Monday, March 17, 2008

dinner at MARCHe!

hiks hiks my monday morning entry!!!.. tired of going to our usual ROMA's! we had our celebration dinner yesterday! celebrating?!!! wooot!!!! *teeheeee *smile *smile *grin *grin celebrating love and life ahead! (owkay.. i may sound a wee bit more love sick pathetic phat lady for the next 6 weeks)

so.. nothing for entree.. since both of us are way too starving!.... baby had lamb shank and me treat meself with a grilled chicken breast! and we had choc mouse for desert! and couple of dinner rolls..

i saw baby's approvals on marche! he likes the place .. hiks hiks.. and i like it when he likes the place i chose! :)

well i'm off.. kekekek i have many things to write.. but then again later!!!!


Akinogal said...
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did.i said...

well.. it seems ada gak yang tinggalkan blog comments as virus!.. so be careful!
*shuh *go avay! *go