Monday, December 07, 2009

yerp.. hiks hiks . i m still in love with him. still

haih.. fine call me whatever, but i am definitely in love with edward cullen. rob pattinson isnt that hunk at all compared to jacob.. played by tyler lautner.. (yes.. i definitely think that jacob is more masculine compared to dear edward) anyway.. i think im in love with edward character.. the 109 years ol vampire.. whom i would say.. a man that is out of this world (yes you need to be dead to become THAT romantic) hihi.. of course.. your husband do met some criteria of edward.. but none came close as edward.. he is just perfect.
hiks hiks. perfect in his own world.

anyway, mommys birthday yesterday.. :) as usual.. she's in her own world. keekekek met her for about 1 hour..(kekekek it took longer for me to bake her cake and knead the fondant) then she packed packed and leave for her afternoon with her friends.

i got her natrah ticket,.. glad she loved it. Happy 56th birthday mommy. May Allah blessed you forever and ever..

anyway... New Year is just around the corner.. year comes and year go.... hihi wait till my end of year entry.. Alhamdulillah indeed this is a good year. Hoping for a fantabulous one. we are two this year... will there be the third? or maybe third and fourth (aha!!! i am praying for a twin! hiks hiks gateiii)

praying for something else too.


Geleti's Shop said...

beli ticket kt aner? bapa ek?

7's baby said...

beli online. rm150 (tapi ada discount 20%) for senior citizens.