Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i love you

Dear baby,

tak sempat nak mempermain mainkan perasaan hubby baby.. bagi rasa sedih sebab have to sleep over at the office for some work... and leave me alone at home..

i have to be send to sabah tomorow morning on a very critical meeting which requires me to be in Sabah for two days!!! yikes.. i hate unplanned journey! I hate it *period!*

anyway.. thank god i have paid all the required bills.. except some bills need to be cleared later on! .. I have planned for a great IYKIN-TIME at home.. finally.. i could use the exercise machine without my monstah-hubby-baby.. intervening.. and i could enjoy a cup of coffee without having the evil-looking-eyes.. smothering me ahahahha and baru je nak rasa sentimental sedih2 kecik2 hati kena tinggal!!! haih..

since this is an all paid journey by our client.. i wonder where will i stay? gosh.. malasnyer.. mesti ada dinner makan2.. gosh! alahai baby.. sedih pulak i nak tinggal u yang tinggalkan i.. oh well.. i see you on friday! and we'll travel to kemaman for my site visit plak..

i see you tonight at your office.

with much love.


p/s: Iloveyou.

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