Friday, May 30, 2008

menunggu en Mano!

i hate waiting! i hate waiting for two days! lalalalala

lagu ini saya tujukan buat Team Naked!

'Kalau sudah gila judi..' lalalalala

and dunt forget saya ada menawarkan khidmat meminjam wang berlesen! miahahahahahah

Thesis status:
Reliability performance of failure to substation equipments due to lightning overvoltages using First Order Reliability Method (FORM) according to IEC recommended practice.

makanya ini adalah hasil yang masih raw! akan gue touch up hingga mampir kepada sempurna! hiks hiks ya... satu lagi... akan gue ceritakan akan market segmentation! why is it important and market segmentation criteria!

OMG dgn nada hampir riak... saya suka business and economics and engineering! tapi saya paling SUKA sama baby saya yang ala ala bunga kembang semangkuk skrg nih! ( me too! me too! damn u macdonald dan dominos yang sengaja membuka kedai berhampiran!!! you left us with no option!)

uh oh! and Dja nyer sweet bubu baby izni tanya are we gonna have baby rite after we get married... err... urm... *smiling sheepishly miang miang.. ( u already have the answer sweet bubu baby izni!)
sure baby akan cubit dan marah saya *gatei yer!!! meh sini puk tgn!!! hey!!! org tanya kite kene jawab! ahaks

i didnt memorize the classes notes, and it seems that my grammar is deteriorating! tgk aja hasil tulisan di sini... i was once a perfect english scorer... ahahah i hate b+ zaman uni amat skar ku utk mencapai b+ utk matapelajaran sebegini... miahahahah but then again! apa kelas citer zaman skolah!
skolah menengah ke, skolah rendah ke, uni ke, tadika ke.. yang penting i made myself this way! i am suck in grammar! makanya! buy yourself a book and starts improving! mesti bakal mak mentua saya agak segan dgn saya... umi... ajar saya grammar buleh? hihihihi baby saya juga marah! mommy gelakkan aje kat rumah... she hates seeing me whining over my marks...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

i read ogilvy today

i had the chance this week to have my own time to spend... so i did not waste any shining time i had to read some books....

i am into self motivation and business now... well let me share some new interesting knowledge yer... hiks hiks...

take note! the undermention paragraph was quoted from David Ogilvy (the Ogilvy and Mathers) - mommy adores him... she said he is one of the best....

ogilvy said...

1. people will be respected if they have gentle manners and treat other people as human being (believe me i have met a person who does not believe in treating others like human being... ) quoting the writer.. "i abhor quarrelsome people (yeah.. i do believe they came from some savage land) i abhor people who wage paper-warfare"

The best way to keep the peace is to be candid! (errkkk been there done that but the truth is... you cant do anything from (1)...)

and quoting blake;

i was angry with my friend;
i told my wrath, my wrath did end.
i was angry with my foe;
i told it not, and it did grow.

true! very true.... sigh....

2. If you dont enjoy what you are doing. its time find another job.
'be happy while you are living, for you're a long time dead'

3. 'I admire well-organized people who deliver their work on time (uh oh!!!! i'm a mess!!!!!) the duke of wellington never went home untill he finished all the work on his desk' (i am crying my heart out .. i am a mess!!)

4. 'i have an inviolable rule against employings nepots and spouses, because they breed politics whenever two of our people get married, one of them must depart - preferably the female, to llook after her baby' - yep.. in JVC thats what they practise! no spouses in the same department!... they are troublesome..

Most original thinking isnt even verbal, it requires a groping experimentation with ideas, governed by intuitive hunches and inspired by the unconcious

Monday, May 26, 2008

aku, dia, tempe dan mesin photostate!

hiks hiks... how was my weekend? splendid! marvellouz! hiks hiks went to KL and pj round round beli beli barang tak mandi!!!! and i am not alone!!! baby saya juge tidak mandi!.. kami meredah kl dengan happynyer!

went to our usual hang out place! the curve and we tried waroeng penyet! ahaks... baby dgn memakai baju jakartanyer.. me with my baju jakarta jugek.. makan di kedai makan jakarta! ahahahahah baby called us the jakarta wannabeesss ...

the food is not bad at all! i shall recommend you people to eat there.. try the ikan panggang! and the sambal belacan is out of this world!

owh! owh! tomorow is the day! i will stop taking carbo! (jgn tak cayer cik jah!!!! ) i have about 7 months gitu nak kurus! demn!!! takut sungguh!!! anyway!!! i am super fat nowadays!!! blame it all on the hormones!!! nasi never seem soo sedap lately!! i dunt know why!!!

i have pictures from the waroeng! i have the ikan panggang nyer picture! but too bad! i cant seems to download the picture from my phone!

anyway.. baby saya suke lagu baru nubhan... and i love the song!!!

ada untukmu

Di sana pungguk menanti
Mengharap bulan membalas rindu di hati

Di sini aku berdiri
Menunggu penuh dengan kesabaran
Tanpa manis madah
Janji yang puitis
Tuk persembahan
Hanya ketulusan
Sekeping hati suci

Aku Berikan kasih
Kalau itu yang kau mahu dari ku

Aku Berikan cinta
Untuk membahagiakan hari mu

Aku Sayang dirimu (menyayangimu)
Biarpun nafas ku sampai terhenti

Akan ku kota janji kita
Mendirikan Taj Mahal cinta
Seteguh kasih Shah Jehan kepada Mumtaznya
Terasa indah pabila berdua
Semakin tiba saat bahagia
Merai cinta kita

too bad he didnt win! but he surely got one of the soon-to-be hit song!

Friday, May 23, 2008

my first job...

i was the usual this morning.. not until after i had the meeting! a sudden flu! why la! why la flu came at the end of the week...

anyway... was having a blast last nite! me and my JVC family organized a farewell dinner for my ex-bos abg pian! he's my first bos and i will forever indebt and admires him...

i had fun when i was in JVC, i had the ability to move on further... they even rejected my resignation actually... (perghh riaknyer bunyi.. ) but all in all... if its not because of JVC i will not discover that i am a good employee... all in all i am very grateful for all the opportunity.. some may not be able to have the wonderful experienced on their first job... some may even got sacked on their first job.. so everything reflects who we are actually!

Its good to be with the crowd who accept you as who you are.... i was happy and contented last night! i miss all of them... miss the joy and laughter.. opinion are voice out in a good manner in this group... you can be 'un-hypocrite' and 'honest' but that doesnt allow 'rude-ness' ... beRterus terang tidak bermakna harus kurang ajar... miahahhahaha difference of humble people kot!...

anyway.. reason being i left JVC .. you must be asking if i was soo happy with it why do you leave it kan? it was basically on personal issues... i was thinking i could be happy but i wont feel satisfied... i have always wanted to be in the power industry line... or so to say.. i was manipulated back in uitm that i was the best power student in the program.. ( i was... hiks hiks and the vice chancellor award blind my thoughts) ..

today.. i am reaching that satisfaction level ( i'm still not) hiks hiks but you cant have it all... APS is not JVC... and JVC is not APS... i have different relationship here in this office... and its good... not perfect for me.. but its good! but still nothing compares to my first job experienced!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


cam tak cayer jer! but percaya lah cik jah! the word does exist! miaahhhhhh!!! baru nak declare the word to be mine! mine! but alas.... it belongs to this most lovable animal on earth ahahahahah nak buat penyedap hati! Duck in indonesian is bebek!!! woott!!! ahahaha begitulah tuan tuan dan puan2.. both of us have been calling ourselves duck for the past few months!!! baby lah nih! sedap nak buat jerit lah.. nama commercial lah! ahahahah mr. and mrs duck!

anyway... here is another foto for your amusement! enjoy!!!

eppi 1 year 8 months!!!

we are 1 year, 8 months yesterday!

Friday, May 16, 2008

friday friday friday...

well well.. got some pictures to upload! (*setelah berjaya mengambilnyer dari pc bob.... * bob mintak eik bob....) These pictures was taken during our trip to godox wedding! hiks hiks... saya suke kawan ngan baby! sebab baby kawan ngan bob! sebab bob pandai amik gambar... miahahahah

"Love me when I least deserve it, because that's when I really need it"

Thursday, May 15, 2008

whats with this thing called 'PROPOSAL'

i'm a mess! i am! miahahahahah the thing is i have loads! i mean LOADS of work to do! i was in this state of having no nothing to do moment since i had joined APS!

chewah.. sounds mcm sibuk bebenor! when the truth is.... i am busy procrastinating my busy time! hows that! so ... i am deliberating on ways to finish my job! erm... so! i am meeting my supervisor in 2 weeks time! i dont actually know my main topic for my master's thesis! i have to do it! its my DO or DIE time... i have to stop making excuses for myself! i have to be.... RAJIN (*grin *grin *crowd cheering!) adeiiii.... its tough! tough job!

baby is standing behind me.... having his manicure moment! kuku dia dah punuh ngan ulat2 lufi! yucks! yucks!

and now he's messing with my tudung! i am a complete tudung-messy-person whenever i'm with him.... so-called dengki! pakailah tudung sendiri! ni nak tarik2 tudung org plak.... (*betul betulkan tudung) (*shine.. *shring *shring) kembali comel with my tudung.. :)

rite now in bien niaga... baby and an is discussing on their business card, dja is having his moment on the office couch.(*nak gi ke tak nak jumpa kak zai * nak ge ke? *tak nak gi). cik bob and che su is working! che su (bukan nama sebenar) is bien rico.. money advisor... (*whacked 'em che su.. jgn bg belas kasihan!)

i am baby's PA merangkap pesuruh kanan yang bertanggungjawab ke atas tugas2 tidak rasmi seperti membantu mengedit proposal! (gaji with a beetle kaler kunin *eh takyah la gaji kalau dah bagi kumbang) mashih baby.. semuga bisnes baby berjaye... murah rezeki... boleh follow dja gi euro! AMIN.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

now.. its not in chronological order!!!!

owkay.. haf to admit.. i am writing the blog not in the chronological order! i wonder if theres such a blogging code that requires you to blog everything in chronological order... hmmmm ...... heck! dunt care! i still have plenty of things to write.recent events.. past events.. coming events.. my thoughts... ! everything will be detailed here! anyway!... moi birthday.. was perfect! last year i celebrate my birthday meeting abah and umi for the first time!

This year.. i was with baby watching man u winning te epl title... owh... and i love my watch! cukup blink-blink nyer (oh gosh there goes the makcik blink blink in me again... i'm a BLINK BLINK MONSTAH! cant help it tho!..) i need frosting!

the conference in jakarta was superb (err ye ke?) its was owkay! i enjoy the scenery and the light feelings of having not much of obligations (like those feelings i used to have when i was in glasgow) ..

mind the pictures.. i am not a digital camera owner... dunt care if i dont have 1.. but rite now... i have the instantaneous needs for a NICE BIG camera!... owh.. pictures aove is the scenery from my hotel window! nice eh...
i stayed at the atlet century hotel which are very near to the sultan and closed to the istora senayan.. my room is facing the stadium.. a mini golf park, a jogging park and a baseball field!
alamak... perut dah lapar! need to get something to eat!.. (oh btw.. i am writing this blog... while sitting on a semi-pink chair.. in my baby's office! how cool is dat?)

Monday, May 12, 2008

day by day.. u never failed to amused me... hiks hiks thanks for the birthday wishes.. thanks for the baby blink blink....
i pray that you'll always be in good health baby... and that Allah will answers your prayers..
thank you for being such a
wonderful DUCK
i wove ewe mush mush!

Friday, May 09, 2008


it was the busiest 2 weeks in our life... we had to prepare for the engagement... had the engagement ... i had to prepare for jakarta, baby's busy with the new office, the proposals writing... off to jakarta.. and coming back for 2 kick off meetings and a final presentation... and baby's need to complete some i-box's stuff! (hey! we are did you noticed something? we are engaged! hiks hiks .... *ngeee grin grin)

the preparation
omg! tis wasnt an easy task to do! i had a small accident at home... sprain my ankle! and baby! he had a high fever!!!!)
we were lucky to have our families!
kak nor and kak niza.. helps with baby's hantaran
mommy and kak ni with mine!
and of course i was lucky to have baby... he helped with most of the preparation at my side since..
kak noni wasnt able to move much .. she's handling the food section, mommies with the hantaran
and i had to do the rest!

The office
its his dream to have his own office! and i am happy the fact that i was there when its all happened! hiks hiks best nyer tak sabar nak gi sibuk2 kat opis baby!
miahahahaha.... i want a pink chair!
we still have more things to do for the office... but all in all... insyallah! we gonna build our lives here .. hiks hiks
baby's co partner - aan and dja.. gud luck guys! jgn malas2

the engagement
It was a brief 15 minutes discussion! it was like... yeah the two has been together and we accept both to be in our families etc etc... OK we accept!!! nah! it was like a very smooth transaction! lagi lama tunggu cdt card nyer transaction! well.. alhamdulillah .. Allah s.w.t has made it easy for us... syukur.
i love the dress.... baby hates my make up! i love baby's hantaran..... i hate my fake eyelashes (camel-ish eye i had!) .... baby was in his FOX mode dat day! ahaks.... all the days he could be in fox mode... he chose our engagement day! well maybe because of the fever! ke... pasal lain? ahaks i dont know!

arrived in jakarta on may 1st... it was.... quite a blurry experience! hiks hiks
went to bandung on sunday with umi,abah,kak nor and baby!
ahahahhaha i cud not recall much! ahaks (dlm erti kata lain i am lazy to write!)
will write the jakarta 101 details later!

we had soo much awaits! hiks hiks....
2008 here we go again!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

D day!

alhamdulillah.... all the effort pays! the day went very extremely well! Alhamdulillah! i cud not ask for more! i am still waiting for my family photos tho! baru dapat few pictures from baby! well i like it!

the future in laws