Tuesday, December 29, 2009

long weekend.

(the ever loving bunch of baby's famiglia... :) )

indeed it was the longest weekend ever! ahahahah ( not till sunday i realised that time flies and i need more of the weekend!)

i painted a wall blue.. attend hubby baby's classmate wedding.. send off baby messi... ohh. i already miss him.

i have found the use for the salikin sidek's corset.. ahaks.. we have outgrown ourselves.. yucks.. sgt debab!!! ok baby!! we are definitely going to do do soemthing with this overweight thingy! kekeekekkeke i shall not cook! evah!

anyway... new year is around the corner.. and i'll be spending the end of 2009 at tioxide... having a kick off meeting for a protection coordination studies.

yucks! work.. work and work..

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