Tuesday, July 20, 2010

news everywhere..

prince court.. managed to get 24mill out of sick people.. they targeted 120 million of sales for the year ending 2010... and to their avail... their '5-star' hospital is not making profit..

:) pelancongan kesihatan... hmmm errr hmm....health as a business... i dont really agree with the concept of high class in term of the bedding quality and all .. a high class hospital is where the mortality rate is low, where people can get good help from good doctor at a reasonable rate (of course you need to understand that the doctors is a human too with necessity and needs)...

if you want to be rich! do business.. you cant be rich being a doctor, engineer, professor, teacher aor lecturers.. because at some extent.. its more of responsibility towards the community...

i say no to overpriced hospital.. whereby the money can be donated to those who r in need.. :)

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