Monday, January 18, 2010

Im bored. beyond words.

i am in no mood of making any entry lately. I dont really know why. Perhaps the my mood goes together with the weather.. or perhaps it depends on events/things that happens..

no blog entry means.. i dont do/experienced/saw/ anything spectacular to write about.. everything is same ol same ol.. anyway... life is somewhat good and bad.. :D

work never seems to end.. i just spend the whole weekend @ aps. huh..oh oh.. i just realized that the date line had just passed. hiks hiks .. dateline? hmmm what dateline? hihihi...guess! guess!

hmmmm this entry is definitely gonna bore you people skulls out!!!! ahahahah bear with me... so
, in the midst of bored-ness... i am thinking of having a dinner party with my friends.. (ahahaha my hubby's friends to be exactly) yeah i am those woman whose life lingers around my other half.. i dont have my 'own' friend.. spend a lot more time with his family instead of mine.. anyway.. im not complaining.. i dont have friends.. and my family is event-oriented family... ahaks.. we will gather when theres an event.. there's no such lepak saja saja ... ahaks... yeah.. my family is not the typical type - its a broken-but-functional-home... and i love every single one of my family member.

anyway back to square one. Im BORED!

bilalah adik ni nak bersalin pun tataw.. pure pure mengandung..or padahal its just the excessive weight... adik.... adik.... im thinking of putting up cookiemonster for adoption.. she is really gettin on my nerve.

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