Wednesday, May 12, 2010

:) almost the bestest day of my life... so far!

ok this is definitely the best celebration so far! hiks hiks... starting from midnite... i had my birthday waffle's!! with double scoop vanilla ice cream topped with strawberries topping... hihi.. yay.. what a way to start my thirties era!!!

having a hot waffle at 1 am!! is definitely THE best thing one can ever get.. hiks hiks although of course getting a bungalow or private jet may top everything else.. ahahahha anyway.. went home.. kekeke (no no i know what you people think off... but noooo... both of us were to tired... to do anything ended up sleeping in our working attire!) kekekekek

waking up.. with a huge smile on my face... and decided.. yeah lets called it half day today! hiks hiks.. and baby said.. ok.. and he said.. ok i take you for brunmch @ marche... :D hihi grin grin...

arrived marche.. around noon.. and me start to food hunting.. and here are some pictures snap from my L6.. hiks hiks.. (my first birthday present from moi baby! )

marche is not that expensive! hiks hiks... this chicken half set only cost you rm9.90... ok what? hiks hiks.. trying to eat healthy here.. nak top up waffle semlm!
moi favorite... marche wild mushroom soup! made fresh everyday!! and i reckon you have it with the butter roll... :) sgt sgt best and creamy and best

anyway anyway....

after lunch.. baby bawak gi floristika.. hiks hiks i choose the happiest flower there! :) gerbera'S.. ooohh suke suke suke!

my adventure will continue later.. as of now... when i walk into my office.. boss dtg... and ask me to calculate the arcing air gap for normal suspension type 275kV tower.. ada aci????

aiseh... sungguh lah.. tidakkah dia tahu bahawa hari ni is my birthday!! kekekek but of course told him this morning that today is my birthday and i want to take a half day off.. anyway... i got all what he wanted in half an hour... :) ngeeeeeeee

psssttt i dare not weigh myself today!! ahahahahahahaha

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