Sunday, July 11, 2010

sinful evening...

i had a great day with hubby today... lama dah tak jalan2 dating2... it has been quite a journey for us these few months... :)

and to think that where we are today... erol n kak ida dah ada baby haikal, mekna and abg adi dah kawen and hope for a good news soon... eventho mekna baru je lepas misconception.. the journey has been good...

baby took me to theobroma chocolate lounge today (kekekek ni kes abg adi.. membawa khabar2 yang indah2 pasal tempat tu... hiks hiks)...

ok.. the name speaks for itself.. the chocolate lounge.. the place was cosy and the chocolate.. kekeke SINFUL!

baby had miss coco a belgian chocolate frappe.. and we opt for the strawberry senstation and a cheese layered cake..

kan.. sinful kan.. stoberry chocolate lagi!!!!... betul la ckp abg adi.. chocolate dia tak berapa manis.. just nice.. *sigh*.. pandang chocolate2 ni buleh demam!!!!

okay.. i need to do some self-reflecting session.. i ate too much.,.. and i need to slow done this two weeks.. hiks hiks... ok.. diet no rice for two weeks statrting tomorow.. and i need to do some exercise..

in the evening.. we went to kak kinah's house for akif birthday makan2... they were a sweet bunch la... suke buat makan2... whats important .. they really have time organising makan2 event.. haih.... bile agaknyer.. nak membesar dan boleh buat makan2 ahahah ajak sedara mara.. right now.. i dont think me and hubby prepare lagi nak buat makan2 and jemput all the families.. hiks hiks... rasa macam tak settle down lagi.. rasa macam we still need to have more time to spend on each other,... hiks hiks.. insyallah.. one day.. bile dah ready... i will make the makan2 session... tiap2 minggu!!! *kekekekke hamek*

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