Friday, May 09, 2008


it was the busiest 2 weeks in our life... we had to prepare for the engagement... had the engagement ... i had to prepare for jakarta, baby's busy with the new office, the proposals writing... off to jakarta.. and coming back for 2 kick off meetings and a final presentation... and baby's need to complete some i-box's stuff! (hey! we are did you noticed something? we are engaged! hiks hiks .... *ngeee grin grin)

the preparation
omg! tis wasnt an easy task to do! i had a small accident at home... sprain my ankle! and baby! he had a high fever!!!!)
we were lucky to have our families!
kak nor and kak niza.. helps with baby's hantaran
mommy and kak ni with mine!
and of course i was lucky to have baby... he helped with most of the preparation at my side since..
kak noni wasnt able to move much .. she's handling the food section, mommies with the hantaran
and i had to do the rest!

The office
its his dream to have his own office! and i am happy the fact that i was there when its all happened! hiks hiks best nyer tak sabar nak gi sibuk2 kat opis baby!
miahahahaha.... i want a pink chair!
we still have more things to do for the office... but all in all... insyallah! we gonna build our lives here .. hiks hiks
baby's co partner - aan and dja.. gud luck guys! jgn malas2

the engagement
It was a brief 15 minutes discussion! it was like... yeah the two has been together and we accept both to be in our families etc etc... OK we accept!!! nah! it was like a very smooth transaction! lagi lama tunggu cdt card nyer transaction! well.. alhamdulillah .. Allah s.w.t has made it easy for us... syukur.
i love the dress.... baby hates my make up! i love baby's hantaran..... i hate my fake eyelashes (camel-ish eye i had!) .... baby was in his FOX mode dat day! ahaks.... all the days he could be in fox mode... he chose our engagement day! well maybe because of the fever! ke... pasal lain? ahaks i dont know!

arrived in jakarta on may 1st... it was.... quite a blurry experience! hiks hiks
went to bandung on sunday with umi,abah,kak nor and baby!
ahahahhaha i cud not recall much! ahaks (dlm erti kata lain i am lazy to write!)
will write the jakarta 101 details later!

we had soo much awaits! hiks hiks....
2008 here we go again!


Cik Ted said...

Congratulations!!!!!Mana gambar lain lg????Gmbr DiDI mana???lps tu tulis ler sapa gmbr2 tu, mak leh kenal sedara mara....

7's baby said...

gambar yang lain tak dpt lagik laaa... ni pun dapat amik sikit... gi curik kat pc photographer!! hiks hiks tgh tunggu photographer tak sibuk and abes edit... ekekekek bile tu taktau! nnt dah sudah akan dipublish! hiks hiks :)