Tuesday, December 08, 2009

baby messi.

t'was my hubby baby that saw him. so small... wondering alone.. and when he was too near to the road.. i have decided that i have to save this kitten. Not a good idea tho. i have 5 cats at home.. and they are already a bundle of joy and a bundle of problem.. hehehehehe... so what i did.. i took baby messi's (yeah.. i called him messi.. due to the small size).. picture, upload to FB and tag every single person i know. (of course at some point FB does not allowed too many tags on a picture.. hihi (tak padan kecik kucing ni.. merayap aje keje nyer.. ).. abang of course being the alpha male in the house become restless and came to check on baby messi... ( i just realised that abang is getting fatter again...) abang is genormous.. FAT.. gemuk! pemalas...

Alhamdulillah, as soon as i upload the picture.. a friend of a friend of mine.. message me.. wanting to adopt baby messi.

next week.. he is going to live miss tania tan. and i could not thank her enuf..

the big fat abang... and my big fat arm.. kekekekke

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