Monday, February 15, 2010

4 mondays!!

hiks hiks.. as cik lina would have said.. lagi 4 kali isnin!! then she'd be puan lina.. ehem.. altho i have to admit.. having people calling you puan is somewhat.. hmmmm kekekekke tak best. I dont like to be called puan in a meeting.. makes me feel.. old and clumsy. ahahahaha.

8kgs in 4 weeks.. adoi.. hiks hiks i will not stop trying.. to date i have lost 4 kgs. but gaining another kg last week.. (i hate travelling.. and heavy night supper.. now i really need to run about 20km to shed those heavy suppers).. nangis nangis!!! bila nak gi lari? with this kind of weather!!! when!! when!!! i really need to hit the gym!! (tak sedar diri..) ah well hopefully pilattes

anyways... is it a trend nowadays.. for married couple to behave like teenagers? i mean go clubbing and all? am i being uptight? maybe i am... i dont think it is advisable if you are already married and have children and still embracing clubbing life.. what??!! hahahaha let go of the life.. you can actually be hype and cool doing other things.. doing outdoor activities and all.. atleast .... the least these young parents can do.. avoiding their children doing the same mistake they used to do.. if we dont put a stop on this thing who will?

ah well.. maybe im uptight. no fun.

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