Wednesday, December 28, 2011


this what you get when the world has 2 power system operation frequency.. I had all the model been set at 50Hz.. when i suddenly realised that its a 60Hz system.


ah well. tsk tsk tsk...

start again.

why on earth .. i chose to become n engineer.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

eh eh... 2011 tinggal berapa hari lagi?

ok ok... i will write on the good, the bad and the ugly soon... keh keh.. till then.. have a nice week everybody.


Wednesday, December 07, 2011

nak jual tudung tierack!

have to change ownership since i am not allowed to do any other work here..

i just knew about it..

ok.. hidup perlu ikut peraturan and law

ngeh.. but please support my hubs (ahahah) nyer website n bisnes yer!!

thank youssss

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

blog strolling

i am in no mood to go out.. especially with this kind of weather. so here i am.. at my workspace (no more cube! no more smaal office! bohooooo!!) but it's ok. This is my leap to professionalism. Amin.

anyway... blog strolling today is fun! :) i got to read on life stories on people of various background and lifestyle. musing at ladynoe ( - she was having a good time with baby n hubs at cameron highland.. maybe its part of her grand masterplan to get another baby.. hihi.. then of to dayu blog ( aaaa.. she was into DIY these days.. and her girl has grown up beautifully.. i like her blog.. somewhat desperatehousewife-ish.. (hey hey... she's an engineer too) and then off to diahlicious. and then off to theknot ( - first time coming here.. someone from the upper lavish side kot.. hihi.. quite a lovely couple ..

anyway, i love strolling!! enjoying other people life.. and see them evolve.. hiks hiks.. anyway..
i am off. need to start working. :)

p/s: dont go bloghopping with hatred. you'll end up depress.. comparing your life to others.. just enjoy your day and enjoy your life. i always ask myself to do that. its impossible sometimes but doable.