Friday, February 12, 2010

Husband vs. Wife pt.1

While waiting for my 5.30 flight back home.. i bloghopped ... hiks hiks....I came across this blog about hot momma's.. and they sure are.. Beautiful ladies.. with a blessed marriage loving husband and beautiful children’s..

They even give you tips how to live a wonderful marriage.. Some of it are helpful (in a very superficial waaaayyyy) but yeah.. Some of it makes sense. Anyway, I was intrigued by an entry... Posting on a 'sad' wife... asking for advice.

Sad wife said... her husband is abandoning her for another sophisticated lady.. One that makes him feels good! Good for his future.. And all.. That he could talk to this sophisticated lady about everything politic, world issues.. etc etc and there she was this sad wife.. Working 9-5 helping the husband to manage the family, clean and cook for the family (husband and children)... Putting her priorities aside...

I will never understand why we women must feel that everything is our faults.. That we must perform the best for our men .. Because that is our duties that imposed on us.. The promises of the hereafter.. For the devout wives.. *sigh* when many men out there are not willing to be Man themselves..

And I think that the media (perhaps control by men and misleading women) and our culture is making bias remark on women. I found many articles about sins of a wife, rather than sin of a husband. But funny to see that the sin of a wife is promoted by women themselves, and I think I understand. We women like to be perfect for our men, and we have the urged to remind ourselves every now and then about our responsibilities.

My opinion.. I may be wrong. That most of the mistakes in marriage are from men themselves, but they managed to twist the words in the name of religion to put all the blame on their wives.. If men really performed their duties wholeheartedly.. in the name of their God.. then with God permits.. the marriage will be blessed. Anyway.. since it is very hard to get an article written in my own culture about responsibilities of men.. this article is very good for men out there to read and ponder.

But in the end.. a marriage .. is about a journey of the people in it.. women out there shouldnt make things hard for their spouses,

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