Friday, December 28, 2012

Travelling tots

:) hihihi sapa yg selalu travel with kids mesti suka mende ni...

Trunkie.. Can be ride on senang nak heret mr. Kaliq kat airport hihihi... Teringin nak beli mende ni dah lama..firt time i saw the trunkie masa kat dubai airport.. Hihihi ada lelaki ni travel berdua with his toddler son.. Mcm best je dia duk trik anak sana sini.. Nk beli time tu si kaliq br berapa bulan.. Mau terholek budak mok tu kalau letak dia atas trunkie.. Skrg dia dah 20 bulan n he is capable of sitting comfortably n confidently atas mende bergerak and Since kitorg selalu travel.. I think its a high time to buy..Skrg tgh boxing day i grab the chance to buy the trunkie at cheaper price

Anyway.. Ada sesapa nak pesan? These whole set.. Is for rm225... Harga dia kat pasaran about £80 dlm rm400 so kire2 mmg untug kot.. Email me kalau nk atau leave a comment.

There's 6 item altogether

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I am a surirumah.. Berijazah.. Tapi tak sepenuh masa.. Hihihi

Something wrong with women nowadays.. Semua benda nak bikin panas.. Dr hal breastfeeding sampai lah ke hal surirumah berijazah sepenuh masa... :) pelik bila baca forum2 ibu ni ...

Jadi je la. tak payah nk pikir penat3 org pikir apa.. Seriously i dont think surirumah separuh masa berijazah ada masa nak mengata kecuali merintih betapa bertuahnya mereka2 yg takyah gi keje.. Kenapa perlukan acknowledgement.. Kalau ikhlas.. :) kalau rasa tak berapa nak ikhlas baik takyah jadi surirumah sepenuh masa n being skeptic... Lagi satu duk sebut susahnya jadi fully breast feed mom leceh la.. Apa la byk berkorban la.. Kekekek mulut pokppek.. Sampai lah turun masuk ke perut anak jadi darah daging.. Sambung jadi generasi pokpek pokpek..

Tak paham rasa.. Kata duk ikut sunnah mcm2.. Tp bila baca forum ibu3 menyusu ni.. Segala bahasa mencarut n kasar ada... Kekekke bagi fully breastmilk to ur children tak buat seseorg tu maksum.. Jaga mulut jaga perkataan.. Taulah hebat ikut yg disarankan agama

Tapi lebih baik jd yg berbudi pekerti yang zuhud yg tidak memandang rendah atau bersangka buruk kepada org lain. Sentiasa bersangka baik.. Perempuan tak elok mencarut.. Tak molek.. Tak payah nak berbahasa kasar.. Insyallah anak2 mesti ikut kalau tak semua mesti ada sikit2...

I am a woman and so do you.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Dah autumn

Boys are coming home really soon. :) counting daysssssss

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Life and everything around it

Things do happened for a reason and as a muslim accepting things as qada and qadar is one of the six pillar of imaan. :)

I accept the fact that my father in law had passed away, in the same month i lost my doc. I will missed both of them very dearly.. And btw.. At the same month i lost my nenek. October is tragic. But no months or day is damned. I just needed reconciliation towards the lost and lets justify that october is a sad month for me.

Hub and mr.k is away in malaysia. And will only be back in november which leaves me alone. In this house. (Not safe telling you are alone ek?) .. The house is safe with all the security stuff.. Insyallah.

Mr. K is already walking i missed watching him walking around the house.. Bit clumsy here and there.

Miss my hubs too much. Distant makes your heart grew fonder? You betcha!

I feel like taking a walk at the park.. But hmmm dont really feel like it.. :)

And the idea of me time for some woman is crazy. I always thought that there is always a me time.. But noooooo no such thing as me time. When all the time you cant stop thinking of your live ones.

That is all fir now. Missing my 3/4 self.

Balik cepat sayangs.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


I missed my babies. It is very difficult to live without my r and k. I miss them in every heartbeat.

24 days to go.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Me! Me! Me!

Sometimes i just do the silent top of the lung screaming... Whenever gpod or bad thoughts cross my mind.

Who wants a million dollar.. Answer silently.. Me! Me! Me!

Who wants a luxury vacation at the aspen.. Again silently.. Me! Me! Me!

Who wants to go home and sleep?? Me! Me! Me!

Ok dah bye.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Tefal! Tefal! Rm290 aje 5 piece made in france

I am sending home extra tefal delight set (2 boxes) . Made in France

Original price is rm450 ++. I am selling at RM 290.

Email me at kalau nak chop. Expected to arrive in 10-12 weeks but usually 8 weeks je. Utk slmt lets make it that way.

RM 290
5 pieces/ tefal delight made in france

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

ok slap me in the face!

Sorry dear and dear.. i forgot my password.. then i forgot to read all the comment... SIBUKKKKKK!!! but that is not a reason kan? kan?
goshhh.. saya mintak maaf.. baik takyah tulis blog kan? kekekekke kalau taknak jawab soalan org... but i am truly2 busy.
anyway.. let me sum up few commen answer here...

N.D said...

hi madam,sorry to randomly bother,might need ur help,do u still have the MBSA banquet's map?

if yes,can u help email me?urgently need it for wedding card. :D

- DEAR... map tu kalau u gi my entry on the dewan MBSA mmg dah ada map... boleh pakai yg itu ... :)

"What's wrong talking about cooking and babies?"

1 Comment - Show Original Post
Alia Hassan said...
salam sis... im interested your post this cookware still available or not? could u plz email me for more info. my email thanks a lot sis <3>

sorry dah habes dijual agak lama dulu.. but i am sending more tefals home... tunggu my entry ok

indah said...

salam sis.
email saya detail medela freestyle rm1250 ..

thank you.

Dear - yg RM1250 dah habes.. skrg tak sale lagi... paling murah leh dapat plus postage dlm RM1750... which i rasa kat malaysia lebih kurang kot eik??? kan? sorry.. i just read your comment.

Now ada yang tanya pasal DEWAN MBSA..
masa kita sewa... dapat dewan n kerusi meja.. and PA system. BASIC. takde lapik2... :( as far as i remember)...

:) anyway. if you have any question... boleh je email ke ... kalau2 rasa urgent nak tanya anything.. ok lovelies.... itu aje!!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Eh dah raya?

While i was adamant that i will definitely make up for all the missed entries and all... The fact that time is running faster and loads of things to do ( alasan terbaik cik temah buat masa ni) abd the fact that i dint really stayed up anymore. Has brought little life to this inhabitable-blog-state

Nevertheless.. Selamat hari raya everyone!

Monday, August 06, 2012

Salam ramadhan everyone,

I know its already the second half of ramadhan.. But hey its never too late for anything good kan? Anyway... Ramadhan in glasgow is looong!!! I mean veryyyy extremely long compared to malaysia. 1 2 3!! Nangisssss

As usual this is my fourth ramadhan as a wife n the second as a mother... Phewwwew its tiring... But alhamdulillah :) still surviving.

Oh no!!! Kaliq dah panggil. Toddle loo!! :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Janji nak revamp... Tp nntlah still tak sempat

;) rupanya its not easy jadi ibu yg bekerja... Dlm kepala otak asyik pk si bulat sorang kat rumah tu.. Evendo daddy day care but still... I want to be with my bebeh. Think about him all the time ( eceh sudah mcm lirik lagu).

Yg susahnya saya bukan pekeja separuh skilled...bukan kerja isi borang or buat kerja kerja routine... Setiap study walaupun identical pada asasnya tapi semua madalah is localised... Makanye mmg kene kerja hard and smart. Dulu satu project 3 bulan... Skrg ni ha hamek ko... Satu project 3 minggu 4 minggu tops.. Duhh ok 123 nangis.

So nak develop professionalism in terms of work and private life is definitely bluerghhhh...Bagaimana menjadi ibu yg professional... Rumah tiptop!! Kerja and knowledge pon tiptop... Kadang2 ada jugak rasa nak memybah bumi. Kain baju dah setinngi gunung kinabalu... Tak kira yg dah basuh or belum ... Hahahha baju mmg byk mcm artist. Demm... Ok yarik nafas tinggi2...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

This blog needs a revamp!

It looks like, it belongst to one grudgy old maid!!!! I'll make it pretty i promise eceh....

So have been writing since 2006... That is somewhat old kan!!! Ok i am up and about

Its saturday!!!!!!!!!! Jom kemas rumah

Saturday, July 07, 2012

How do you spent a good £24

2 pleated trouser + 10 undies + a shirt + black lycra tights + a camisole.

That is a bargain when you shop at primark. Its everybody's shop!!! :)

Anyway.. Received a good news from malaysia. My baby cousin sister had given a birth to a lovely baby boy!!! Yes another boy in the family! That brought me to this entry... Hmm a baby.. For me another baby? Am i ready for another baby? Well i am i guess... But i prefer it to be later not sooner...I'll think of it again when kaliq reached 2 years old. :).

I want kaliq to have brothers and sisters.. I want them to love each other. I want them to need each other. :) ....

Anyway i'm 32 this year... The next one shall he when i'm 34... Then one when i'm 36 hihihi insyallah...

But what if rezeki tu kaliq sorang je? Oh oh!!!! I'll adopt i guess... :)

Friday, July 06, 2012


Seems like writing down an entry us somewhat difficult. :) anyway.. Its friday... Is it just me? Or do you guys feel it too? Time really flies nowadays.

Anyway, ramadhan is near and i still have last year fasting to do! Summer! And fasting adoiiii nangis!!!!

I have many things in my mind right now.. Contemplating on many things too. Haih.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wet summer

Ok. Rain rain go away kaliq wanna play.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

What's wrong talking about cooking and babies?

Oh come on! What's wrong? When I said women exploits.. This is one of it... Mmg tak patut belittling mommies yg suka ckp pasal babies and cooking.

Yes! I mean life is somewhat bigger... But.. Ur babies ( once u dAh Ada baby Br Tau the bliss) is all that matter.

I am still an engineer... And a damn good one. :) I sm still a wife, a friend n a daughter.... But being all that will mean nothing if you tend to neglect your child. By the time they hit their twenties... They will no longer be yours...

Pastu Skrg zaman org beli bag riban2. :) boleh bawak gi umrah tu akak oiii

Pastu takde iPad malu? Oh come on!!!!! Oh oh membimbangkn wabak penyakit pompuan kat Malaysia Skrg ni

Ok dAh tu je.

Xoxo - yg masih pakai phone sabun walau gaji dAh 5 angka kekekke keke ;)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Project sushi

Feeling a little adventurous in the cooking department lately has led to me trying to make my own sushi yesterday.

I would say, ' heh - kalau senang camni mmg leh bukak kedai sushi sendiri - ecehceh...' - that's me bragging.. As usual Hahahhaha. Anyway, its really not that difficult ...

All u need to have is the right equipment and ingredient. ;) anyway... This is iykin wushi-sushi-mushi.

The price paid? Not money of course... Kaliq tertido bila I finished making the sushi. Alahai anak mummy. But I managed to cover the time last night... Played with him this morning. ;)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Good morning

I had a wonderful time this week.. Took a one week leave and venturing down south with hubby-baby n the incredible mr.kaliq (whom currently holding me by my shoulder peeking and trying to eat this phone #haiyaaaakkkkkk!!!!).

Will update the journey.. Kekeke hula byk pending entry Sume nak update tapi tak berkesempatan. Oh well...

Anyway putting up some picture here... For keepsake.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend was fun

I have to admit... Weekend just getting shorter these days. Starting with the picnic in the park to barbecue party and kaliq was behaving extremely well in his Gymboree class. Sunday lazing around with hubs n bb. U could not ask for more. :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer in glasgow

Last time I spent summer in Glasgow I had a terrible viral fever... :) just hope it won't happened this time.

:) anyway, was soo lovely today It would be a waste to stay inside. So this was taken today.. Dinner at the park.

Tengok mat saleh berjemur... 3 org melayu anak beranak picnic bawah pokok... Sayang kulit sawo matamg no makin matang kekelrkkekr enjoy the picture

Thursday, May 10, 2012

banyak citer nak citer..

byk sbenarnya citer nak citer.. kekekek tapi masa mmg tak berapa nak mengizinkan atas izin diri sendiri.. kekekkeke anyway... rindu nak ckp melayu.. ha hamek.. walaupun selama ni tulih omputih broken.. tapi kali ni rindu nak merepek dlm bahasa ibunde... bak omptutih kata mother tongue.. (*mungkin terselit sikit bahasa omputih almaklumle...)

byk mende dah jadi kat sini sepajang 6 bulan lebih the rafiddi's membawa diri ke negara org... byk suke duke... tapi rasanya byk blund... ahahahah sebab taktau nak rasa apa2.. aleh dah 6 bulan setgh aci?

anyway, birthday party kaliq was a blast. Alhamdulillah... post mortem utk ibu dan bapa yg pertama kali mengadakan majlis harijadi anak... akan dijalankan tak lama lagi.. apa yg boleh di improve and what not.

harini masa belek kellogs nyer breakfast bar yg dilayan macam makan cikedis... tetibe mata ni macam terbaca perkataan 'guna sebelum' di pacakaging breakfast bar tu... 'like.. eh biau betol?!! buat kat mesia ke...' tapi bila tgk kali kedua yg tertulis kat situ huruf GBL mana dtg guna sebelum.. ha dah sudah!!! rindu kat mesia lah tu...

kekekekkeek homesickkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rasa rasa hubby pon dah start2 berbaur homesick juge...

oh oh... rindu kat malaysia yg panas! dah humid tinggi yg selalu membuat ketiak berpeluh!!! rindu kat the curve... rindu rindu sume2.

apakan daya.... kat sini lah periuk nasi kami skrg.... hmm mungkin boleh carik lain kot... somewhere dekat sikit ngan tanahair.. ostolia maybe??

tgklah camne... situ gaji lg byk... kekekek (MATA duitan!!!) 

I am homesickk... bukan sedih.. happy je... tapi homesick!..  kekekekke

ok dah bye.

Friday, April 27, 2012

menyiapkan harijadi anak yg pertama.... my first birthday trial.. kekekeke

ok. whats with the new blogger ni?

anyway..... thrill!

dah tu je... i ma soo sleepy...... my macaroon went splattttttttt the last one seems ok

Thursday, April 19, 2012

oh oh... Mr.Kaliq Nasri is turning 1!!! hihihihih

hiks hiks.. ok the birthday party is ON! insyallah... I am planning for it... kekekekke with few friends in my mind.

anyway... i am very busy.. i am being deprived from writing down entries by my own laziness ... i have been very unproductive... anyway....

life is good alhamdulillah.. moved into a new apartment (still not landed) but bigger with an extra room for kaliq the terrorizer.

anyway.. wnet to register ourselves to a new GP and put kaliq on vaccination and immunisation que...

i must say.. in terms of health facility i enjoy being in Malaysia more.. (or maybe because in malaysia.. we wnet to private practise instead of local govt practise). anyway... i like the new GP too.. mor ehomely and friendly feeling and less intimidating compared to the previous GP.

anyway.. i miss Malaysia.

p/s: what's with the occupy dataran thingy? Woi balikla belajar bukak buku.. ntah2 cgpa tak sampai 2 pon dah belagak nak free education... cheh!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

last entry bulan 3 apakah?

:) hahahahahhah ok ok.. i should have write more.. i want to write more... but i am busy!!! with work with baby! anyway... my baby is turning 1 very soon!!! was thinking of holding a party for him.... tapi duk jauh2 beribu2 batu nih.. mmg tak berapa nak ada mood nak buat birthday party.. kalau ada family and friends.. best sikit... ada 2011 babies lagi best... my son has 1 cousin... and 1 cousin-cousin(2 pupu) hahahha i call them the 2011 babies.. there's mr.haniff.. born in february, mr.kaliq (moi) born in april and ms.aleesha born in June... that is soo cool i dont have any cousin at my age.. (boringg!!!) anyway... will update later!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

baby aku gemok ketul2 sbb isap susu badan.. baby kau kurus sebab minum formula..

ok ok... its BABY ok.. ni bukan citer toddler.. tu lain plak citer.. anak aku tak minum formula yg byk gulatu sebab dia tak obes mcm anak kau...

anyway, terpanggil nak tulis ni.. as a mom.. i guess every one wants to give the very best to their child kan?i breastfeed ala ala sibudak mata sepet until he was six month... tapi masa tu dia dah 80% on formula..mmg tak sekuat my sis in law and my hubs pupupu mak ina.. kekeke lebih gigih mak ina.. tapi dia mmg perempuan gigih punkecik2 kemetot cili padi. i wish i can be very determined (nampak sgt takde disiplin) insyallah next baby nak try full breastfeed miahahahahahha!

:) kekek anyway.. dear hot moms yg bekerjaya yg muda lagi bergaya.. seperti mak2 kita jugak.. OUR CHILDREN is the besttak sebest anak org lain kekekekekekek dari seketul darah dlm perut masa scan pun kite dah rasa dia lebih kiut dari baby org lain! kekekeke

anyway... sudah tibe masa kite ubah persepsi mengata our way of raising our children is the best and the way others raised their children is WRONG.. kekekeke
i am safe here.. since i am living like a frog under the coconut shell... the only person who criticise my way of raising my budak gemuk mata sepet is my husband..

eh jap... lupa plak... tadi ckp pasal breastfeeding kan? sapa nak beli madela freestyle for rm1250? ye rm1250! for madela freestyle.. including shipping from scotland! angkat tangan!!!!
keh keh keh...

Monday, February 27, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

10 months and counting

4 months in Glasgow seems like forever.. And kaliq is 10 months now. Alhamdulillah he is growing soo well.. A bright young man. He knows what a comb for.. He can relate clapping to 'if u happy n know it' song.. he is very adventurous and I bet he will be walking very soon.. :) I am blessed. He has made my motherhood journey a smooth sailing one..Love you with
every beat of my heart my little sweet darling.

Monday, February 06, 2012

tefal supra 7 piece cookware set - RM400 AJA!!!!

review kat amazon...

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic!!!, 6 Aug 2010
eilidh4104 - See all my reviews
This review is from: Tefal Supra Cookware Set, 7 Piece (Kitchen & Home) There are by far the best pans I have ever owned! Fantastic set of pans, great cooking results! Will recommended to anyone who is thinking in purchasing these pans

hello ladies!!

i am sending over extra 2 sets of tefal 7 pieces cookware... to malaysia.. it shoudl arrives in 7-8 weeks ..siapa2 berminat can book the item.. pay half.. n half when the item arrives...

hehehe yang lain tu org punyeeee


Saturday, February 04, 2012

hahaha hello february

a whole month!! i mean i did not make any entry for a whole month!!!

kekekekekekekek I am one busy momma!

there's a reason why i always ended up in a room full of male... no woman would want to do what i do for living... or perhaps maybe there are about 15% person of total female population would want to do what i do!

it's tiring.. mentally! its time consuming...

anyway... it's cold! cold cold february! looking forward for march.. hihihihi

kaliq is growing beautifully... hubs have developed this hidden skill.. hehehehehehehehe

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Hello 2012

As usual, I am in front of the telly, kaliq is crawling everywhere and hubs sit by the window... Hahhahah the usual family activity. Am thinking of doing something else.. But nahhhhhh I'm to lazy. Hiks hiks. Browsing recipe.. Hmmm what to cook? What to cook???hmmmmm

The good, the bad and the ugly... Au revoir 2011, hello 2012!!

At this moment, I am sitting in front of the telly, kaliq is in the jumperoo, hubby is by the window doing some vector work.

I have given birth to a beautiful baby boy in April, 22 days before I turned 31.. Offered a job 13500 miles from home.. And here I am.. At the scots land! Who would know eh?? And who would know.

La hau la Walla quwwata illabillah..

;) syukur alhamdulillah, and all praise to Allah.. And I pray for staedfastness in Iman, and I pray for Allah to protect this family of mine.

Praying for a good year ahead!! :) insyallah.

Till then.. See you next year folks.