Sunday, February 07, 2010

my dream kitchen..

i just had an interesting your-dream-kitchen-conversation with my sister in law.. like many others i have loads of dream.. one of which.. is to have GENORMOUS kitchen!!! gigantic and enormous.. speaking of being 'Greedy' ahahahaha.. kitchen always makes me feel contented..

i love to have a whitish kitchen.. with an island in the middle..

*drool... nice... kitchen... haih i should have put.. nice large white kitchen in my marriage pre-requisite .. kekekkee (i know you r reading this... this type of kitchen.. will only costs around 15-20K kekekekeke i dont need it now.. but i may need it in another 3 years time!)

this too is nice...

and i'd die to get e kitchen like this.... hiks hiks.. ah got to go... need to run some errands.. continue later

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