Thursday, February 18, 2010

:) i have a new passion.. drool..

yikes! we almost reach the end of february! how time flies.. and I havent done much of the things that i wanted pon!!bohoooo!!! yep.
last month and early this month it was all about sabah.. and the travelling will start again soon. Hubby baby is currently planning to take over the world! (gud luck ye bek...)

still.. im experiencing upset stomach.. maybe because of yesterday's interview... tele-conferencing is a big no-no for me!!! urghhhhhhhhh

with the never ending work piling on my desk... hiks hiks.. bilah lah nak bonus ni.. i am sitting in front of my laptop and drooling over coach's latest design... POppy!!! drool again... and i am drooling for chanel jumbo!!

hiks hiks.. keep-on-drooling!!!! ahahaha

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