Wednesday, July 28, 2010

i wish i have my car with me right now.

i wish i have my car with me right now,
So i can go back home and sleep.
so i can go buy myself something to eat..
so i can get myself clean.

i just want to go home, thats all..

*my menses certainly entice this cranky cranky wanky mood*

im hungry. :( and tired and bloated and whatever.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

:) life lesson

Ibn Abbas narrated that the Prophet said: “There are four qualities, whoever is given them has truly been given the best in this world and the next. They are: a grateful heart (that is thankful to Allah), a remembering tongue (that mentions Allah often), an enduring body (to persevere through the trials), and a faithful wife.”

I am grateful for the rezq bestowed upon me..another debt settled today Alhamdulillah.. :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

monday morning entry.

Wishing and Hoping

Thinking and Praying

Planning and Dreaming


Thursday, July 22, 2010

drawing a fine line

:) i never dreamt of working with or for my husband.. ahahahah maka byk kejadian tarik tarik rambut akan berlaku... but to think on the statement again...

but to think of It is rather stupid to put a professional relationship with a personal one. I have put aside the conventional thought of avoiding working with your spouse.... I think its OK.. to work with your other half... because most of the time... we can make telepathic decisions... he knows what im thinking.. and i know what his thinking...

now that is from my point of view.... let's see whats on other people's mind...

you cant help people perception on you... :D.. It is difficult to live in men's world..

I worked very hard to get to where i am now.. mind you.. my office is full of bery bery intelligent people and successful and all of them are mennn... My opinion is valued now and my consultation is sought after and whats important its valid.. alhamdulillah.. all the hard work paid out.. all the reading, practices and time spent and arguments is all well worth it..

now imagine, if baby is working at the same place... and i practice my likeness to arguments.. you cant really help those people to think that .. ehhh kurang ajar nyer bini dia... ahahahahaha funny kan.. when the argument may about a system configuration.. tiba tiba bini yang dapat nama... kekeke

malay old saying said... no matter how successful a woman, she will always someone's wife (kekek sbenarnye.. macam ni.. belajar tinggi2 pun last last gi dapor gak!!!) ...but a wife.. is a person too... who might be someone that is in the same department with a man that could be her husband...

so where should we draw the fine line? a fine line where men stop looking down at other men because of a woman.. ? a fine line where women stop looking down at other women because of a man.. ? a fine line where women stop looking down at other men because of a woman.. ?

all i can say is.. people need to know to differentiate between arguments on system configuration and arguments on how to behave in front of the in-laws.. hiks hiks... :)

and i think as a wife, all wives in this world.. would give up everything as long they can keep their husband dignity (tapi yelah kadang kadang ada certain things kita tak sedar yang kita dah jatuhkan martabat suami kita.. and tu sebab kadang2 kena grounded.. but suami ada nak bgtau kannn).. and thats why.. most women do not prefer working with their husband.. kekeke its all because of love.. tapi yelah.. selalu nak sedapkan hati ckplah ngan org.. eii taknak lah kerja sekali nnt tarik2 rambut.. (kekek padahal mmg tak kisah pon nak tarik rambut bile lagi.. tapi pk pk.. nnt org kutuk laki kite.. oh mmg tak sanggup)

ahaks.. byk nyer pengorbanan yang harus seorg perempuan buat.. harap2 semua tu berbaloi.. dan masayarakat berhenti memandang rendah pada perempuan..

ok life lesson for a day..

p/s: i will try not to argue with baby this month.. im controlling my PMS.. tapi terlepas kat iereka... ahahahahaha demmm

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rules of life: sympathy vs emphathy

ohhh byknyer rules.. to many rules to follow eih...

sympathy: it is the feeling of compassionor concern for another, the wish to see them better off or happier

empathy : The capacity to know emotionally what another is experiencing from within the frame of reference of that other person, the capacity to sample the feelings of another or to put one's self in another's shoes

:) not that difficult to perceive...

my friend has wrote a book on motivation (yep.. at age 30 he has co-wrote a book.. fantastic friend he is) - in the book it says.. its better to practice empathy but of course.. its difficult to show your empathy rather than your sympathy...

thats all for today.. terasa nak makan sambal udang ngan nasi putih panas2 n ada ayam goreng... hmmmmmm

:) there are rules here...

no offence.. but i would love to know.. those who leave comment on my blog... :) i do not like passing opinion to the wind .. i would love if you have proper identification.. so that i can give my answer and reasons for my writing.. write comments with sincerity and not just pointing out disagreement or to humiliate people... (but at least i got you people to read out my opinion)

comment logically not with hate :) ... i know many smart people out there... someones tell me that i should not spend in an expensive restaurant... and i talk rubbish about the overpriced hospital (again i don't use harsh words in my blog so i hope you people will have some respect by not using harsh words too..)

Yes i agree. rather than eating out at an 'expensive' restaurant, the money should go to those in need... :)

Paying a different 12-20 ringgit for the food and paying a different of 12,000 to 20,000 ringgit for a hospital treatment is soo much different. my splurge on rm20 ringgit food cant pay for another person kidney transplant, but RM20,000 can surely make a different.

or is it wrong?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

news everywhere..

prince court.. managed to get 24mill out of sick people.. they targeted 120 million of sales for the year ending 2010... and to their avail... their '5-star' hospital is not making profit..

:) pelancongan kesihatan... hmmm errr as a business... i dont really agree with the concept of high class in term of the bedding quality and all .. a high class hospital is where the mortality rate is low, where people can get good help from good doctor at a reasonable rate (of course you need to understand that the doctors is a human too with necessity and needs)...

if you want to be rich! do business.. you cant be rich being a doctor, engineer, professor, teacher aor lecturers.. because at some extent.. its more of responsibility towards the community...

i say no to overpriced hospital.. whereby the money can be donated to those who r in need.. :)

Friday, July 16, 2010


yes.. finally i have the courage to attend the 36 hours mandatory course.. plus 24 hours of engineering branch course.. and 30 units of Professional development .. its still a long way to go.. i have collected 20 units of PDP.. ( and i need 10 more.. if i can used the one i had before and if the course by cigre is approved by IEM.. then i'll be lucky enough to apply for my PE asap)... 1 down and 2 to go.. i need to finish up my master thesis... and get my phd and after that... i dont know what to do.. dah.. ahaks..

nangis.. and im already 30!!!

haih.. selamat maju jaya!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

kekek im a proud 'kakak'

.. adik gave birth yesterday to 4 beautiful kittens.. alhamdulillah... adik takde byk masalah... but i think this will be her last time lah... kesian plak.. setahun beranak 3 kali.. bob pun baru jer 4 bulan... dah ada adik baru... anyway...

ni bob.. yang nakal inilah raja merayap...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

my rtwrk

i dont blog to get friends. I dont have blogger friends. I dont blog to get famous. Its my personal blog and I intend to keep it that way. its a life journal. I dont have gf to hang out with to share stories, babbles and gossip (ahahha but sometimes i do babbles at my mekna,abg adi,erol, my furballs and my hubby) .. I meet those people in my bloglist almost everyday!! (pathetic = i dont care). If you want to drop by and read.. please feel free... if you want to get some information out of my life journey as a reference.. i dont think it will be any harm. my blog is not my hate wall .. kekekke so i dont really like cursing and write hate letters to anybody.. :) .. I have been blogging since 2006. I dont like to write things that are too personal.. its personal. but i guess... since blog is a personal place for someone.. and the fact that we can see what we write published on the net ~ its like an artwork for the refrigerator wall.. ugly to most people but beautiful in the eyes of those related.

Monday, July 12, 2010

on the verge of breaking down

almost. but not yet.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

sinful evening...

i had a great day with hubby today... lama dah tak jalan2 dating2... it has been quite a journey for us these few months... :)

and to think that where we are today... erol n kak ida dah ada baby haikal, mekna and abg adi dah kawen and hope for a good news soon... eventho mekna baru je lepas misconception.. the journey has been good...

baby took me to theobroma chocolate lounge today (kekekek ni kes abg adi.. membawa khabar2 yang indah2 pasal tempat tu... hiks hiks)...

ok.. the name speaks for itself.. the chocolate lounge.. the place was cosy and the chocolate.. kekeke SINFUL!

baby had miss coco a belgian chocolate frappe.. and we opt for the strawberry senstation and a cheese layered cake..

kan.. sinful kan.. stoberry chocolate lagi!!!!... betul la ckp abg adi.. chocolate dia tak berapa manis.. just nice.. *sigh*.. pandang chocolate2 ni buleh demam!!!!

okay.. i need to do some self-reflecting session.. i ate too much.,.. and i need to slow done this two weeks.. hiks hiks... ok.. diet no rice for two weeks statrting tomorow.. and i need to do some exercise..

in the evening.. we went to kak kinah's house for akif birthday makan2... they were a sweet bunch la... suke buat makan2... whats important .. they really have time organising makan2 event.. haih.... bile agaknyer.. nak membesar dan boleh buat makan2 ahahah ajak sedara mara.. right now.. i dont think me and hubby prepare lagi nak buat makan2 and jemput all the families.. hiks hiks... rasa macam tak settle down lagi.. rasa macam we still need to have more time to spend on each other,... hiks hiks.. insyallah.. one day.. bile dah ready... i will make the makan2 session... tiap2 minggu!!! *kekekekke hamek*

eclipse.... got me drooling over edward cullen again

it was love at first sight and i will be forever in love with edward cullen...

t'was great... the movie was as expected.. and it is certainly better than new moon!!! the plots and editing is much much better and of course.. it is quite unfair to put altogether whats in the book onto the silver screen.. but it surely indeed a good piece of the twilight franchise...

i am still on team edward.. but i do have to say taylor lautner has the better plots for dramatic acting and he is definitely JACOB...

the whole fight scene in the movie was pretty cool .. and my favourite part of the movie is when bella accepting edward's proposal!!! awwwwwww sweeeeeeet sgt sgt and there were indeed such a beautiful chemistry between them!!!

love the movie! and its worth of watching.. you cant help but not to smile after watching the movie.. hihi

im off to bed.. errrr oopsss im off to watch wc.

Friday, July 09, 2010

semalam... furballs mengganas!

i'm sick... it has been three days... *sniff* *sniff* berjangkit dgn sang suami... *sigh* i know... flu and fever is not everybody's fav.anyway... yesterday... i was on sick leave.. (heheheheh i was in kemaman on wednesday... took firefly yesterday morning.. it was my second time on a foker.. ada sikit takut la.. especially during take off and landing..)

I reached home.. and saw all my furballs.. were ready to be fed... *aaaaahhhhh and i saw there are still biscuits in their bowls... * ok... i will not top-up your food untill you finish all the biscuit.... * .. menyampah betul kucing2 ni kadang2.. makan macam org kaya.. yang serdak2 tak nak makan... hah hamek.. habiskan the biscuit baru i feed you! * ...

then i remembered i promised bob-budak-gumuk that i'll let them play.. when i came back from kemaman... and so ... i decided.. heck.. im on leave.. and sick.. and i am going to sleep... so this is the best time to let the cats out to play... :P

... before going to bed.. i just warned owy.. not to mess with things on the dinner table.. and she just blinked.. (*ahahah i presumed it is a sign of acknowledgment*) ...

i had a good sleep... tired and sick... and most important.. there were no sound of banging or things falling.. alhamdulillah... monstah-furballs baik pulak hari ni...

i woke up at 3 pm.. and it was too quiet.. (too good to be true..) have the furballs.. fallen asleep.. or have they managed to get themselves out from the house... i open my bedroom door... and saw my three precious furballs... berdiri kaget! muka terkejut!!!

OMG!!! terus ge check meja makan... alhamdulillah.. sikit pun tak teralih benda2.. but when i turned pandang living hall.. AStaghfirullahalazim... my dvd box was opened.. all the dvd's were scattered.. (ish.. tgk dvd ke kucing2) then.. i saw.. all my belongings... were scattered too... haih... i went to the kitchen... all my recycling bags dah jatuh menyembah bumi.... and masa tgh jalan2 around the house. check check barang2... ada hati furballs tu ikut sekali.. mcm rombongan lawatan kat muzium.. they followed me everywhere!!! *sambil buat muka tak bersalah*...

well ... nak marah pun macam tak berguna.. ordered them to get into their cage.. (hmm they will only obey this when they were too hungry.. time lain.. toksah harap.. mcm ckp dgn dinding je) ... i locked their cage and feed them.. and began to clean the house before hubby baby balik!!!

huwaaaaa..... bulu everywhere atas sofa.. nasib baik bulu roller tu ada lagi.. so i cleaned the sofa, then susun balik dvd... sapu sampah.. clean the kitchen.. hihi tgh2 mood2 rajin.. sidai sarung bantal.. dgn harapan dapat lah buang kuman2 demam... since dah feel alot better after sleeping kan.. terus lah sambung gosok sume baju baby.. hiks hiks.. pastu tibe2 terfikir.. hmm what to eat for dinner... search the web.. Ha! mari buat hamburger sendiri..

my beef burger was a success!!! ... i went to check out the furballs.. semua dah terlentang tidur.. dgn gaya gaya yang paling tak senonoh untuk seekor kucing.. penat sgt lepas tgk dvd and main make-up2 kot...

*makanan korang dah abes kucing!! kekeke lapor le mlm ni!!!*

Monday, July 05, 2010

sambungan cerita air teh secawan..

kekekke sambungan dari citer air teh 50 sen kat padang besar... hubby-BABY saya demam... bukan demam sikit2 ... demam panas!!!! :p dicampur dgn sedikit athma!


kesian pulak tgk hubby-baby demam.. tapi dlm demam demam.... masih cerewet cam mak nenek.. sempat buka mata.. pastu sound kenapa letak cekelat atas laptop nnt cair.. *hah?!! its a good sign he is NOT that sick after all..*

kekekekk tanda2 hubby-baby takde lah sakit sgt... demam panas je... ahaks..

cepat baik ye b. tak larat nak jaga... kekekeekkeke sebab nak marah org tgh demam ni sounds macam tak berhati perut je... btw.. why do i feel like its tuesday and not monday? hmmmm

p/s: i love you. sgt. period. capish?

Pearl-Lace ~ after 13 years..

hiks hiks... im finally back at my office.. alhamdulillah.. i dont really want to post out in my facebook or my blog that im away for a whole week leaving my house (*although there are nothing fancy at my house no gold or diamond to steal.. ) but still i felt it is best not to tell that we are leaving our house for a whole week..

I was in perlis last week.. the whole week.. sunday-friday!!! hiks hiks loving it! and hating it at the same time.. somehow i found my self dreading the idea of teaching... *mind you.. lecturing and tutoring is a very tough job*

we left home on sunday morning approximately 11.15 am.. and reached perlis at half past 5.. ok tu... alhamdulillah..

on the way... managed to get ourself reminiscing-old-time- junk-food.... kekekek sambil makan... sambil nyanyi... *nini cekelat celup.. celup celup....* ahahahahha ... still feel the same... tak berubah... cuma mahal je lah skrg ni..

and we decided to stay at Putra Brasmana Hotel.. about 10 minutes from the UniMAP... The room is SMALL ... but i guess... its okay.. compared to the price they are offering.. nothing fancy... as long as the hotel is clean.. and they serve a fair breakfast.. should be enough..

view from my room... tgh hujan tu kat langkawi...

sampai je kat hotel.. baby take a rest sejam 2.. and then terus kerja.. siapkan design for eureka... hiks hiks.. that night... we went to catch some WC action.. of course.. and watch england being beaten by Germany!!! *sigh* sedih anyway... back to my perlis-week... ok day in day out... it was just routine.. 9-5 teaching session... at night after dinner. i continue to do some preparation for my lecture+tutorial.. :p wek!!! PENAT!!!!

+-+-... finally its friday.. i finish up all the syllabus on thursday.. and manage to get the friday off.. hihi... now the fun part... me hubby and daus.. made our way to padang besar on that friday morning...

all the way to padang besar... it was drizzling... sampai padang besar pun still drizzling... hence... abis sume kedai tak bukak lagi... hiks hiks... ada 3 org yang anciously waiting for these kedai to opened... and of course.. me head the pack! mmg gatal2 dah kaki nak beli2 ... duk pandang jam bile lah kedai ni nak bukak!!... nasib baik lah. ada satu kedai duty free baru bukak separuh... ahaks.. separuh pun separuh la... terus masuk.. cuci2 mata tgk cekelat and perfume.. ( errr not in my priority list pun the perfume sebab bulan lepas baru beli perfume.. and baru dapat satu free) .. kekekek sebab bukak separuh je kedai tu round2 pun tak sampai 15 min... baby pun ajak lah minum2 kat small warong apposite the duty free shop...

kalau kat old town ke apa ke.. mesti dah berapa ringgit kan... this cuppa tea cost me 50 cents... sukeeeeeeeeee...... cawan pon standard old town ok... ahaks.. cuma baby je feel sick after drinking the tea.. *perut org kaya mmg takleh nak minum warong*... ahaks..

keke we had only an hour and a half to shop... kekek i got myself a pretty maxi dress... *suke sgt* but i need to buy a cardigan la for this maxi... kalau tak.. ahahahah jadik matleh la pakek baju bare-back.(ahaha mau my in-law hantar surat layang kalau nampak pakai baju bare-back.. puan Y pun mesti kata... anak dara dia ni dah gile) .. tapi nak kena ada wedges... hiks hiks.. mana mau kebas wedges ye... *ok kena survey few places for a wedges.... * atau kasut sneakers coach yang comel tu *tapping fingers.. bile nak bonus ni....*

last sekali .. on the way back... i stopped at my alma-mater.. MRSM beseri... oh welll.. altho im not into that school... but indeed... it was a good place... and i met many good people.. whom i can call friends..

hiks hiks... i had a good tiring time in perlis... met my classmate.. is and bunga.. and am very glad and happy seeing my beloved friends... with their family... after thirteen years.. .. is dah ada baby errysa.. and bunga and ajan (hiks hiks.. ntah bile lah bunga ni tackle si ajan pun tak tau.. are blessed with two beautiful boys) ... im happy for them.. :) ... and i am very grateful for their dinner treat... thank you guys.

from :) perlis indera kayangan 27/6 - 2/7 2010

with luv.

p/s: i love you baby... thanks for accompanying me.. :) hihi... we'll get that vacation of ours soon yer bebeh... now we have to work.

Thursday, July 01, 2010


hihi finally i got the chance to jot something down this week.. its been really quiet in miszdior world huh...

i usually found that teaching is very tiring.... extremely.. :) tiring... for 5 days.. i have been doing preparation every night .. from 9-5 with 2 hours break daily.. and with aunt flow visiting at the same time... it got tougher... but alhamdulillah... i managed to pull a crowd and one thing most important is that ,... they are capable of doing simulations without me guiding sooo much after the third day of training,....

hiks hiks...

ok im off to bed.. training has taken a toll out of me.. or maybe im gettin old.. or maybe i just slept for few hours yesterday.... waaaaaaaaaaaaa

:) home.. im coming home..