Saturday, December 05, 2009

fairy tales.

i am loitering at my own expense .. heheh at home.. (yes yes i loikee) i am in the midst of a very important mission here. Baking mommy's birthday cake... i guess the long awaited december.. arent that fun at all...

anyways, december.. is a month of celebration. my neighbour hiks hiks chacha's birthday today, mommy's birthday on the 6th. My beloved bos birthday on the 7th, adib the wood borer birthday on the 14th, my baby's birthday on the 17th, ismiza's birthday on the 31st.. phuh... hihi.. people that are soo dear to my heart.

work still kept piling up. i dont know where to start.. hihihi.. feels like looking for another job... high pay.. but short working hours..

my fondant was always a success.. BUT ANYWAY!!!! i forgot that my cake is still hot.. and the perfect fondant had just ruined... haih.. so much for a beautiful birthday cake... kekekke anyway .. a lesson well learnt.

i need to start on my protection study very the very soon altho this is the weekend. but hey... still looking forward for what december has install for me.

looking for hope. somewhere.

kekekek eh jap... the topic is about fairy tales ye.. kekekkeke

here comes the fairy tales part.... life is not a fairy tales that always offered an overstated happy endings..

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