Monday, March 31, 2008

me at berjaya....

hiks hiks... the view from my room..... arrived in langkawi approximately at 8.00 pm... i was exhausted from the weekend activities.. (paint the house!) anyway... when your whole body is aching... its not good to travel by plane... i was sick last nite... i was trembling and sweating (ahahahaha agak 18sx bunyinyer.. but believe me its the most horrible thing one can expereince.. take the advise! )

ok.. i was assign to room no. 4133... berjaya resort hotel = HUTAN BELANTARA... i was like ' OMG!!!! you are not going to put me in this place...!!!' to make things worst... the bell boy was asking me two three times whether i am sure of staying there alone!!!! it was in the middle of nowhere.. no one nearby! and its DARK!!!!! hiks hiks.. it only took me 5 minutes before i call in the reception and ask for a room transfer... i practically BEG! ahahah and they let me to change the room! aha! they put me near the executive suites.. with almost-sea-view room! well that is good enuf!!!!!! .. and with my aching heart (yeah!!!! because of that jual ikan boy! yeah you! evil spirit rafiddoi) and my aching body ( i wonder nnt time nak kawen.. sure lagi penat) ... i went to sleep!!!!!!

i will continue later as i need to have my dinner!!!! yeay!!!!! besh besh!!! but i wish baby is here with me!!!

owh i will write about the never-ending-bukit-bendera-jinx!!!! later..
baby.. i love yu and i miss you... and i dunt know what's my finger size is... GO FIGURE!!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

its friday again!


DrM speaks up on Rulers and politicians: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

PETALING JAYA (March 27, 2008): A Concerned Malaysian has expressed his worry over the role being played by Sultans in the appointment of the Mentri Besar.

His Royal Highnesses have clearly refused to take the advice of the Chief Minister i.e. the Prime Minister. Instead, they have chosen on their own a member of the state legislature to head the Government.

We hear a lot of opinions on the propriety of the action by the Sultan. Some say he has the right to do this while others point out that as a constitutional ruler, he could not do this.
The Constitution says that the Ruler or Head of State must choose the elected member who enjoys the support of the majority of members in the legislative body to be the Prime Minister or the Mentri Besar. Subject to this provision, the Ruler it is who chooses and appoints the Prime Minister or Mentri Besar.

The Prime Minister, as Prime Minister, has no role in the choice of the State Mentri Besar or Ketua Menteri. His naming of candidate who should be the Mentri Besar is purely a party matter. Obviously, if the State is captured by the Opposition Party, he cannot name the candidate.

However, if the Ruler chooses someone who does not enjoy majority support, he could be deposed at a sitting of the legislative body through a vote of "no confidence".
After that, another member can be appointed by the Ruler to take his place. But if for some reason, there is no other candidate or the candidate with majority support is considered unsuitable by the Ruler, a new Government cannot be formed. The Ruler may then dissolve the legislative body and a new election may be held.
This new election may lead to the same impasse. The Ruler may not like the member with majority support.

However, it should be noted that this kind of thing had never happened during the premiership of the four previous Prime Ministers. Concerned Malaysians should wonder why.
Is it just that the particular Ruler is being difficult, unwilling to accept the principles of democracy, wanting to return to feudalism and the absolute authority of the monarch?
I do not think so. There must be a reason why the Ruler refuses to accept the candidate named by the party. But the Ruler chooses not to reveal the reasons and indulge in public debates. He merely expresses his displeasure by refusing to do what normally the Rulers would do.
Concerned Malaysians must ask what has the particular candidate done which is so wrong that it incurs the displeasure of the Ruler.

There are lots of talks in the town. Terengganu is blessed with petroleum deposits. It should get 5% of the total earning from oil production. The Federal Government; fearing the previous PAS government might use this money wrongly had withheld payment.
But when the Barisan Nasional (BN) regained Terengganu the money, now called "Wang Ehsan", was lavishly spent by the Federal Government on Terengganu. It is not a small sum. Over these years "Wang Ehsan" totalled several billion.

We know that since the BN regained Terengganu in 2004, all kinds of projects have been developed in Terengganu. This includes The Monsoon Cup, luxury housing for sale to foreigners, Crystal Mosque and theme park, university, etc. Some of these projects are very good but many are totally unnecessary and wasteful.

But what the Terengganu people are saying is that all these mega projects costing billions of Ringgit have been contracted out to people outside Terengganu. Terengganu contractors got practically nothing.

But additionally, they say the contracts all went to one person and they are suspicious that behind this person are members of the first family.The rumours also say that the previous Mentri Besar was responsible for these things happening and of course, they think that he might have benefited financially.

The rumours went on to say that the Prime Minister might have influenced the Mentri Besar into doing wrong things. These are all rumours. It will be quite impossible to prove anything as the perpetrators are skilled in hiding themselves.
This is not good for a Government keen to abolish corruption and be transparent. To clear its name, an investigation should be made.

But the public is leery of investigations by Government agencies and departments. Even Royal Commissions are not highly regarded. The people believe, not true of course, that the Government has been interfering with the work of the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA), the Police and the Attorney General (A-G)'s Chambers. The say this is borne out by the results of investigations by these agencies.

When a Deputy Minister was accused of accepting money for the release of a detainee, the A-G said there was no case because the detainee said he did not give any money to the Deputy Minister. It is so easy. If you have a case involving someone, all the enforcement agencies need to do is to ask him whether he was involved. If he says "no", then there is no case.
For some reason, judges are finding that people accused of murder are not guilty because of insufficient evidence by the police. Yet people who are totally not involved in a case, who were not accused of any misdeeds and who did not appear in court at all and been given a hearing are found guilty and publicly condemned.

The public cannot be blamed for not having faith in Government agencies doing investigations. The public cannot be blamed for suspecting cover-ups by the Government or worse still the Government may be using these enforcement agencies to threaten people.
To clear its good name, the Government should get credible foreign agencies to do the investigation. Of course, they must be given full access to the documents etc.

Now my detractors are going to say I did worse things when I was Prime Minister. Well, if that is so, let us have the foreign agencies investigate me also. I am aware that people are looking into possible misdeeds by me during my 22 years so as to threaten me and ask me to shut up. So far they have not found anything.

Not only have I not taken anything that was not due to me while I was Prime Minister but I have given back to the Government and the people everything that I had received as gifts during my tenure of office. The Government had offered me land in Kedah and Langkawi and I had refused to accept. I have a 5-acre plot in Putrajaya which I paid for even though the Government was offering it to me free.

Unless there is a frame-up, I think there should be nothing to pin on me. Even other accusations against me, including the dismissal of judges, were not my doing and I do not feel obliged to apologise. Ask the Tribunal to apologise. The person asking that the Government should apologise for what happened to Tun Salleh Abbas may have forgotten that as President of the Muslim Lawyers Association, he fully supported the action that was taken. He castigated the Bar Council for condemning Tun Hamid Omar over the dismissal of judges. Now he wants to be more correct than correct. I wonder why.

Thursday, March 27, 2008



Kau begitu sempurna
Dimataku kau begitu indah
kau membuat diriku
akan slalu memujamu

Disetiap langkahku
Kukan slalu memikirkan dirimu
Tak bisa kubayangkan hidupku tanpa cintamu

Janganlah kau tinggalkan diriku
Takkan mampu menghadapi semua
Hanya bersamamu ku akan bisa


Kau adalah darahku
Kau adalah jantungku
Kau adalah hidupku
Lengkapi diriku
Oh sayangku, kau begitu
Sempurna.. Sempurna..

Kau genggam tanganku
Saat diriku lemah dan terjatuh
Kau bisikkan kata dan hapus semua sesalku

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

saya mahu ke US...

i have about 4 months to master PSS/E hiks hiks... InsyAllah.. I think i am very capable of doing that!....

but then again.. looking at the 2007/2008 work plan.. the team is already packed with projects! no way they are letting me off to the states! *sob! *sob! ... its like takpelah.... maybe later.. but i will master PSS/E in due time!

TNB are opening places for PEP (pssttt and they already increased the wages i've heard and they opened for age <30!) ... kikikik rase mcm nk masuk jer.... dah tua ada pencen, dapat TNB nyer saham... wah wah wah.... benefits for husband and children (medical), pinjaman loan pun senang sebab semi government.... but............ TNB = Tak Nak Bekerja! cant go anywhere... and I have no reason to leave APS.. and that the fact that i am still bonded! woootttt!!!!!!???? I almost forgot that i have anothe 3 years in APS... working for my bosses.. i am blissful... but tebotw....

mood: happy! like always
current activity: TRV study for Gebeng

p/s: baby is under the weather!... he is now.. foxy-baby! dipercayai boleh makan org bile2 masa ajer....

I month in counting!!!!

omg! omg!... its like a month from now!. *ngeeeeeee

Monday, March 24, 2008

baby.. jgn lah delete gambar .. kekekeke.. my F1 part 2!

part 2: as planned we walked back to the mall area to have something to eat.. we have fish and chips on our mind ... like the one we had last year!... anyhow, this year unfortunately, they are not serving any fish and chips.. ke dah habes? anyway, one thing that we've noticed is the price hike! from RM25/set last year shoot up to RM75/set! it was trebled! i wonder do we have to pay 150/set next year.. hmmmmmm

(*** disclaimer: this blogging activity was conducted during the PSCAD/EMTDC course.. kekekk me walking back and fro.. teaching people how to use PSCAD, and while i am having Gebeng substation capacitor bank energization simulation running! so no harm was introduced to degrade my work quality or effectiveness.erkekeke poyos.. sooo jgn marah aaa baby... mengantuk ... n i tend to like tmultitasking...)

Ayu and najmi

after the race we make our way to abang's house.. dah macam tradition plak.. balik F1 gi lepak umah abang... everytime pun kene minum air bujang yang tak baper bujang abang! erkekekekeke anyway, abang showed us his picture! my goodness! abang nyer very expensive hobby! he showed us his picture collections! from jakarta to bali!... jeles jeles jeles..... k lah cemni kite kene beli gak lah dslr! mana bleh jadik.. sume org ada!... kekekeke

to make the day better... we going home to watch super sunday! boohooo! sob! sob! just to witnessed man u menang bergayer.. and my anak anak bunny kene stomp stomp ngan chelsea! demmit!.. haih pok asing! rase mcm nak tampo tampo mulut gallaz pun ada gak... hiks hiks .. anyway.. our day has never been better! till next year ...
au revoir! F1

F1 part 1

What a day it was! My weekend has never been better, although I have to admit there was a friction between me and baby on Saturday.. in which I have to admit it is soul-ly my fault. I should have known by now what makes you comfortable and what not. Anyhoo, Alhamdulillah… nothing serius.. we had a fun time afterwards and I am sorry for being such a cry baby! I am sorry .. I really do…, then tibe2 kak niza call and offers us F1 tickets, we had several tickets sources for today actually.. ayu’s tickets… abang tickets (huh seb baik kak niza bg! Kekeke kalau tak! Kene pretend demam).. hiks hiks.. rezeki2… anyway,… we chose to be seated at K1 instead.. hiks hiks the one yang kak niza bagi.. (thank youssssss ;) ) anyway.. this year mmg all the tickets last2 minute… but then next year.. insyallah.. kalau nak beli.. we have to plan early …
The K1 tix!

But as for now, I will remain enjoying baby’s privilege… mashih baby!...
Okay, the thing with F1 is that it is very hot! I do live in Malaysia.. but then again.. The climate is certainly much different.. Maybe because it is such a very wide open space! Humidity makes it worst! Anyhoo.. I survived.. with sunburned and lethargy-ness due to the hot weather!

Okay, we (me,baby and najmi) reached SIC approximately at noon… First stop! Saya mau ke kedai BMW dan membeli beg idaman.. too bad this year the design wasn’t pretty enuf like last year! But I was adamant to get the bag! Tiba2! Jeng.. jeng .. jeng… ku tiada cash!!!! Urghhhh punyerlah sombong ngan baby kata nevermind I got my own cash! Hukhukhuk… *** keting keting keting.. me ran away from the BMW booth… with head down.. thinking hard, where to find an atm machine!! Kekekek *** lalu baby menghulurkan bantuan.. and he get me the bag! Mashih lagi sekali yer baby!.. (*** I’ll pay you later ekekekekekek )

my baby and his mercedes benz.. ahaks...

3,2,1! Go!!!! Hiks hiks.. and 56 laps later! Kimi raikonen won the race! But anyway it wasn’t up to my expectation! Anyway.. it wasn’t the best race! I expect soo much more! I expect there will be more action… massa over steering act was too lame .. kikiki


Friday, March 21, 2008

The gardens

TGIF! yep yep.. thank god its friday!... anyway... i wasnt planning to come to work.. but then again i feel a little bit reluctant to abandoned my WORK! hiks hiks i love my job! i love it! crazy over it!

okay.. we went to check out The Gardens @ midvalley! well verdict: 3/5 hiks hiks.
off to buy my perfumes.. i wanted to get myself a Dior Shine... but then the devil has made me buying Dior Shine and Dior Addict 2! OMG! kekeke bebek pun sgt sporting membenarkan saya membeli dua botol perfume itu!

GSC signature premier cinema was up to the expectation, and the Italiannies @ the gardens was something different than the one in the curve (i thnk! keke never been there) here's some picture... its kinda romantic place to have your dinner! hiks hiks

after dinner we went to get baby's nyer perfume lak... he chose Mont Blanc Starwalker! kekeke i like the smell.. sweet but manly! soo... two down! plenty more to go! next.. Love&Co.

anyway.. we wnet shopping at the supposed to be high-end shopping mall.. dgn memakai baju yang huduh2.. sampai org sume takmo layan! kekekeke... fun lah looking at people sometimes!
weekend! saya mau gi tgk F1 and beli bag laptop idaman! hiks hiks............ and buy the rest of the stuff for baby! susah nak pinang anak raja jembal ni!

Monday, March 17, 2008


he wets! everywhere anywhere he likes....
non-stop eating machines!
he sleeps more than the usual cats..
he sings.. in the morning, afternoon.. at nite... whenever he wants..
he demanded to be combed!
but yet.. we still love him soo dearly

dinner at MARCHe!

hiks hiks my monday morning entry!!!.. tired of going to our usual ROMA's! we had our celebration dinner yesterday! celebrating?!!! wooot!!!! *teeheeee *smile *smile *grin *grin celebrating love and life ahead! (owkay.. i may sound a wee bit more love sick pathetic phat lady for the next 6 weeks)

so.. nothing for entree.. since both of us are way too starving!.... baby had lamb shank and me treat meself with a grilled chicken breast! and we had choc mouse for desert! and couple of dinner rolls..

i saw baby's approvals on marche! he likes the place .. hiks hiks.. and i like it when he likes the place i chose! :)

well i'm off.. kekekek i have many things to write.. but then again later!!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


my first attempt in getting my abang to be in touch with his feminin side erkekekeke sorry baby... i can thelp it! kkekekek dia nakal sgt these few days! ahaks....


saya takup.. agak gementar.... 8 months is way too short! cemana ke?
i cant even think of planning in 8 months!

how do people done it? how can one survive?....

Anyway, things are very well in order now! the recent event has proved that i really dunt belong to that group of people! i am back to where i belong! i have put balanced back in the world! i even beg the elders.. dunt make me befriend with this people again.. kekekekekek OMG stop it!

mommy is having a bowling game with her bos up in third floor! baby is in kemaman.. washing dishes!!! ahaks... well baby... just wait .. in 8 months these lad will definitely be washing dishes plak! ekekekek nak ke bob? mau ke mau ke? tak mau kene paksa!

in 4 months i will be aunty... in 3 months i will be defending my thesis...InsyAllah! .. and semoga business baby berkembang pesat! hiks hiks....

anyway.. picture of the day! me giving banana to horton!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Transient Recovery Voltage

well let's see if i can write down my work in this blog... what do i do for a living?
i conduct studies.. the words manifest itself! ahaks.. what type of study do i do? I do electrical transient studies... Electrical transient is a phenomena that occurs during an instant change of a circuit condition... erm... for example.. during switching'on' and 'off' of a lightbulb.. well analogicly, when a wave hit a cliff... the water will jump higher than the initial wave hitting the cliffs! so during switching there are always a probability of overvoltage... somtimes the overvolatge could go as high as twice the initial value... thus, this phenomena creates the transient phenomena concerns over the ELECTRICAL community!

Saying that the phenomena concerns during the sudden/instant change of the circuit condition, the related duration constitutes only up to miliseconds...

so, how do i do the study? i simulate the condition... since every medium in the world can be represented by something else ( which exhibits the same nature ) .. i model the real world using a computer software --- and i construct a condition that may represent a transient state! voila!

at the end of the study... i will analyse the results.. gives recommendation.. and conclude!

my work is to study? how terible one life could be huh! ahaks... i remembered the day i drop down and cry sooo hard in glasgow.. alone.. telling myself that i had enuf of studying! i wanna go home and work! ( err btw working will require you to do less thinking... but this type of work.. hukhuk *sob! *sob!)

owkay.. enuf of complaining!!! and do your work!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

panic at no9

kak noni was admitted at DEMC on tuesday! mommy was frantic over the matter! malas nak tulis panjang2 since i am too tired to think.. kkekeke here's some pictures ekekek.. semlm pun birthday AUNTY! yeppy birthday aunty!!

abg shahrul kata ... habis je masuk drip ngan air doktor.. terus masukkan air kopi n milo... dianak bg baby dlm perut rase! yeah rite! ekekekeke ... she was discharged this morning...

to baby ariq (if u r a boy) or baby sofea batrisya (if u r a girl) please be strong! we are waiting for you impatiently!
love: ur aunties n uncles

Monday, March 10, 2008

MOnday Morning in The office!

its 2 am!!! stret from JB to APS.. urrrkkkk.... btw, nik's wedding was .... beautiful,fun,chaotic,tiring+++ will write about it later.. right now! i am super tired of the travelling and driving (ehem yeah! finally he gave his trust for me to drive long distance! thank u yer baby....) and I am sorry, i have to include my never ending work during Nik's wedding.. maybe next time yerr... seb baik everyone was feeling the same.. tired and super exhausted! kalau tak sure dah jadi the best party pooper ever! hiks hiks
i am going to have some rest! 3 days of capacitor course! next week there will be a pscad course! bile lah nak abes keje? bile ? bile? ekekeekekeke (erk.. tu course .. project on going gak! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhh)nanges * air mata meleleh leleh... * lap hingus * air mata still meleleh kikikikiki

Friday, March 07, 2008


I am without a doubt are super-duper-perr busy this month! (aha! so what am i doing here? hey.. havent you people learnt bout the productivity curve..... i am at the recharging state!was hoping the company would send me to some inspirational courses.. HAH! not in a million years.. motivate yourself dear as TIME is GOLD!!)..

i was blog hoping.. to the usual fav blogs of mine, kak d's, MM .. blogs yang make you appreciate life soo much! though i sometimes find myself arguing about their thoughts especially MM's...

kak d wrote about SAD! aha.. most anticipated word of the month!...

SAD....bereaved, bitter, blue, cheerless, dejected, depressed, desolate, despairing, despondent, disconsolate, dismal, distressed, doleful, down, forlorn, gloomy, glum, grief-stricken, heartbroken, heavy-hearted, low, lugubrious, melancholy, miserable, morbid, morose, mournful, pensive, pessimistic, regrettable, sombre, sorry, sorrowful, troubled, unhappy, wistful, woebegone..

i am without a doubt are very sad for the things had happened lately, but atleast... it makes you realise about the bigger picture and what have been left out... ahaks, i was having a discusssion with baby last two nites.. yup.. i should be 'angried' by certain people! that is without a doubt like what baby always told me.. its true! bitter but true.. .. and yes .. i have to admit it.. but that doesnt include TEBOTW rights...

.. no matter how much u knew about a person darkest secret it'll remain a secret... not because it cant be told... but no one cares if its been told! every little thing will be denied! and you'll end up looking like a very envy person! huh.. dia dengki jer tuh! ahaks .. so at the end why bother.. when at first it seems to be a very honourable things to do to a friend.. it will always ended in such a catasthrophic manner! if telling a secret to someone just to have that someone to be blamed for later in life.. then i think - this bonding-ice-breaking activity should not be excercise by a human being at all! because secrets are not meant to be tell... ahaks!

should a person feels appreciated if people come and share their feelings and thoughts?CERTAINLY NO! it'll be lifelong burden! (anyhoo there's rules and regulations to be symphaty and emphaty!)
but dont get me wrong!... when the person meant soo dearly to you.. it is such and honourable deed to do.. take me for instant! i will try to share everything with baby... and i want him to make me his pillar of strength...

owkay back to my main SAD story...Some people feel sad when they are weighed down by something in the past or present time, while others feel sad when anxious of their future. Regardless of what the source of your sadness may be, the idea is to not let it get to you.

kak d said...fill the heart with all of the opposite: feeling of gladness (syukr), joy, optimism and carefree. 'Aaidh Abdullah al-Qarni (2003)suggests keeping oneself active doing good deeds because "idleness is destructive". .. I am surely in the opposite mode of idle...

anyway, i am at my working mode back! need to settle few things for my boss to look at! maybe.. and maybe i have to come to work tomorow!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! before making my way to JB for nik's wedding! last but not least...

Jika bersedih

Panggillah jiwamu dengan harapan sebagai janji

Karena kebaikan bagi jiwa adalah janji

Jadikan harapanmu menjadi perisai atas serangan putus asamu

Hingga waktu akan menghapus kesedihan itu

Tutuplah dirimu terhadap orang yang sering duduk bersamamu

Karena mereka selalu iri dan mendengki

Tak usah khawatirkan akan terjadi sesuatu

Sebab itu akan membuat orang yang hidup mati sebelum kematian itu sendiri

Kesedihan itu tidak akan abadi

Seperti juga kesenangan juga tidak akan lestari

Kalau saja bukan karena hal yang memengaruhi jiwa

Pasti tak ada kehidupan yang lurus bagi orang yang terjaga

(la tahzan, DR. ‘Aidh al Qarni)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

my first slideticker!


its already in the mid-week... erk!!!! still too many to catch up.. was a bit lost these few months with unnecessary things.. and now, i have let all the crap behind.. just to finish my work and start on a new project!!! off to JB this weekend for nik aka gdog wedding! yeay! dah mcm yearly event plak.. asal awal tahun je kite gi jalan ke JB... anyway... anyway.. both of us have worked soo hard this week! dah baper hari tak tido mlm bebek... kekekek takpe its all worth it! sem ni dah cuti buat master! so next sem kene daftar balik dah! ekekekek sebab dah janji nak buat phd before 30 jadi kene jadik rajin lah this year! sigh! a BIG SIGH! malas melanda!!!!!! hukhuk
anyway, anyway, this month byk betul bende nk buat b... nik's wedding, langkawi, F1, shopping erkekeke.... saya mau itu beg bmw! bmw! bmw! saya mau! saya mau! n bmw lanyard! kikikikikik.... n kali nih tanya uncle klu tetibe dia nk bg paddock ticket! but have to sacrifice 90k! tidak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muerkekeke ...

Monday, March 03, 2008

its MONDAY!!!!

well... what a good way to start your monday!... PROCASTINATE! ahaks.... weekend was GREAT!.. friday was filled with love... saturday.. Great War of the MOUSTACHE! and sunday... what a day to spend and spend....(pssstt... we even went to see THE ring!! should have seen me GRINNing from ear to ear. gosh cant blame that woman in me.. diamonds gosh.. it was perfect... gosh....) anyway anyway... thanks for the flower! and the theatre! love it... want to do it again and again with you! tho i think i almost kill you! J.Co trip was disastrous! and yesterday! i went back with a full-very-the-very-guilty stomach! (pssssttt... did u notice yang.. abg pejal kata saya kuwus ahahahah) ITS CRIMSON RED!... my flower! its CRIMSON RED.. and i love it... and it still blooming well at no.9... i was about to write a very long entry today.. but guilt is here.. and i have to continue my WORK... aaaaaaaaaaa...

reaction: down on my knee... up on cloud nine!
pending item: need to see the taylor fast!
Fav. place of the month: Baskin Robbin

Coming event: Nik's wedding JB!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Bring me flowers

Bring me flowers
I haven't got a clue if you're the one
But I like you, and ooh I like how you make me feel
I wanna do this right
Dont wanna waste this night
But I'm drowning
Drowning in your love

Bring me flowers and talk for hours
ooh I like you, and ooh I like how you make me feel
Kiss my face, your warm embrace
ooh I like you, and ooh I like how you make me feel

Im a little scared to hold you close
Cause I just might never ever let you go
Caught up in your smile, Im happy as a child
But Im still drowning, drowning in your love

Bring me flowers and talk for hours
ooh I like you, and ooh I like how you make me feel
Kiss my face, your warm embrace
ooh I like you, and ooh I like how you make me feel

You'reheart gives for nothing in return
And Im just taking, taking you in
Caught up in your smile,
Im happy as a child
But Im still drowning, drowning in your love

Bring me flowers, and talk for hours
ooh I like you, and ooh I like how you make me feel
Kiss my face, your warm embrace
ooh I like you, and ooh I like how you make me feel