha ) my never ending journey of gettin that 48Kg's of mine back.. but hey.. i dont need to be 48kg.. 55kg is enuf (bORRRRiiiiingggggg.... oh gosh she always whine about her weight)

now, back to the entry 'title'.. time for myself.. i want my own time.. 'iykin-time' hiks hiks.. what is iykin time?

1. time to have my coffee shot alone. :) at my fav place. (i don't have so-called best friend to spend my day with.. yeah alone is good)
2. time to exercise... (yeah i should consider this more seriously...)
3. time to read journals article..
4. time to learn fardhu ayn.
5. time to learn new things..

:D i want this so called my-time... now.. and even when have my own family to raised...

hmm.. is this too much to ask from oneself.. i guess not.. but ... of course.. lets do less talking and put more action on it .. :)

reasons for wanting my own time.. i just dont want to forget who i am... not when im married.. not when i have children to raised... i have watched many women lost half of their life for others.. forgetting their own dreams just to be loved and wanted... and i pray .. i am not one of them. (deep thinking here! hiks hiks) watching women trying to be what their not just to get one man attention.. so whats love when love you love is not love at all?

but whats love?

anyway: i need to get organised! hiks hiks... oh gosh.. my house is mess... so i need to organised everyhing beforehaving my own time. :)