Tuesday, May 04, 2010

something to ponder...

:) was reading the news... commotion on a boy killed by a policeman, it shouldn't be happening if the 15-year-license-less boy is at home! instead of lepaking at a mamak stall!! at 15 my curfew was from dusk to dawn! *what if the govt plak sue the parents for negligence? hmmm*

kenapa paper tak tekankan... it is ILLEGAL to drive without license and the boy was an outlaw?

most of the parents says: sekarang lain? what is the difference? a boy at fifteen in 1990 and a boy at fifteen in 2010 is still a boy... i dont really understand on parents nowadays...i was brought up by my grandparents and yes i have curfews from dusk to dawn... when my mom came back... i still have my curfews at uni my curfew was 11pm.. and my mother spend 15 years abroad! and the fact it changes nothing!

budaya membesarkan anak dengan penuh rasa tanggungjawab is no more i think.. and now its budaya memyalahkan keadaan dan org lain....

anyway.. if you are seeking justice.. seek with intergrity ye ahli keluarga mangsa dan saudara mara.. its not a fast way of cashing out from the government... (hehehehh nak mintak ganti rugi tauladan ke?)

and why dont you held a press conference advising all the parents out there to know where their children are at night?
why dont you?

i know.. people will said.. what if this thing happens to you. what if that boy is your child... yes i would be very angry and frustrated... the policeman shouldn't take his life like that... there are many ways other than shooting..but i will not stop blaming myself for letting my child driving at night!

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