Sunday, February 28, 2010

oohh one of my bunny had a broken leg!

(picture taken from

oohhh i almost cried last night.. pity him.. and he is just 19.. get well soon.. if eduardo can do it.. you can do it too!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

me and the one who sings "sempurna"

me+chacha+andra and the backbone (the one who sings sempurna) at hard rock cafe jakarta

OMG.. i know its somewhat 4 months ago!! and i am sooooo fat at that time.. wawawawa nangisssss!!! but definitely andra (checkered shirt) and the backbone was awesome! and they really can sing..


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ish ish ish..

hehehhe i am not those type of person that will dwell on others life.. I DONT CARE! but i cannot stop people from dwelling into mine kan! hiks hiks..

I know i need to use LOADS of money.,... thus i work very extremely hard. I earn every penny that i spent on my self, on my family, my cats and others.. so i dont really keen on people asking about money... its not my priority.. ada byk. i spend byk.. takde duduk diam diam sudeyyy... I never once asked my friend how much they make every month.. not even my husband.. *there! it should explain my level of ignorance towards money and people*

The moral of the story is.. org kerja sebab nak carik rezeki.. kekekek kalau rezeki dah melimpah ruah tapi nak keje lagi tu.. ahahah depends..

i am quite disappointed with people. but ye lah.. typical people selalu tanya.. tak salah pun. typical lah tapi.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

snake and ladder!

pic. taken from

bila sekumpulan org org dewasa bermain dam ulor!! byk mende pelik yang berlaku (i cant get cik leena's mandrem dance out of my head just yet)!! ahahahaha i just need to put this entry on my blog.. for remembrance.

lepas ni kita try main snap plak!.. semoga kurus tgn ko kena penyek cik leena!

luv you guys to bits.. and to abg adi.. tima kasih belanja perut kami berdua dari kaki ayam sehingga ke eskem VIP Camel and semoga murah rezeki kita sume sume.... TAPI enjin kelisa tetap kena angkat kalau nak pasang timing belt.


Monday, February 22, 2010

its those time of month when you feel *#^%^!!

kekkeke some said your PMS will get milder when you r married..

noo.. as i get older and married.. my PMS's getting weirder and the feeling is (#&($^&#@!!! I am feeling sluggish... temperamental definitely.. sulky.. etc etc.. and i was about ready to cry a river over a SANDWICH! hiks hiks... its only a sandwich.. and of course.. i can get it anytime i want.. (but of course i want it there and then)

but of course.. I am not wrong nor right this morning! :P

kikikiki anyway..taiping trip had me gained another 1.5kG.. (ok ok definitely need to cry a river), Oh my Dior!!!

now as i sitting at my desk. contemplating on which work to be done first.. i managed to pre-ordered 2 maxi dress (my first time buying clothes.. over the internet) ..

i guess.. need to kiss my branded clothes goodbye (the designed seems to be outdated and the color is just horrendous ).. and say Hello to Internet Cool dresses! hiks hiks But I will NEVER say goodbye to COACH! not just yet.. and the Dior Make-ups.. not yet!!! not yet... and i just cant.. muahahahha

now i need to find a good tailor to make my baju kurung..

p/s: im still drooling over the chanel jumbo.. (istighfar byk byk cik iykin)

oohh.. need to get my hand on Dior Poison hmm tendre or midnight.. keekek

Thursday, February 18, 2010


i am

:) i have a new passion.. drool..

yikes! we almost reach the end of february! how time flies.. and I havent done much of the things that i wanted pon!!bohoooo!!! yep.
last month and early this month it was all about sabah.. and the travelling will start again soon. Hubby baby is currently planning to take over the world! (gud luck ye bek...)

still.. im experiencing upset stomach.. maybe because of yesterday's interview... tele-conferencing is a big no-no for me!!! urghhhhhhhhh

with the never ending work piling on my desk... hiks hiks.. bilah lah nak bonus ni.. i am sitting in front of my laptop and drooling over coach's latest design... POppy!!! drool again... and i am drooling for chanel jumbo!!

hiks hiks.. keep-on-drooling!!!! ahahaha

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

urrghhh.... i will still with anxiety disorder.

i should have done better last night... urghhhh nak nangis ayaq mata darah pun takleh dah... huwaaaaaaa

i wish there's no one.. gonna beat me to it.. urgh... anxiously waiting for next week.. but i doubt i ace it.

hukhuk.. there goes my chance..

Monday, February 15, 2010

4 mondays!!

hiks hiks.. as cik lina would have said.. lagi 4 kali isnin!! then she'd be puan lina.. ehem.. altho i have to admit.. having people calling you puan is somewhat.. hmmmm kekekekke tak best. I dont like to be called puan in a meeting.. makes me feel.. old and clumsy. ahahahaha.

8kgs in 4 weeks.. adoi.. hiks hiks i will not stop trying.. to date i have lost 4 kgs. but gaining another kg last week.. (i hate travelling.. and heavy night supper.. now i really need to run about 20km to shed those heavy suppers).. nangis nangis!!! bila nak gi lari? with this kind of weather!!! when!! when!!! i really need to hit the gym!! (tak sedar diri..) ah well hopefully pilattes

anyways... is it a trend nowadays.. for married couple to behave like teenagers? i mean go clubbing and all? am i being uptight? maybe i am... i dont think it is advisable if you are already married and have children and still embracing clubbing life.. what??!! hahahaha let go of the life.. you can actually be hype and cool doing other things.. doing outdoor activities and all.. atleast .... the least these young parents can do.. avoiding their children doing the same mistake they used to do.. if we dont put a stop on this thing who will?

ah well.. maybe im uptight. no fun.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

its a holiday... and i'm bored.

kekekeek i am plain human.. tell me that to my face.. ihiks ihiks.. im itching going back to the office..

anyway.. I am those people who gazetted my own holiday.. i hate the predetermined holiday.. hiks hiks.. i will take a break when i feel like to.

haaiiihh.. hiks hiks.. and soon you'll be reading that im screaming for a break.. hiks hiks ah welll thats me.. im just plain human..

anyway.. im bored. period.

I am off to work tomorow.. hiks hiks aps here i come.

Friday, February 12, 2010

husband Vs. Wife pt.2

A Wife's Basic Rights Regarding Her Husband's Behavior

taken from:

NOTE: This is distinct from her other rights regarding living expenditures, housing, clothing, and education of children. And from Allah comes all success.

1. The first and worthiest condition of marriage to be fulfilled by the husband is to "keep the promise or promises he made to the wife at the time he married her." This is an order of the Prophet [salla Allahu `alayhi wa alihi wa sallam, abbr. (s)] according to the hadith: "ahaqqu al-shuruti an tufu bihi ma astahlaltum bihi min al-furuj"

2. He cannot order her to do anything that is against religion. The Prophet (s) said: "No obedience is due to creatures in disobedience of the Creator" (la ta`atan li makhluqin fi ma`siyat al-khaliq).

3. He must exercise patience and be prepared to listen to her advice in every situation. The Prophet (s) listened to the advice of his wives in matters ranging from the smallest to the greatest.

4. If she invites him to wake up and perform the late night prayer, it is praiseworthy for him to do so and vice-versa. The Prophet (s) prayed for such people: "May Allah grant mercy to a man who gets up at night and prays, and wakes up his wife, and if she refuses, he sprinkles water in her face; may Allah grant mercy to a woman who gets up at night and prays, and wakes up her husband, and if he refuses, she sprinkles water in his face."

5. He must respect her and pay attention to her needs so that she will respect him and pay attention to his.

6. He must control his passions and act in a moderate manner especially in the context of sexual intercourse. Remember that Allah has placed between you and her "friendship and mercy" (mawadda wa rahma), not the gratification of your every lust; and that the Prophet (s) advised young men to marry "because it casts down the gaze and walls up the genitals," not in order to stimulate sexual passions. The husband should habitually seek refuge in Allah before approaching his wife and say: "O Allah, ward off the satan from us and ward him off from what you have bestowed upon us in the way of children" (allahumma jannibna al-shaytana wa jannibhu ma razaqtana). Allah has called each spouse a garment for the other (2:187), and the purpose of garments is decency. The Prophet (s) further said that he who marries for the sake of decency and modesty (`afaf), Allah has enjoined upon Himself to help him.

7. He must never ever divulge the secrets of the household and those of the married couple.

8. He must strive with sincerity to acquire her trust, and seek her welfare in all the actions that pertain to her.

9. He must treat her generously at all times. The Prophet (s) said that the best gift or charity (sadaqa) is that spent on one's wife.

10. If she works outside the house, it is praiseworthy for the husband to hire house help to relieve her from too heavy a burden. The wife's duties do not require her to feed her child, nor even to nurse it, nor to clean nor cook. It is the husband's duty to provide a nursemaid, food for older children, and servants to clean and cook. However, if the wife does those things out of mercy and love, it is a gift to the husband on her part.

11. He must avoid excessive jealousy and remember that Allah is also jealous that he himself not commit. The Prophet (s) said: "Do not be excessively jealous of your wife lest evil be hurled at her on your account" (la tukthir al-gheerata `ala ahlika fa turama bi al-su'i min ajlik) and he said: "Allah is jealous and the believer is jealous; and Allah's jealousy is that the believer should not go to that which Allah has forbidden for him" (inna Allaha yagharu wa al- mu'minu yagharu wa gheerat Allahi in ya'tiya al-mu'minu ma harrama `alayhi).

12. He must protect her honor and not place her in situations where it is compromised or belittled. The Prophet (s) said that Allah will not ever let him enter Paradise who cares little who shares his wife's privacy. This includes the husband's brother, uncle, and nephew, let alone non-related friends, neighbors, and complete strangers.

13. He must exercise patience and forgiveness in the case of disagreement or dispute, and not rush to divorce. The declaration of divorce is a grave matter indeed, and the Prophet (s) said: "Of permitted matters the most loathesome before Allah is divorce" (abgh`ad al-halal `ind Allah al-talaq). In another hadith he said that divorce is so grave that because of it Allah's throne is made to shake. He said: "The best intercession [i.e. intervention of a third party] is that which brings back together the husband and the wife." Womanizing -- divorce for the purpose of marrying another woman out of sexual attraction incurs Allah's curse according to the hadith: "Allah's curse is on the womanizing, divorcing man" (la`ana Allahu kulla dhawwaaqin mutallaaq). Finally, even in the midst of and after divorce, Allah has prescribed kindness upon the man: "(After pronouncing divorce) she must be retained in honor or released in kindness" (2:228).

For the above-mentioned reason (i.e. to prevent the quickness of divorce), in his time, Ibn Taymiyya gave the ijtihad (juridical opinion) by saying that three talaqs in one sitting constituted only one. He did this to interdict the prevalent custom of suddenly giving three talaqs, which in his time was on everyone's lips, (i.e. had become so commonplace as to be a habit). However the other four schools of fiqh had the opposite opinion in this matter.

14. He must not dwell on what he dislikes in his wife, but on what he likes.

15. The husband is not to stay away from his wife or keep his wife in a state of suspense, whether at home or abroad, for a protracted period of time except with her consent. Allah said: "Turn not away (from your wife) altogether, so as to leave her hanging. If you come to a friendly understanding and practice self-restraint, then Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Merciful" (4:129). Protracted separation (6 months or more in the Shafi`i school) without prior or subsequent arrangement with the wife, whether the husband is away willingly or unwillingly (for example due to war, imprisonment, or illness) is sufficient grounds for her to obtain divorce from the judge.

16. The Prophet (s) said: "Do not beat your wife." He also said: "Do not strike your wife in the face." The expiation for striking one's slave in the face is to set him or her free on the spot, but what expiation is there for striking one's wife? The Prophet (s) condemned the man who beats his wife in the day and then approaches her at night. And to beat her to the extent of inflicting serious injury is enough grounds for her to obtain divorce from the judge.

17. Caring for one's wife's sexual fulfillment is an obligation of religion. The Prophet (s) warned against rushing to gratify one's pleasure and forgetting that of one's wife. He also disliked that the husband should quickly withdraw from his wife afterwards, as it is a strain upon the wife. If she asks for intercourse, he should not refuse.

Husband vs. Wife pt.1

While waiting for my 5.30 flight back home.. i bloghopped ... hiks hiks....I came across this blog about hot momma's.. and they sure are.. Beautiful ladies.. with a blessed marriage loving husband and beautiful children’s..

They even give you tips how to live a wonderful marriage.. Some of it are helpful (in a very superficial waaaayyyy) but yeah.. Some of it makes sense. Anyway, I was intrigued by an entry... Posting on a 'sad' wife... asking for advice.

Sad wife said... her husband is abandoning her for another sophisticated lady.. One that makes him feels good! Good for his future.. And all.. That he could talk to this sophisticated lady about everything politic, world issues.. etc etc and there she was this sad wife.. Working 9-5 helping the husband to manage the family, clean and cook for the family (husband and children)... Putting her priorities aside...

I will never understand why we women must feel that everything is our faults.. That we must perform the best for our men .. Because that is our duties that imposed on us.. The promises of the hereafter.. For the devout wives.. *sigh* when many men out there are not willing to be Man themselves..

And I think that the media (perhaps control by men and misleading women) and our culture is making bias remark on women. I found many articles about sins of a wife, rather than sin of a husband. But funny to see that the sin of a wife is promoted by women themselves, and I think I understand. We women like to be perfect for our men, and we have the urged to remind ourselves every now and then about our responsibilities.

My opinion.. I may be wrong. That most of the mistakes in marriage are from men themselves, but they managed to twist the words in the name of religion to put all the blame on their wives.. If men really performed their duties wholeheartedly.. in the name of their God.. then with God permits.. the marriage will be blessed. Anyway.. since it is very hard to get an article written in my own culture about responsibilities of men.. this article is very good for men out there to read and ponder.

But in the end.. a marriage .. is about a journey of the people in it.. women out there shouldnt make things hard for their spouses,

Monday, February 08, 2010

sabah trip for the hundredth times

just arrived sabah.. leavin the cats and hubby baby again....

haih.. cant wait for the meeting to over and i could be home again wherever it might be..

bek.. kekeke enjoy your bujang time!! i'll be back tomorow... kalau sempat please feed the furballs!!

love you.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

my dream kitchen..

i just had an interesting your-dream-kitchen-conversation with my sister in law.. like many others i have loads of dream.. one of which.. is to have GENORMOUS kitchen!!! gigantic and enormous.. speaking of being 'Greedy' ahahahaha.. kitchen always makes me feel contented..

i love to have a whitish kitchen.. with an island in the middle..

*drool... nice... kitchen... haih i should have put.. nice large white kitchen in my marriage pre-requisite .. kekekkee (i know you r reading this... this type of kitchen.. will only costs around 15-20K kekekekeke i dont need it now.. but i may need it in another 3 years time!)

this too is nice...

and i'd die to get e kitchen like this.... hiks hiks.. ah got to go... need to run some errands.. continue later

Saturday, February 06, 2010

my saturday almost gone! kekekek

lalalallal im planning to start on abg adi's hantaran.. mencari ilham untuk hantaran kaler pelpel (bak kata cik lina)... hiks hiks.. and i have everything i want in my head... execution time!!! hiks hiks... i hope both of them will like the hantaran.

1. sirih junjung
2. telekung
3. al-quran
4. kasut n handbag
5. baju kurung+tudung
6. barang kemas + wang hantaran
7. mas kahwin+ cincin
8. cake
9.halwa (manisan)

ha! cik lina.. kalau ko baca ni.. kompom kan abg aji eik.. kekeke ni barang kemas ngan wang hantaran aku bubuh sekali.. mas kawin aku letak ngan cincin.. hiks hiks.. bgtau kat abg adi.. :)
.. make sure you people get some extra dulang just in case...

hopefully everything goes out as planned for both of you!!! amin amin amin.....

Friday, February 05, 2010

:D planning ..

some said.. their life.. has complete once they got married. hiks hiks.. i dont think soo... for me life starts when you got married. Trust me!

i love to plan things altho.. trust me.. the execution may come very poor. ahahaha! but seriously i dont care.. atleast i have plans.. and whether it works or not.. Allah will decide it for me..

anyway... I pray for things to work out as plan... a 3 years break from our 'world' would definitely be good for me and hubby-baby.

i have always missed this place.. and sometimes.. i had this feeling inside of that someday i would comeback.. :) i believe in Allah fate. And if its fated to be.. then Insyallah.. I'll be back.. hiks hiks..
this time around i'm not alone.

hopefully, there would be no more.. cold monday afternoon sitting alone at the george square munching on sandwiches.. with a good hot cocoa in hand.. :D and no more.. lazy sunday.. hiks hiks..

Thursday, February 04, 2010

kerja rajin2!!

oh baby.. hiks hiks... here comes the 1-man-cheerleading-squad for you.. eheh!!! you still can pull this one out.. i have the trust in you!

i know its not the usual programming language that you are very used to... and all the back pain and headache.. Insyallah will be handsomely paid off.

i love you. dah bye! (ahaks pinjam ayat cik leena jap)

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

hmm .. hiks hiks..

3d p** dis*** location tools for the energy and power industries

Tuesday 16th February at 2pm (British time)

and so... i certainly didn't expect this! and the best thing is yet to come.. all i can do now.. is do some mental preparation and pray hard! very hard.

anxiety disorder.


Tuesday, February 02, 2010



i am nervous! hiks hiks..

kalau ada rezeki.. then it is fated to be. Insyallah.