Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ish ish ish..

hehehhe i am not those type of person that will dwell on others life.. I DONT CARE! but i cannot stop people from dwelling into mine kan! hiks hiks..

I know i need to use LOADS of money.,... thus i work very extremely hard. I earn every penny that i spent on my self, on my family, my cats and others.. so i dont really keen on people asking about money... its not my priority.. ada byk. i spend byk.. takde duduk diam diam sudeyyy... I never once asked my friend how much they make every month.. not even my husband.. *there! it should explain my level of ignorance towards money and people*

The moral of the story is.. org kerja sebab nak carik rezeki.. kekekek kalau rezeki dah melimpah ruah tapi nak keje lagi tu.. ahahah depends..

i am quite disappointed with people. but ye lah.. typical people selalu tanya.. tak salah pun. typical lah tapi.

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