Monday, May 31, 2010

the last day of May.

i was trying to make a daily entry this month! ha ha... good try.. but of course 24 entries.. is a good job indeed.. ekekekke

all's fair in love and war

anyway i had quite a nice weekend.. although the start wasn't that good. ahahaha.. :p i cant contact my husband for 2 hours on Thursday afternoon, later found out that he spent that afternoon with his friend... trying to figure out some sort of mystery .. and i dont really want to talk about it.. haha.. all i can say boys will be boys.. and dont blame them..

anyway.. call me anything... but i am a sucker at relationship... and i tend to be that way... i am independent most of the time.. but i am very needy at times.. i sms'ed my husband atleast 6 times a day atleast ... hahahah and i call him atleast 3 times a day

for me the person u married is the person that you want to live with... and my husband is part of my life... and know what.. we dont really have much time living in this world.... max you can spent your life ia about 40-50 years together... so it kept me thinking... yeah why wait? or why ditch... why must you let the love die and move along with married life. why cant you be in love and stayed married... :) anyway...

i joined this online course on muslim marriage and alhamdulillah.. it helps me a little understanding what is marriage and intimacy.. hihi although i am not a master at it... i whine.. i cry.. i sulk... ahahahah whatever - all's fair in love and war kan?

hehe i love my husband. period. *awwwwww*

appendix o' appendix

my sister had an appendix surgery on thursday (kekekke .. and this means that all of my siblings and my mother doesn't have appendix in their body!) kekekkeke gosh.. i will chew my food! i will chew my food! i will not eat prawn skin! ahahahah!!!... if it has to go.. it has to go!

feeling: saspen! ahahah two years ago it was apis.. last thursday.. kak ni.. huwaaaaaaaa

my aunt flo and the dreaded back pain :(

anyway... aunt flo came yesterday just like a swiss clock! always right on time.. huhuhuhu.... and im not in my best-est mood evah! with all the back pain...and im grumpy and i am sleepy and sluggish.

hmmm. and worst of all... this means.. still no baby for me.

Insyallah will keep on praying.

i think i can swim

hheheh ye lah .. i think i can swim.. not in the right way.. but yeah.. i think i can swim... alalalalalaalla

it has been 2 weeks in a row... i took a plunge into abg adi and leena's pool ... and i think i can swim ahahahahahahha suke suke.


ok two hours of non-stop action! i mean it worth all your rm14 (couple seat yer) !!

and jake Gyllenhaal is. sooo comel!!!

abang is back at no.9

abang is back at no.9 hihihi.. now its mummy's turn to help me taking care of abang! kekekekek sian kat abang.. duk pindah2 aer... stress dah kot. and snowy is somewhat sick... :

my lunch hour is almost up. :)

goodbye May. Welcome June! welcome harry potter and of course my love: Mr. Edward Cullen.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Passionate Vs. Emotional Vs. Technology

i tend not to be an emotional person.. but i am a very passionate person. :) and so what is the difference between emotional and passionate?

i dont really know, but if you asked me.. being passionate is about doing what you love in the right way.. and being emotional is about being right to things that you love.. ahaahah fine. its sounded like my potayto potarto rendition of things..

anyway.. i refuse to take all the things emotionally.. kekekek like... deleting me or deleting someone from my friend list .. doesnt mean that i am not into that person.. i dont want to lead a pathetic life.. after all... technology is just a tool meaningless and emotionless..

but of course , i cannot deny it can be used by pathetic people to at least make themselves heard.

anyway... talking about technology.. handphones are too much over rated by people... :D
.. i am not a technoloy freak... i used black and white phone. until my husband bought a colored one for my 27th birthday. :p
im not cheap. but i dont care! i have a 3310 inside a coach handbag.. and that explains everything right.. i have preferences.. i prefer bags of thousand of ringgits.. rather than thousand of ringgits of electronics gadget..

anyway back to my story, i am a bit confused when people are upset when they cant reach my hp or when i didnt reply their sms's. I am one busy LADy i will reply promptly when i dont have anything more important to than replying sms's.... kekekkee plus.. there must be a reason of not replying sms's one of which now.. is my phone is seems to act beyond its ordinary functions.. ahahahaha so dont take too emotionally! if i think it is very important i will call instead of sending sms's. please dont be upset, because im not.


Monday, May 24, 2010

ooopppsss!!! saya kena jadik manusia rajin for the next 72hours..

ok ok.. green lights and client emails.. seeking for reports.

lariiiiiiiiiiiiii.... i will need to stop procrastinating and start doing some real work! ihiks ihiks...

:) brb people... brb....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

mengklasifikasikan baju!/clothes classification!!

while ironing my baby's shirt today.. my mind cant help not to classified all the clothes that i've had ironed all my life...

baju yang teramat jahat/ exteremely evil clothes:
took you 2 hours to make it finally looked ironed! and for a while it make you happy n proud of yourself,... when bammmm!!!!!!!! just when you want to wear it... it wrinkles.. as tho you've done nothing to it! urrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

baju yang jahat/ evil clothes:
took you 2 hours to get it straight!

baju yang baik/ good clothes:
:) you look good in it.. ironed or not ..... hihi

ok dah! i've finished my chores for today.

diari seorang amah / a butler diary

its weekend and here i am,. (ditching my housework ni... weeeee) cleaning and mopping and cooking and washing and ironing!

things to do today:

1. wash clothes - done
2. cook breakfast - done - fried noodles
3. sweep the floor - done
4. Mop the floor - done
5. throwing the trash
6. iron baby's clothes
7. cook lunch
8. clean the kitchen

errrkkk im halfway done and i am soo sleepy! ahahahahahaah demmmm ok.. will continue later...

Friday, May 21, 2010

OK!!! im soo gonna make my own baju kurung!

ok saya nak buat baju kurung sendiri!!!! *errr mesin jahit.. mana nak carik? .. langsir haritu pun tak abes lagi

kekek search abe skat internet.. amazed betul ngan sorang hamba Allah yang sgt rajin ni buat cara cara mebuat baju kurung... :) kudos.. to webowner..

okeh ni dia my masterplan.. for my upcoming baju kurung project... muahahahaha *gelak org jahat/grin grin evil grin)

ok ok.. hiks hiks.. now i need to produce some plots on transient study and boss just game me a green light on my Hydro Plant report... hiks hiks two thumbs up!!! yeay!!!

anyway.. i will update you on my menjahit baju kurung journey.. hiks hiks.. kena beli kain buat testing dulu! :D

lalallala suami.. if you are reading this... *iloveyou* kekekek rasa mcm nak tanya tailor niiz bridal diorg free ke idak.. hiks hiks

ada byk wedding around the corner!!! its DIET TIME!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

:) ok ok.. i am bored

kekek i have a report that need to be completed before the end of month! and i dont even know how to start.. it is almost complete but i dont know how to make a good closure.. a good analysis need a good summary which leads to good recommendations!

the problem is I AM NOT GOOD in protection, everything is soooo hazy.. i knew the theory and the concept but it is very hard to visualize.. i had never seen an operating relay before.. :)

im doing some study on the distance and OCEF protection, I dont think i have any trouble with the OCEF but i do need to know what and what current flows during phase and earth fault in order to understand how the relay works..

and distance protection and the system... omg! its too many and i am definitely lazyy... perhaps i should just concentrate on the course material for perlis.. hiks hiks.. and try to focus on protection later on.. hihihi

i am waiting for baby to take me home.. he is on some discussion.. hopefully it'll ends well... hopefully... Insyallah.

i need a new hobby. :)

i am in serious need of a new hobby...

now.. im thinking of developing my sewing skill.. rasa nnt kalau ada anak.. i want them to wear clothes that i make for them ahahahahahahhahahaha!! *puk pala!..

or quilt patchwork.. that'll be fun.. :) hihi

i am in serious need for a holiday...

Langkawi? hihi.. this coming 7-11 June.. I will be needed to be in Perlis... maybe after that we can indulge in some quick langkawi escapades?

come let us check latestays for some cool offers...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

sembang kote..

yang mulia puan besor: bek!!!!
yang mulia puan besor: tolong lah carikan saya 9.8 juta
yang mulia puan besor:
dsanchez7th: tp mcm kecik
yang mulia puan besor: kekekke
yang mulia puan besor: comel
dsanchez7th: tp cantik
dsanchez7th: 9.8
yang mulia puan besor: 9000 sqft
yang mulia puan besor: oklah bek
yang mulia puan besor: 8 bilik
yang mulia puan besor: esok kite gi beli yer sayang
dsanchez7th: ok


1 year, 1 month, 1 week, 1 day

(picture taken from :

and baru ku sadar... i am married to MUSANG BERJANGGUT lagi BERJAMBUL! and the above picture is the exact replica of my husband in the morning right after shower.

very pleasing sight... NOT! wait till you hear our morning conversation... its full of drama

happy 1 year, 1 month, 1 week and 1 day darling intan payung gunung meletup.pucuk dicita ulam mendatang!

we are people of a different perspective in life... but i still love you.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

attending colloquium on lightning!

heheh.. ok ok the picture doesnt look like im in a colloquium at all... but i like this picture from bob... comel bgt.. and smart! anyway.. attended 2 days colloquium on lightning studies in berjaya hotel. it was ok.. i presented on behalf of APS on the 500kV substation insulation studies.. everyone said that i talk too fast .. haih... i think i need to slow down a bit... miahahahahaa

heheh.. ok ok the picture doesnt look like im in a colloquium at all...
walaupun panning nye mcm tak jadi.. but i like these photos... hiks hiks

Thursday, May 13, 2010

hai lah Ariani!

ok ok im still in birthday mood... yesterday... uncle zain.. aps's gm treat me dinner.. and today.. lunch.. one of the director cik leh plak blanja lunch.. hahahahaha hari hari kalau birthday.. esok lusa.. i dont think i can see my toes anymore..

anyway.. i was supposed to do the protection studies.. but to my avail.. i need to do something for tomorows presentation in sabah! hiks hiks... weee me no go sabah! but me have to attend the IEM training on how to write like a pro.. anyway.. good! since i need all the points that i can get for my professional engineer program. i need 50 CPD hours accumulated in 3 years... haih...

kekke anyway, :) today my friend was commenting on ariani's ridiculous price over her FB wall.. hiks hiks and i. as one of the i-think-that-ariani-is-overpriced.. come to agree with her...
i was like.." yea yea... ariani is indeed overpriced.. but i think it works for those who wants to distinguished themselves by brands.." and my friend said.. "yes! agree" then suddenly.. come from nowhere this lady put her comment 'Ariani mmg expensive. The material tu mmg lain sikit...can compare la.. belila time sale"..

and the conversation just end there... ahahahah definitely leaves us speechless.. hihi like material mmg lain sikit.. and does sikit means that you need to pay.. fey hundreds more? aisey... and belilla time sale.. ahahahah kan i dah kata.. if you want to distinguish yourself by brands ok lah... kalau tak rugi... itu je... hihihihihihi maybe lady tu pengumpul tudung ariani yang selalu put up on her FB wall.. how many ariani's yang dia owned... ahahahaha gosh.. wateva..

kekek tapi saya suka tie rack. ahahaahahaahh itupun overpriced.. and i would definitely say.. mmg lah mahal sikit... sebab material dia lain *hik *hiks.. kalau nak boleh beli time sale...

potato (sebut gini.. potayto) potato..(potarto). sama jerk.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

:) almost the bestest day of my life... so far!

ok this is definitely the best celebration so far! hiks hiks... starting from midnite... i had my birthday waffle's!! with double scoop vanilla ice cream topped with strawberries topping... hihi.. yay.. what a way to start my thirties era!!!

having a hot waffle at 1 am!! is definitely THE best thing one can ever get.. hiks hiks although of course getting a bungalow or private jet may top everything else.. ahahahha anyway.. went home.. kekeke (no no i know what you people think off... but noooo... both of us were to tired... to do anything ended up sleeping in our working attire!) kekekekek

waking up.. with a huge smile on my face... and decided.. yeah lets called it half day today! hiks hiks.. and baby said.. ok.. and he said.. ok i take you for brunmch @ marche... :D hihi grin grin...

arrived marche.. around noon.. and me start to food hunting.. and here are some pictures snap from my L6.. hiks hiks.. (my first birthday present from moi baby! )

marche is not that expensive! hiks hiks... this chicken half set only cost you rm9.90... ok what? hiks hiks.. trying to eat healthy here.. nak top up waffle semlm!
moi favorite... marche wild mushroom soup! made fresh everyday!! and i reckon you have it with the butter roll... :) sgt sgt best and creamy and best

anyway anyway....

after lunch.. baby bawak gi floristika.. hiks hiks i choose the happiest flower there! :) gerbera'S.. ooohh suke suke suke!

my adventure will continue later.. as of now... when i walk into my office.. boss dtg... and ask me to calculate the arcing air gap for normal suspension type 275kV tower.. ada aci????

aiseh... sungguh lah.. tidakkah dia tahu bahawa hari ni is my birthday!! kekekek but of course told him this morning that today is my birthday and i want to take a half day off.. anyway... i got all what he wanted in half an hour... :) ngeeeeeeee

psssttt i dare not weigh myself today!! ahahahahahahaha

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Eve of my 30rd Birthday.

when most of people said age is not a matter.. for me it does.. :) for me it represent the milestone of your life achievement.

i wish i can go for a holiday and celebrate my birthday. heheheh but celebrating your birthday with around your love ones.. is definitely the best thing evah!

Alhamdulillah, and here i am sitting in my office.. :) felt blessed enough with all the God given opportunity and love.

i am short of one thing for sure.. :) errr two things.. errr actually FOUR! (ahahha sungguh tamak) i want to finish my MSc. and PhD. (before 40 lah nak buek camno.. ), I want to have my Ir. (hahaha yang ni yang paling insyallah.. since .. im halfway there!) and I want children.. hmmm ha yang bab children ni mmg kena beserah pada Allah yang Maha Esa... doaku pada petang hari ku dibawa keduniaMu Ya Allah yang Maha Agung...

I pray that Allah will grant me children, good ones.. who can pray for me one day.. I pray that Allah will not let me be misguided.. and I pray that I can be in my best of Iman so that i will not wear my hijab only at times. pray 4/5 or 3/5 (pukk!! things that i am not proud of.. but i always skipped my prayers).. (not all the time). and I pray that i will the best daughter my parents and in-laws can have and a good wife to my husband.

happy thirtieth dear me!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ye sudah ada yang mengucapkan selamat hari jadi!

hiks hiks... 1 2 3 nangis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok wait! im still in my late twenties... :D anyway.. ALhamdulillah... masih dikurniakan Allah s.w.t kehidupan..

i am grateful for my life, its not perfect and i always complains.. but im trying my very best to live it day by day with my love ones around me.. ah well...

its time!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

i'm writing on SUnday! oh yeah!

:D i am currently reading books on marketing and PR! uuuuuuuu at starbuck borders! teringat zaman di glasgow dulu.. saja gi borders minum starbuck sambil baca baca buku.. yep... i enjoyed those moment... i enjoyed most of my starbucks moment.. coffee and books... and something about the smell that makes you remember about things.

how to operate a coffee shops that gives you comfort?

kekek anyway.. got to read some books and start to write on some proposals.. :D (im doing some pro-bono-publico work for dear hubby... kekekek im still an engineer at heart! ahahah NOT!)

anyway.. few more days to go.. i'll be thirty!! OMG!!!!
tapi alhamdulillah.. 30 years Allah have blessed me with a good life..

Friday, May 07, 2010


ok i was like type type type and scribble and scribble and scribble and type and do many things.. yesterday.. and today when i open the file.. i found that there were no changes made!!!! hah!!!!

eh! mana pegi plak? huhuhuhuhuh im so like!!! hey!!! i did make all the amendment!!! where are they!!! *tis *tis *tis... rasa nak nangis.. i check again and again.. and finally i just notice that i was amending the OTHER report!!! hah!! hamek!... multitasking (sgt!!)

haih... i finish the two reports (finally) alhamdulillah today at approximately 3.35 pm... i just need to look into the substation conceptual design!!! next week i am looking forward to finish up the state-grid protection report! OMG!!! i am soooo tired... told my bos that dont bother to bother me this month!!! i want to make baby.. but noooooo!!!!!!! he is not listening!!! instead... they wanted me to finish up everything!!! no colloquium or whatsoever until i finished my work... urgghhhh *jahat*

anyway, the afternoon is up!!! hiks hiks and i am looking forward for a good weekend! i need rest before i turn 30.. and old! huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

but 30 is bigger and it start with another number!!!! huwaaaaaaa

drooling over bags, totes and sneakers...

i need 980+1350 for a tote, a satchel and a sneaker... rasa macam nak nangis pun ada... since i wanted them sooo bad!!!! huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

*i was thinking maybe aku ni kenan handbag kot!!! got to ask mommymonstah.. what did she do while conceiving me...* looking at her collection of matching handbags and stilettos of lanvin and YSL.. nangis.. wonder y she didnt bring them back. ok ok.. continuing to work like a crazy monster.. bulan depan rasa macam nak pergi bercuti... ngeeeeeeee (*bos saya mau bonus!!! cepatlah!)

hmmmm anyway... *berbaloi ke nak gi rompak bank sebab nak beli handbag?* and aci ke.. kalau say.. *yeah! it is* - puk kepala sendiri...

anyway anyway.. just want to remind whoever reading this... i actually prefer to speak/write bilingual (english and malay) not because i went to glasgow or anything ( i have my fair share of broken and grammatical error etc etc yada yada)... its just who i am... i am like this since forever.. kekkeke and my parents are bilingual too.. ahahah except mommymonstah.. kadang2 lidah dia terkeluar ayat ayat siam.. wawawawa

oh by the wayyyyy.... its friday!!!!!!!!!!!!! hiks hiks... and i think i miss my dear husband... :D i need kasih sayang this weekend! thinking of visiting my papa lah... :D boleh ke baby?

Thursday, May 06, 2010

takkan kot!!! (woootttt?!!!)

*mengantuk sebab tgk midnite (eceh mcm org lama plak... midnite midnite) iron man 2 was superb! robert downey jr. was intelligent, Gwynethpaltrow is forever a beautiful woman and scarlett johansson.. haih.. when lah i will end up with your figure babe? ahahhahah *

takkan kot... umur belum lagi 30 tapi mcm dah rabun rabak!!! takkan kot!!! hukhukhuk.. ke monitor yang satu ni dah rosak? ke? sebab macam pandang fujitsu ni ok je?

and i am not 30 yet... i'll be one old lady in 6 days! and the scale isnt tipping to 5! and pulling the impossible of loosing a good 3kg in 6 days is crazy.. unless i sesat dlm hutan.. makan daun kayu minum air sungai and berjalan tak berhenti.. kalau duduk bersenang lenang (tak!!! its literally just to described how i sit.. but definitely tak senang sebab kepala fikir mcm2.. nak go through the flash program developed by Ieee.. hihihi nak siapkan report and buat simulation macam2 nak) dlm aircond sambil menghirup nescafe 3 in one kadang2 milo 3 in one sambil goyang2 kaki goyang kepala... kekekke ~ go figure

aaaahhh anyway.. tgklah apa plan for the next 10 years... rasa macam nak cari kerja lain.. :D

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

hari yang agak malas!

source: unknown
hari ni mmg mcm malas.. taktau kenapa.. :)

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

something to ponder...

:) was reading the news... commotion on a boy killed by a policeman, it shouldn't be happening if the 15-year-license-less boy is at home! instead of lepaking at a mamak stall!! at 15 my curfew was from dusk to dawn! *what if the govt plak sue the parents for negligence? hmmm*

kenapa paper tak tekankan... it is ILLEGAL to drive without license and the boy was an outlaw?

most of the parents says: sekarang lain? what is the difference? a boy at fifteen in 1990 and a boy at fifteen in 2010 is still a boy... i dont really understand on parents nowadays...i was brought up by my grandparents and yes i have curfews from dusk to dawn... when my mom came back... i still have my curfews at uni my curfew was 11pm.. and my mother spend 15 years abroad! and the fact it changes nothing!

budaya membesarkan anak dengan penuh rasa tanggungjawab is no more i think.. and now its budaya memyalahkan keadaan dan org lain....

anyway.. if you are seeking justice.. seek with intergrity ye ahli keluarga mangsa dan saudara mara.. its not a fast way of cashing out from the government... (hehehehh nak mintak ganti rugi tauladan ke?)

and why dont you held a press conference advising all the parents out there to know where their children are at night?
why dont you?

i know.. people will said.. what if this thing happens to you. what if that boy is your child... yes i would be very angry and frustrated... the policeman shouldn't take his life like that... there are many ways other than shooting..but i will not stop blaming myself for letting my child driving at night!

penyejuk hati... something i stumbled upon.

"the strongest position regarding women in Paradise is that they too will have a
mate: each woman (even those who died single) will have a husband to take care of her and
satisfy her. There are no singles in Paradise; Allah only mentions the female companions of men
because men are more overtly sexual creatures. Most women will have their partners of this life
in Paradise (and these partners will be the best for them in every aspect), but for those who don’t,they too shall be blessed with partners in the next"

kasih dunia dan akhirat. insyaAllah.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Baby Boom!

alhamdulillah... its a good day indeed.

hiks its definitely those time of year... :) baby boom nyer time .. congratulations to everyone (whom conceived and have delivered)!!!!

monday already!

Yes people believe it or not.. its already monday! Ya Allah, cepatnya masa berlalu.
takut pun ada sekrang ni.

anyways, my weekend was somewhat perfect and tiring.. i dont have much to talk about these few days.. nothing interest me other than.. a good quite time at home. Need to catch up with the cinema... summer movies are here.. so here are my preferences this year

1. iron man 2 - yup.. mau tgk my nyummy hunky robert downey jr. (he got attitude!)
2. the losers - saw the gazette its somewhat cool
3. shutter island - of course.. i cant and will not resist leo d'cap
4. shrek forever after - anogther yummy hunk.. ahahhahaha NOT!!! but i cant wait to watch the kitty..
5. robin hood - and the great Maximus.. is back as Robin hood.. but i enjoyed Russel crowe more in the beautiful mind. (me of course the geeky one)

oh oh.. i gave cookie to mom atlast. haih.. a bit sad.. but my cats definitely need a new home! definitely.. and since we are only keeping 6 cats with us.. i have to let go another 3 kitten.. and i have found them a good owner.. InsyaAllah.. they will be taken care off nicely or perhaps better.

and i say goodbye to another precious thing of mine.. my timberland sandal! huwaaaaa.... i love you too much! and now.. i have to let you go... gegeggegege i love this sandal to bit! to bit i tell you.. hhi tapi sekrang kulit sume nak tercabut dan megeluarkan bau yang kurang menyenangkan apabila ditimpa hujan... so i have to gave you up.. but not throwing you to the dustbin just yet.. ngeeeeeeee

@ pali's place... kemaman