Wednesday, December 30, 2009

sometimes i'm glad that i live in a very small world.... and i hope that i'll be forever in it.

these past few weeks i came to realized that the world i live in is relatively small compared to others... i dont have to listen to office scandals gossip, when we sit for tea in the afternoon.. the main topic is usually the world current issues.. or just listening to adib's crazy imagination or should i say.. his creative mind, and having a good laugh at uncle zain's . (yes.. he himself.. not his joke or whatever).. ahahaha i dont have to sit with group of makciks.. talking about marriage life(how do you do with your husband in bed (yucks) , scandals and gossips... altho.. i think there are pro's and con's towards it... i only have 3 cousins ( 1 is still in secondary and the other.. i used to carry her around.. so no.. i dont talk scandals to them) mommy hates gossipping and she too dont have much of a friend (a direct result from staying abroad for almost 14 years) and we dont mingle with our relatives well (ahahahaha giler bosan my family) .. and i dont talk about personal things to my sister. i have my sister in-laws to share my passion towards edward cullen. hihi thats all.. altho i think theres a reason Allah place me in such environment... i can be very outspoken. and i hate it.

:) i am grateful. alhamdulillah.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

long weekend.

(the ever loving bunch of baby's famiglia... :) )

indeed it was the longest weekend ever! ahahahah ( not till sunday i realised that time flies and i need more of the weekend!)

i painted a wall blue.. attend hubby baby's classmate wedding.. send off baby messi... ohh. i already miss him.

i have found the use for the salikin sidek's corset.. ahaks.. we have outgrown ourselves.. yucks.. sgt debab!!! ok baby!! we are definitely going to do do soemthing with this overweight thingy! kekeekekkeke i shall not cook! evah!

anyway... new year is around the corner.. and i'll be spending the end of 2009 at tioxide... having a kick off meeting for a protection coordination studies.

yucks! work.. work and work..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

off december! hey January... errrrkkkkk

hmmm... we are reaching the end of 2009!


abang is behaving beautifully (despite the usual EVERY-bad-traits-he-has) .. he is definitely gettin bigger. and i am suddenly feel a little bit scared of him ahahaha ... its the after effect of the bitting-incident i supposed. Messi is still at home waiting for the kind samaritan to pick him up. I got him a ball to play with.. as hubby-baby said... the luckiest cat in the house... not even cookie and joey are allowed to play in the living room.. and there he was.. running here and there... bitting, jumping, scratching... around the house.. oh oh.. adik is pregnant again.. :) ...

last two days.. snowy went missing... she really gave me a fright.!!! im not sure whether she fell off... or she just trying to have fun outside. Alhamdulillah.. we found her.. actually she found abang! (i cant wait to have a house with some land to spare for my cats.. they just love the nature.. )

well.... hmmm... :) what more to say. we might be living one more year in KD. sooooo... i got the permission to 'touch' the house... yippppeeeeeeee atlast! im off to get some paint. put up some pictures on the wall... oh yes!

still no signs of pregnancy. next year maybe. Insyallah.

no sign that the disease is going to get better... and i think it'll get worst... i have to admit... the inner urge to buy anything is very strong inside of me..

hmmm .. :) working on it! im working on it.... miaahahahahahaha

same ol same ol... im stuck in APS for life! *sigh* work meetings and anything for 2010 .. are already in... *big sigh* and doc is leaving the company... actually retiring... (hehehhe oooohhhh i wish i can retire... )

mrs lazy bumm

Sunday, December 13, 2009

cookie and joey turned 8 months.

joey taking the afternoon nap.

cookie.. is investigating baby.

we turned 8.. so do them.

oohhh.. such a beatiful dress isnt it.

love this!!!
and this... nice..

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

baby messi.

t'was my hubby baby that saw him. so small... wondering alone.. and when he was too near to the road.. i have decided that i have to save this kitten. Not a good idea tho. i have 5 cats at home.. and they are already a bundle of joy and a bundle of problem.. hehehehehe... so what i did.. i took baby messi's (yeah.. i called him messi.. due to the small size).. picture, upload to FB and tag every single person i know. (of course at some point FB does not allowed too many tags on a picture.. hihi (tak padan kecik kucing ni.. merayap aje keje nyer.. ).. abang of course being the alpha male in the house become restless and came to check on baby messi... ( i just realised that abang is getting fatter again...) abang is genormous.. FAT.. gemuk! pemalas...

Alhamdulillah, as soon as i upload the picture.. a friend of a friend of mine.. message me.. wanting to adopt baby messi.

next week.. he is going to live miss tania tan. and i could not thank her enuf..

the big fat abang... and my big fat arm.. kekekekke

Monday, December 07, 2009

yerp.. hiks hiks . i m still in love with him. still

haih.. fine call me whatever, but i am definitely in love with edward cullen. rob pattinson isnt that hunk at all compared to jacob.. played by tyler lautner.. (yes.. i definitely think that jacob is more masculine compared to dear edward) anyway.. i think im in love with edward character.. the 109 years ol vampire.. whom i would say.. a man that is out of this world (yes you need to be dead to become THAT romantic) hihi.. of course.. your husband do met some criteria of edward.. but none came close as edward.. he is just perfect.
hiks hiks. perfect in his own world.

anyway, mommys birthday yesterday.. :) as usual.. she's in her own world. keekekek met her for about 1 hour..(kekekek it took longer for me to bake her cake and knead the fondant) then she packed packed and leave for her afternoon with her friends.

i got her natrah ticket,.. glad she loved it. Happy 56th birthday mommy. May Allah blessed you forever and ever..

anyway... New Year is just around the corner.. year comes and year go.... hihi wait till my end of year entry.. Alhamdulillah indeed this is a good year. Hoping for a fantabulous one. we are two this year... will there be the third? or maybe third and fourth (aha!!! i am praying for a twin! hiks hiks gateiii)

praying for something else too.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

two is better than 1

i remember every look upon your face
the way you roll your eyes, the way you taste
you make it hard for breathing
cause when i close my eyes and drift away
i think of you and everything's okay

boys likes girls - new moon OST

Saturday, December 05, 2009

fairy tales.

i am loitering at my own expense .. heheh at home.. (yes yes i loikee) i am in the midst of a very important mission here. Baking mommy's birthday cake... i guess the long awaited december.. arent that fun at all...

anyways, december.. is a month of celebration. my neighbour hiks hiks chacha's birthday today, mommy's birthday on the 6th. My beloved bos birthday on the 7th, adib the wood borer birthday on the 14th, my baby's birthday on the 17th, ismiza's birthday on the 31st.. phuh... hihi.. people that are soo dear to my heart.

work still kept piling up. i dont know where to start.. hihihi.. feels like looking for another job... high pay.. but short working hours..

my fondant was always a success.. BUT ANYWAY!!!! i forgot that my cake is still hot.. and the perfect fondant had just ruined... haih.. so much for a beautiful birthday cake... kekekke anyway .. a lesson well learnt.

i need to start on my protection study very the very soon altho this is the weekend. but hey... still looking forward for what december has install for me.

looking for hope. somewhere.

kekekek eh jap... the topic is about fairy tales ye.. kekekkeke

here comes the fairy tales part.... life is not a fairy tales that always offered an overstated happy endings..