Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Passionate Vs. Emotional Vs. Technology

i tend not to be an emotional person.. but i am a very passionate person. :) and so what is the difference between emotional and passionate?

i dont really know, but if you asked me.. being passionate is about doing what you love in the right way.. and being emotional is about being right to things that you love.. ahaahah fine. its sounded like my potayto potarto rendition of things..

anyway.. i refuse to take all the things emotionally.. kekekek like... deleting me or deleting someone from my friend list .. doesnt mean that i am not into that person.. i dont want to lead a pathetic life.. after all... technology is just a tool meaningless and emotionless..

but of course , i cannot deny it can be used by pathetic people to at least make themselves heard.

anyway... talking about technology.. handphones are too much over rated by people... :D
.. i am not a technoloy freak... i used black and white phone. until my husband bought a colored one for my 27th birthday. :p
im not cheap. but i dont care! i have a 3310 inside a coach handbag.. and that explains everything right.. i have preferences.. i prefer bags of thousand of ringgits.. rather than thousand of ringgits of electronics gadget..

anyway back to my story, i am a bit confused when people are upset when they cant reach my hp or when i didnt reply their sms's. I am one busy LADy i will reply promptly when i dont have anything more important to than replying sms's.... kekekkee plus.. there must be a reason of not replying sms's one of which now.. is my phone is seems to act beyond its ordinary functions.. ahahahaha so dont take too emotionally! if i think it is very important i will call instead of sending sms's. please dont be upset, because im not.


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